Featured and the Furnace

Good morning! The good news is that we got very little snow. Just a smidgen. The bad news is that our furnace has stopped working. Oh joy. It’s very old and I’m very nervous that we may have reached the point where it has to be replaced.

Sometimes I miss the days when we could call our landlord. We’re waiting for Gino, our trusty oil and furnace guy, to check it out. I’m sitting here with a coat on over my flannel pajamas not-so-merrily typing away on my laptop.

I don’t know if you’ve discovered Jennifer Carroll’s blog, Celebrating Everyday Life, but it’s simply gorgeous. She is an amazingly creative woman. She owns an event planning company, she is a designer, a stylist, publishes a beautiful e-zine and designs beautiful printable paper products. Brenda and I discovered her blog a few months back and oohed and aahed over her wonderful sense of style.

I am honored to be featured today in Jennifer’s weekly series entitled {Blogs I love}. She wrote a lovely post about Mockingbird Hill Cottage. I would love it if you would stop by and read it. Thank you, Jennifer, for your generous feature and your kind words.

Okay. Gino is here and let’s see what he discovers. Cross your fingers for us. Update: The boiler is shot. Have to get a new one.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. says

    I hope your furnace can be repaired and that you don’t need a new one…what an expense! I will pop over and check out the new blog. Stay warm! xo Diana

    • Claudia says

      Need a new one, Diana. We knew it was coming eventually. Just hoped we could hang on another year!

  2. says

    So sorry you have to get a new boiler. Our furnace (and central AC unit) are very old, too – the original units of the house, which is 24 years old. We have them checked and cleaned every year, but we know we are on borrowed time.

    I’m not familiar with Jennifer’s blog so I’ll be heading over there later to take a look! How awesome that you were featured on her “Blogs I Love”. :-)

    • Claudia says

      We knew it was just a matter of time – our oil guy had done everything he could to keep it going. Ah well.

  3. says

    Oh, bummer about the boiler, Claudia! Thanks for the heads up about Jennifer’s blog, I’ll check it out on my lunch break! I hope you can get it fixed fast and are soon warm and toasty! xxoo, Martha

  4. says

    Quick! Bundle up in some scarves! Sorry to hear about the boiler. :( Congrats on the feature and thanks for introducing me to a sweet blog. Found Cozy Little House too now… so much goodness.

    We’re in the midst of a winter storm… I’m heading out to shovel. Would rather be wielding a crochet hook! Stay warm!

  5. says

    Keeping my fngers and toes crossed for you on the furnace.
    The write up was perfect. I signed up to follow her.
    Do you have another source of heat…..we don’t but need to get one.
    Glad you didn’t get all the snow that was predicted.

  6. Kathy says

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your furnace repair to be an inexpensive fix. I so understand what it’s like to have an unexpected expensive bill when you’re watching every penny.

  7. says

    I hope you’re able to get that fixed and it won’t be really expensive. One thing. Getting a new one before the end of the year and getting an energy star highly rated version…might mean a credit on your taxes when you file. Hopefully, you get heat soon.
    I’d call some local resources and ask if they have a heaters for homes program…maybe you could get some space heater and electric blankets on loan or something.
    I don’t recall seeing a fireplace in your home. If nothing else…. and windbreak and a campfire outside…may be warmer than staying in a cold house. At least you’d have some sun (if you’re getting sun). The campfire would be helpful in clearing any fallen branches from the yard. This time of year– our house is cooler inside than outside temps. So we spend lots of time in the yard. With a fire in the fire ring…drinking coffee…picking up limbs, leaves, etc. It’s nice out there.
    Please don’t hesitate to get warm…. you and Don and Scout….could all snuggle! Even that is an option.
    I’m praying you find a solution soon. ~ Pat

    • Claudia says

      It is energy star rated and I know that will help in the end. Our great furnace guy brought over some space heaters for us. He’s a great guy.

    • Claudia says

      No, it’s an expensive replacement – being done tomorrow. But the good news is that is will be much more energy efficient and we will use less oil in the long run.

  8. says

    Know all too well that dreadful feeling. I had to come up with 4,000 last year..still paying off…for my new heater. I held my breath all summer fearful of the air conditioner. oh and the water heater also went last year and the fridge died this year. I hate appliances and electronics..well except for computers haha…
    sorry, I know this did not come at a good time to shell out funds…It’s always right before a winter storm…Murphy shut up!

    • Claudia says

      Our water heater is hanging on by its fingernails, Z. We’ve been taking the quickest showers on record for a while now – we have hard water here and the sediment is accumulating which makes for less and less hot water.

  9. Donnamae says

    Sorry to hear about the boiler. Seems like there’s always something…energy star credits, anyone? I’m off to check on Jennifer’s blog. Hang in there, my friend! ;)

  10. says

    I’m so sorry about your furnace…what a terrible time for it to go. I wish you all the best in getting it repaired…stay warm.

    I just read Jennifer’s feature. Hurray for you! I’ve missed your posts, somehow you fell off my blogroll (did you make a switch?). But I’m back and anxious to catch up!


