Goodies: For Me & For The Shop

Blogging friends, who are true friends, of course, are lovely indeed. Saturday afternoon I went out to the mailbox and found a package from sweet Judy Clark. Yay! A birthday present!

Be still my heart – that little wall pocket (birdies! sweet little house!) is adorable. I remember admiring it on a previous A Favorite Thing post of Judy’s. Bless her heart, she remembered that and sent it to me. See the vintage Singer sewing machine manual on the right? That was in the box, too.

The other item needs a wee bit of explanation. If you recall, last year at this time I started to obsess about the little Nisse made by a Danish company called Maileg. I saw them peeking out at me on several blogs. Finally, right before Christmas, I found a wee nisse in the Garnet Hill catalogue. That started it all.

It was the little guy on the right, who normally lives on my desk in the den.

Several months later, Judy made her own version of a nisse for me – the sweet girl in the center of this photo. And a few months later, Miss Judy sent me the two nisse that are on either side of sweet girl.

Is Judy an enabler? I think so.

Back to the birthday present:

I don’t know how on earth she did it, but Judy found this canvas bag from Maileg.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am in Nisse Heaven. Would you care to lay a bet as to how many nisse I can acquire?

I warn you, you may lose. I am nisse-crazy.

Thank you, Judy. Judy is a wonderful person and an amazing crafter and seamstress. You should visit her blog and her Etsy shop, which is packed full of her gorgeous creations.

But before you do that, I’ve 3 new scarves listed in my Etsy shop. Yes, I’ve been crocheting like crazy.

Obsession Scarf in Watermelon – wool and acrylic – soft to the touch. Lovely. Update: Sold!

Obsession Scarf in Claret – silk and bamboo – oh, so soft and silky.

Obsession Scarf in Tutti Frutti – wool and acrylic – soft to the touch, a potpourri of yummy colors.

I’ve got more on the hook – stay tuned.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Donnamae says

    What a sweet and generous friend you have! Judy IS talented! Did you write a post on Nisse? If not you should! They are cuties, and I could see where they might be addicting! ;)

  2. says

    That Judy is an angel. What beautiful gifts she sent you. She is so thoughtful. What she has done for Brenda this year has been so wonderful. But then you are a deserving person. See turning 60 isn’t so bad. (((((HUGS))))0

  3. says

    You will never guess what I found at Migros today! Flannel pyjamas in a lovel blue, white and red pattern. I had to buy it and of course I am so looking forward to wearing it. Unfortuantely, there is a school meeting on the schedule tonight.
    How long do you make your scarves? I’ve made three (one sold) last year and was wondering.
    The nisses are so sweet! Have a nice day! Regula

    • Claudia says

      Yay for flannel pajamas, Regula! I make the scarves anywhere from 66 to 75 inches long, depending on how much yarn is available.

  4. says

    What lovely gifts and the scarves are great! Are you still able to make one for me? Still interested if possible…. See 60 is starting out beautifully. Ann

    • Claudia says

      Yes, Ann, I just ordered the yarn over the weekend. It should be here in a couple of days and I’ll start right in on it.xo

      • Claudia says

        Ann, can you believe it? I ordered the yarn on Saturday (from NV) and it arrived today! I don’t know how they do it, but I will start on your scarf today.

  5. says

    Oh.. cuteness alert! I’ve never seen a Nisse! I love elves! What a cute little family of them you’ve got started. I can also see more in your future. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. says

    How cute! I’ve been looking at those little elves here and there. I just love how simple and innocent they appear. Sweet Judy!

  7. says

    I recently found Judy’s blog and she is indeed a very sweet lady! I have never seen a Nisse doll, but oh…are they precious. And the little bag, what treasured gifts you have there, Claudia! I am really loving the scarves you are making, too. I think they are selling as fast as you are making them!


    • Claudia says

      Hopefully, this new group of scarves will sell, as well. Judy is a wonderful person, glad you discovered her blog.

  8. says

    How sweet of Judy to mail you such lovely birthday presents! I have never heard of Nisse…they’re so cute! I can see how you’d be smitten by them.

    Gorgeous scarves you are crocheting…

  9. says

    You lucky! Pea green with envy over here, I want a nisse sooooooo much! What a wonderful friend you have and such precious gifts to receive. Enjoy!

  10. says

    The nisse are adorable, Claudia! Little wonder you’re so smitten. And what a lovely little birdhouse ‘pocket’. As always, your scarves are just beautiful. And perfect colors for this end-of-autumn.

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