It’s Here

Six years old. I proudly wore my pink-checked dress with my faux wrist watch. Obeying my mother’s instructions, I made sure that my dimple faced the camera.  Oh yes, I had strict instructions about that sort of thing.

Today I am 10 times six. How can that be?

I am still that little girl, as well as the teenager and the college student and the camp counselor and the graduate student and the actress and the professor and the coach. I am so many things, so many ages, so many experiences. Like everyone else, I don’t feel my age. I feel like I’m in my thirties. And this number – this 60 – unsettles me.

I have no choice but to accept it.

But there’s a voice inside me that says: I can’t be 60! I’m still starting out! I’m still finding my path! I don’t even know what I want to do when I grow up! Wait, let me back up and start over!

Do you know that feeling?

Anyway. It’s here. The dreaded but actually not-so-dreaded day. I will officially be 60 around 5:30 pm.

I could just say it is my birthday and not acknowledge my age – but what the heck – I will proudly own it.

I miss my mother’s birthday phone call – her daily life in a nursing home is a sort of blur. I doubt very much that she’s even aware that it’s my birthday.

I miss my older brother, who died when he was 44. I’ve had so many birthdays he never had the chance to experience.

Scout is in the hospital. She ran a fever yesterday, wouldn’t eat and got progressively worse, so we took her in. They are keeping her to give her fluids and antibiotics. Whether this is all due to Lyme disease or something else, I don’t know. Her back legs were collapsing and she was shaking from the fever and my heart broke as we left her there. The bloodwork, by the way, came back normal.

Last night, the house felt empty. Nothing seemed right without her. Don kept saying, ” I miss my daughter. I want her home.” Today I came downstairs and there was no sweet girl to greet me.

I just want her well again and home with us where we can hold her in our arms and tell her how much we love her.

Sort of a bittersweet birthday, this particular November 21st.

Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Patti says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I will be facing that big one next year. It does seem surreal in that we don’t really feel that age or maybe it’s just the shock that time has passed by all too quickly. We wake up one morning and asked ourselves…”what happened”? Remember the saying “Life is what happens when you are out doing other things”…or something like that. I hope all turns out well for Scout. I know you miss her. May your Thanksgiving be a happy one for you and Don…. with Scout by your side. xo, Patti

  2. Judy Clark says

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Claudia,
    Happy birthday to you!!!

    Praying for immediate healing for Scout!

    That would be a great birthday present.


  3. says

    Oh, I know how you feel. A house without a dog is truly a sad thing. Hang in there, Claudia.

    It`s just a number, who cares. Happy birthday.


  4. says

    Oh my dear Claudia, I am so sorry Scout is not well and your birthday was the day she was in the hospital. Unfortunately birthdays are a blessing and a curse for many of us especially when the ones we love cannot be there to celebrate.

    You have not changed much since that cute picture, maybe the hair. You are still have that mischievous look in your eyes.

    I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday and I am hoping that you get the best gift of all…..your sweet Scout home from the hospital today feeling a little spry for her mom.


  5. says

    I’ll think of you at 5:30 today – until then try to enjoy the last of your fifties, BUT know that the sixties can be awesome too! Just numbers anyway. I’m looking toward seventy next time – who would have ever thought it! Like you, I don’t feel ‘this old’ and doubt I will ever truly be an old person, ha! ha!

    Meanwhile dear one, try to make the most of today. Praying that Ms. Scout will come home and that the vet can find something to give her comfort and more time pain free with you and Don – I know how much you guys love and care for your ‘children’.

    So Claudia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY despite the downside………..know we, your blog friends, are sending much love and huge birthday(( hugs)).
    Mary X

  6. Maria S. says

    What a tremendous gift you are to all of us here in blog land!! Many thanks to your folks for having you–job well done :) Today we celebrate, and are inspired by, your story, your life thus far, admiring where you’ve been, your stellar accomplishments and where this wonderful (albeit crazy) journey we call life will take you next. Savor the sweet moments, hope for joyous outcomes, endure the trials with strength and courage. All will be well. A very, very HAPPY Birthday to you…The first 60 have been quite a ride…let’s turn the page and see what happens next!! :)

  7. says

    I’m right behind you (coming up April) on the ten times six, and in my mind I’m still 24 (that must have been an especially good year as I seem to be stuck there). Happy birthday, dear Claudia, and I’m sending prayers that sweet Scout will be feeling so much better already this morning. Keep us posted. Hugs ~ Mary

  8. says

    Happy birthday to you! You are as beautiful today as you were at age 6!

    I know it is hard to celebrate your birthday when you are experiencing such pain. I have been through something similar myself. I never “had” a 28th birthday because I lost an angel on t hat day. Every birthday since, I think about our angel that we never knew and how our family might have been. But, I know that God was making the decisions that day and that something must have been very wrong with our angel so he decided to keep him (I just KNOW it was a him….)in Heaven with him.

    As hard as it is, try to get through this day. Try to remember that it’s your day and you can observe your birthday any way you want. I will keep you, your husband and Scout in my thoughts & prayers.

    And, I know about that “60” number….mine is coming up in just a few years and I’m not liking the sound of it either!
    Take care

  9. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! 60 is just a number, what does it mean really? You are what you feel in your heart and what you project out to those around you. If you didn’t say “I’m 60” I would never have guessed that anyway. SO enjoy your day and just keep projecting out the beautiful person that you are.

    I’m saying a prayer for Scout. I know that having her home would be the best gift. Hugs.

  10. Susie says

    Claudia, Happy Birthday to you. I know it’s not what you would want. I think some where in your mother’s locked mind she knows it’s your birthday. Sorry about your dog. I know you are so sad. Don too. Just hug each other more these next few days. Stay strong Claudia. Thinking of you, xo, Susie

  11. says

    Big Hugs coming your way Claudia. It’s hard when our ‘babies” are hurting. She’s where she needs to be right now, but I know how you feel.

