Craft/DIY: Crochet Snowflake Garland

Last year I shared a pattern for a crochet garland. Whenever you see a photo of the white cabinet in the living room you see the garland, which is hanging on the cabinet door.

That was right around the holidays and I remarked how much like snowflakes these little flowers looked. So yesterday I played around a bit with yarn and hook.

Sweet little yarn snowflakes. As I begin this post on Wednesday evening, I’ve made about 9 or 10 or them. By the time I post tomorrow, I’ll have made more.

I’m back on a sunny Thursday morning. I did indeed make more snowflakes, while watching Dial M for Murder on TCM. Alfred Hitchcock and crochet = perfect evening.

I count 14 snowflakes. But you can make as many as you want. Lots more and you’d have tree garland. Or you could hang each snowflake separately, with different lengths of ribbon, and place them in a window. If you have some butcher’s twine in that yummy red and white combination, you could use that as the base for your garland. It would look very Christmas-y.

Simple. And sweet. The birds approve.

I used Sugar ‘n Cream yarn in white. You can find it at Michael’s and most likely Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. I chose it because it’s the next best thing to Peaches n’ Cream. I used Peaches n’ Cream for the aqua garland because I had a lot on hand and the yarn itself is rather stiff which makes it perfect for this kind of thing. Sugar n’ Cream is less stiff, but still works. It’s also very inexpensive.

If you’re interested in trying this, here’s the link for the pattern (which is based on this pattern.) You can make your snowflakes any size you want – I ended up making 7 loops on these. The snowflakes should look folky and handmade, so have fun!

And by the way, I’m not ‘officially’ decorating yet. Just playing. Decorating will not begin for at least a week!

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  1. says

    I don’t crochet so I might have to have my mom make me some snowflakes!

    I watched Dial M for Murder while I cut out for a quilt.
    Have a great day!

  2. says

    You know I covet these terribly! Didn’t hear from me yesterday, because this is how my day went: Electrical company came out and told me I had to get the limbs left by the previous occupants off the wires: And pick up the tab. I’m having that done next week. Next the counter top came in, and I’m looking for something to cover where the tiles were on the backsplash. (Love the counter top!) Next my heater went out. I called a company that fixed it promptly. Didn’t need cleaning, a switch was broken. Next my fridge went out. Got it going for now, but must have someone out… Sorry for the novella.

  3. says

    You know I’m always pleased as punch when you pick up that hook. This might just be moving up on my pattern list. I’m looking for a few more easie peasie things to toss around to get in the holiday spirit.

  4. says

    Claudia, I love these. They are so pretty. And, you are so smart.

    By the way, I have a future Etsy shop in my head, too.

    I’ve been sick with a terrible cold and cough. It’s been three weeks now, and I am beginning to improve. Unfortunately, now my husband has it.

    I hope you’ll join us for Pink Saturdays this month as we celebrate the holidays together. No pink required – just holiday related.

  5. says

    What a charming garland! I am in awe of this — I learned to crochet when I was 8, but do you think I remember much of it? Sadly, no.

    This is so lovely.

    And I adore the birds who are gaping at it with open bills — clearly they are as awed as I by it!

    Love Dial M, too — I DVR’d it!

  6. says

    Those are really darling Claudia! I love the turqoise ones hanging in front of the white cabinet! I can crochet but if I stop doing it for awhile, sometimes I forget. I have been refreshing my memory on Youtube lately. ~Hugs, Patti

  7. says

    Claudia, I haven’t crocheted in years, but this is inspiring. Knitting has become my passion. I like Crystal Rose Cottage’s idea for refreshing the memory on YouTube. I think I’ll pick up some of that yarn. The white snowflakes are adorable!

  8. says

    I don’t crochet. I just started knitting again. I had forgotten how to do so many things. Fortunately I was saved by all those wonderful You Tube tutorials. I suppose I could learn to crochet on You Tube. But, I just purchased so much yarn and mini needles online from England. I’m just all set for knitting mini doll clothes. Your little snowflakes are adorable! I also like your lights. Don’t you find them uplifting, Claudia, on a gloomy day or even at night when you have your lamps on? I just love them.

  9. says

    Lovely, lovely. I might make them after finishing my little project I’m doing right now. Let’s see what the day brings.

    Hopefully, yours will be fine!


  10. says

    i used to crochet a lot. it was my first venture into crafting as a young girl. i was taught by my grandmother and always think of meme when i see anything crocheted. i think i might make a few of these snowflakes. thanks for stirring the memory, claudia.

    and by the way, i totally agreed with your post on the mean girls. well said. i feel sorry for people who can only feel good about themselves by belittling others.

  11. says

    I do love your crocheted garlands Claudia. Both colors make gorgeous snowflakes! They look really lovely in your home.

  12. says

    I am beside myself at how cute this is!!! I seriously am in love. I want white ones for Christmas, and an aqua or green one for the rest of the year. And maybe one in Spring colors for my daughter’s room. Too cute!


  13. vintage girl at heart says

    Love these and someone has pinned them on Pinterest already!
    They and your armoire have been a big hit!

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