    • Claudia says

      I sent you an email, Jane. Moved to WordPress. Just re-enter the URL and all should be okay.

  11. says

    Sorry about the boiler.. sounds spendy.. but you need your furnace to work! I will pop over and check out the blog you feature. I’m off to Multnomah Falls to volunteer in a bit.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. says

    Congrats on the feature, and condolences on the furnace. Houses are big boxes we throw money into!

    I hope you are warm again soon!

  13. says

    So proud of you and the awesome write-up! You deserve to be featured like that, and I hope some newbies will find you this way so they can love your daily posts as much as we do!!! Hugs ~ Mary

  14. Annette Tracy says

    I know the feeling of maybe it’d be better to be renting and I can just call the landlord to fix this or that. Right today they started replacing my AC/heat ducting under the house, got it all tore out, and new going in tomorrow. It never happens at a good time. The temps turned cool here in So Cal and rainy today, heat would feel good right about now. Hopefully they can get it fixed fast for you so you won’t be w/out heat for long. I’ve been to Jennifer’s site, lovely.

    • Claudia says

      Oh yuck, Annette, what a drag! As Don says, these are the kind of repairs that you really can’t see but you need. Like last year’s new leach field for the septic system. How I would love to put that money into something like a new bed, a newish car, a new sofa. Ah well.

  15. says

    I am so thrilled about your feature, Claudia, but equally sorry about your boiler. I know that it is not something you need to be spending money on right now. :(


  16. Jeri says

    It always hurts to lay out a huge chunk of cash. But on the bright side, your fuel bills will go way down with the new energy efficient model you’ll be getting. Also, tax time is just around the corner and I’m sure there are tax credits to be had. Even if you are usually do-it-yourself tax people, this might be the year to splurge on a professional to make sure you get all the relief you’re entitled to. You might even be able to tweak your mortgage terms a little. You are, after all, improving your home. You may as well inquire; the worst they can say is no.

    • Claudia says

      We are the kind of tax people who have a long list of deductions because Don is an actor and I coach, etc. We have to declare certain expenses for life on the road. So we’re used to all of that – or at least our tax preparer is!

  17. says

    Oh Claudia!! I’m beyond sorry about your boiler- eek!!! Good luck sorting it all out. I’ll be praying!
    I’m so happy to be a bright spot in your day! You certainly are one for me!!! Thank you most kindly for sharing my post on your site – what a blessing! My stats “boomed”!! Hooray!!! I hope are able to stay warm huddled around the space heaters. Thank goodness you had them! Good luck with the installation tomorrow – hope all goes smoothly!
    Hugs, Jennifer

    • Claudia says

      The space heaters were a life saver, Jennifer. The new boiler was installed yesterday and we are now toasty warm. Of course, it has warmed up outside right in time for the new, expensive boiler. Thanks again for your wonderful feature, Jennifer. It was so kind of you. xoxo Claudia

  18. says

    Oh Claudia…darn it!!! I’m so sorry about the furnace! I’m behind on my blog reading and also want to say “amen” to your no politics or religion (teehee-couldn’t resist! sorry!) and i just have to say “thank you” for being so honest about it being a bummer right now…I know I try to be honest with my blog, but hate to admit when life isn’t all peachy…I’m sorry it’s been icky for you , but i have a feeling we are sailing in the same boat!
    Hugs to you…hang in there..

  19. says

    Oh….Brrrrrrr! I do agree that renting has it’s advantages. When my huband was on acive duty in the Navy we often chose to live in Navy Quarters for this very reason. With Mark away for months at a time it was nice not having to worry that something would bite the dust. It seemed like the most opportune time for things to fail was often the day after he left for sea. I do remember one January after we bought our first home and waking up to a freezing cold house…Just like you. the timing was awful…but, amazingly, we were able to scrape the funds together to pay to have a new furnace installed.
    I do hope the new boiler doesn’t hit your pocketbook too hard. Snuggle up together and take advantage of that warm puppy.

    • Claudia says

      Well, the boiler was expensive, but we had to get it. This one is energy efficient. The old one didn’t use the oil at all efficiently and we had to order oil quite often. Hopefully, we should see a difference in all of that.

  20. says

    Yikes! I hope your heat gets back on soon! That happened to us last Winter – of course it was the coldest Winter ever here and our heat decided it wasn’t going to work. Luckily we had a wood burning fireplace because we were freeeezing. We even slept downstairs next to the fireplace! And to be completely honest we couldn’t afford firewood so thank goodness for my in laws who provided us with some in the mean time.

  21. says

    Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear about your furnace, Claudia. My heart truly does go out to you since it’s bound to be a big expense. My furnace dates back to 1935 and I live in dread that one winter’s day I’ll be in the same predicament. (The week before yours broke, I went to turn mine on for the first time and was met by utter silence. Mercifully, it was just the pilot light. But its days are numbered, I know.) On a much, much happier note, no one is more deserving of being featured on Jennifer’s blog than you. She truly captured so much of what makes your blog such a pleasure, Claudia.

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