A Favorite Thing #10

Welcome, friends, to A Favorite Thing #10.  That’s a nice even number, isn’t it? Once a week, we all come together to share a favorite thing – it could be a place, an object, an activity, even a person or a pet….something that brings a smile to your face and has a special meaning for you. Let’s look at some of last week’s highlights:

Manuela, of A Cultivated Nest, shared her teapot collection. It’s a beautiful collection, with a toile teapot or two that so remind me of Manuela’s style. My personal favorite was this fabulous Mackenzie Childs teapot. Good thing I’m not anywhere near your home at the moment, Manuela!

Cass, of That Old House, shared the pumpkins she and her daughter, Anne, created for Halloween. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this pumpkin that Anne carved. She did it free-hand. Totally beyond my capabilities.

And Susan, of Ash Tree Cottage, shared a moving tribute to her beloved father, who died two years ago. What an incredible man and father he was. I know he’s smiling down on you, dear Susan. Your loving words described him beautifully.

Gosh, I really love hosting this get-together. I learn so much about you and I thank you for that.


This week, I’m sharing my Necco Snow Globe. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, last year I found this gorgeous, vintage Necco Candy Jar in a local antique shop.

 It’s quite large and I love its Art Deco lines. My readers gave me lots of suggestions as to the things I could display in my jar. But this was not long before Christmas and one day I had a little light bulb moment. Before I could blink an eye, I found myself creating this:

My Necco Snow Globe. I used my bottle brush trees, a little Putz house and a pine cone. The snow is Kosher Salt.  I thought this was temporary and that after the holidays I would put the jar to another use. But I love it so much that it remains on display today – same scene, same snow globe. How fortunate! I already have one Christmas decoration ready to go!

Now it’s your turn! What do you have to share this week?

You can link up anytime from this evening through Sunday. Make sure you enter the URL of your post. If you’re unsure how to do that, just click on your post title after you’ve published it and copy the information in your browser address window. Come back here, paste the URL into your link entry and there you go! If you have any problems, drop me an email and I’ll help you out. Please link back to this blog on your post. That way, those that read your post and are interested in reading more can do so.

One of my concerns about link parties is that the very reason for them has somewhat gone by the wayside. They’ve become so big and there are so many of them that many bloggers don’t take the time to visit any of the other participants. Link parties are a way to meet new bloggers and share with each other and the only way to do that is to visit each other. So, please, take some time to visit everyone over the next few days. No rush. Stop by, introduce yourself, and leave a comment. It’s the neighborly thing to do.


  1. says

    First so glad to read that you and your home were safe in the storm. My heart goes out to those that have lost so much.
    Thanks for hosting again this week – you are appreciated.

  2. says

    First of all, I am so happy that the three of you are safe and that you survived Sandy’s wrath. (Isn’t it a shame they named her Sandy? Always liked that name.) Secondly, thank you for the kind words about my Daddy. He was so beloved by the whole family. Thirdly ~ I love your snow globe! How precious is that??? Thanks so much for hosting. Hard to believe that it’s been ten weeks already. We have been having so much fun!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. says

    Some great things here already. I just got the new MacKenzie-Childs catalog today- what eye candy- expensive eye candy but SOOOO beautiful! I love your little snow globe, too. xo Diana

  4. says

    Claudia – Love your snow globe. Think I’ll try to make one of those. Really cute and I don’t blame you for leaving it out all year.


  5. says

    Oh, I remember that Necco jar, Claudia! It looks lovely the way you have it set up. I also love the parakeet lamp in the background (as if you didn’t already know! haha)… Have a good weekend. SOOOO many leaves in our yard. I have a feeling raking is in the cards… Donna

  6. says

    Hi Claudia,

    Your pretty snow globe reminds me of crafts I enjoyed making with my daughter when she was a little girl. We really missed Canadian Christmases, and when we weren’t able to be there, decided to bring Canada to us! Those hours spent ‘creating and crafting’ Canada, humming carols and baking sugar cookies, are among my favourite things!

    Have a great weekend!

    Poppy xo

  7. says

    You were brilliant to build a village in your jar – absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad you keep it out all year to enjoy! Thanks for hostessing today’s party, I’m looking forward to visiting the others – and the great features! Mary

  8. Just Cats says

    Very pretty, Claudia. I love beautiful snow globes. I guess I’m not the only one thinking Christmas. Thanks for hosting a fun party. Hugs, Deb

  9. says

    My favorite candies, when I went to the movies, was a roll of necco candies. They are wafer thin and lasted throughout the movie. I have never seen a Necco candy jar. I really enjoy seeing how people use these things from the past… in a new way. The little scene is adorable.
    Thanks for hosting this fun event…Balisha

  10. says

    Wonderful features and I LOVE your snowglobe!! The jar is amazing… what a treasure. Thanks so much for hosting – stay warm and cozy this weekend!

  11. says

    Hello…Iìm doing a little blog hopping this evening and I just found you. I took a look around, you are one creative woman!! You totally had me at you doll house, I want to have one forever. i love your dogs, I’m sad for Riley. I recently lost one of my cats, I know how it feels. I’ll make sure I’ll visit these links below as I feel you have pretty great followers.

  12. says

    Hi Claudia!

    It’s my first time to share at your party. I will enjoy visiting the other links and making new friends.

    Your Necco jar was perfect (with it’s flat sides) for using as a snow globe. Love the scene you made for it :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  13. says

    Oh I love snow globes so much! And yours is wonderful. It looks like something Martha Stewart would come up with. I wish I hadn’t given my clock to my brother (the one in the background of the snow globe) because I would paint it black and would love it. Thanks for hosting!

  14. says

    Hi Claudia!

    I hope it is okay that I have shared a second time this week. I have a new (2nd) blog “A Positive View on Life” that I post on once a week.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  15. says

    Your unique snow globe is adorable!

    I love linking up to this party and spending time visiting those who gather here. Thanks for hosting.

  16. says

    I have always loved that Necco snow-globe, Claudia! It’s just so lovely. Thank you again for hosting this party. I’m looking foward to looking at everyone’s favorites.


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