    Happy birthday sweet friend! Love that photo.

  12. says

    Well Claudia …it’s here. Another birthday. Yes, I must say… I know how you feel. Though I’m not exactly your age… I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I think I’m still starting out and yes, …still finding my path.
    While right now…my children are well…I’m fearful for one. He has a history of illness. (childhood cancer) I can’t worry. I trust in the LORD he will be ok, and live a long full life. Longer and fuller than mine so far. That is a scary and sad thing to think about…because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. I too think of my mom…on my birthday. I think of how many birthdays of mine that she missed…and now oddly, I count down the years to live past her last birthday. She was so young… I want to live past 52.
    I pray that your baby will be well and she’ll be reunited with her family.
    Now… as for you young lady…
    YOU DON’T LOOK IT OR SHOW IT IN ANYWAY. Seriously. You make 60 run and hide! …and those dimples are still sweet as ever.


  13. says

    Hoping this morning brings the best possible news and desired birthday gift, that Scout is much recovered and able to come home for her moms birthday!

    Egads! I’ll be 60 in 14 months! I know what you mean, 30, 40, 50, didn’t phase me a bit but I’ve already got anticipatory angst over this one. I feel like I’m still 15 inside!!

    Thinking of you and your hubby and Scout today.

    Sally xo

  14. says

    Oh, Claudia, my heart is breaking for you! I know how sad it must be for you with your mom in the nursing home and being so far away. And then to have Scout at the vet’s … I wish I was closer so I could give you a big hug. I do know what you mean when you described the age “60.” Maybe because I turned that same number in September? Or maybe because I’m still trying to discover what I want to do with my life, too! haha

    Sweet birthday wishes to you. I hope you and Don get your Scout girl home today, feeling much better!!!

    Big hugs from Mass,


  15. says

    Happy Birthday deeeeear Claudia, happy birthday to you! You ARE all those wonderful things.

    Sorry it’s not truly a happier day. Sending love, hugs and prayers your way. xo

    p.s. I’m going to my p.o. box today and think my obsession scarf should be there ~ just in time for our trip to the mountains. I’ll be stylin’

  16. says

    Phoebe-dog and I are anxiously following along on Scout’s progress. This morning is a last garden clean up day and we expect flurries by Friday. This afternoon, Phoebe gets a grooming. She is not one bit eager about this. Having her away from home, even for a few hours, is very strange for us. A big void. Hugs to you!
    I recently celebrated my 70th birthday. I have not yet grown up either.

  17. says

    A very Happy Birthday Claudia!
    Hoping that one of your birthday presents will be Scout coming home feeling good!
    Happy Thanksgiving too!

  18. says

    So, you’re a November baby, Claudia. You’ve reached a wonderful milestone and best of all…You have achieved it with a wonderful husband to celebrate it with you. I hit the big “Six Oh” two years ago. My husband and I have a sign in our bathroom above our two sinks that says “Grow Old With Me”. We often remind each other how wonderful it is being able to grow old together.
    I’m so sorry your dear Scout iis feeling poorly and not with you today. I pray that he feels better and that the Vet can help him recover.
    Savor the sweetness of the day, my friend.

  19. says

    I know how you feel about age, and I think the same thing on my birthdays– won’t turn another year older until 11:21 pm. So silly of us!! Anyway, try to have a nice one. So sorry Scout is in the doggie hosp. No fun for any of you. Wish there was a miracle cure! And keep in mind the old joke: Birthdays are healthy for you; the more you have, the longer you live!

  20. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia
    As one “kissing” sixty, I am familiar with some of those feelings.
    Enjoy your day and hope Scout comes home soon.

  21. Judy says

    Oh Claudia I know EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!, I went through the same thing when I turned 60 REALLY threw me for a loop!! it was almost 2 years ago.I never had a problem with any decade.I just took them in stride, but 60 I hate to say I am still struggling. Everything changed. But as for you young lady!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are young and Beautiful, vibrant and very smart, not to mention a “hoot” ( the people of our generation will know what that means) you will do just fine!
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers ,I hope and prayer for your little gal. I think she is going to get better and keep you company for a long time! Thank-You for keeping it real. -Judy A-

  22. Mary D. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I’m in my sixties and you’ve expressed everything I’ve been feeling, exactly. It’s never too late to learn and grow.
    You and Scout have been in my thoughts and prayers. Try to enjoy this special day.

  23. says

    Happy, happy birthday, Claudia. Yes, it is just a number and there are so many of them in life. I will be 62 next month and I feel like I am just starting. So much living left to do, even if it is with some extra aches and pains. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Scout today. I hope she is home soon.


  24. Lea says

    My heart goes out to you Claudia; not a pleasant day for you at all. I hope you receive the best present of all with
    Scout coming home. Thinking positive thoughts for you.

  25. says

    Life does place bumps in our path, doesn’t it? I am saddened that your road has been so bumpy for a while. I don’t have to tell you it will get better – because you already know.

    Happy Birthday, my sweet Claudia. Just typing your name makes me smile. I have faith in you. You can do sixty. I’m with you.♥

  26. says

    You captured magnificently and validated for me the exact feelings I have about the passing years…”I’m still starting out! I’m still finding my path! I don’t even know what I want to do when I grow up!”. Thinking of you on your birthday, Claudia, and wishing you all the best — especially for Scout.

  27. Lori says

    Happy Happy Birthday Claudia!
    What a darling photo of you!!! I hope Scout is feeling better today and can come home soon.
    Enjoy your special day!!! (you look mah-velous!!!)


  28. says

    Claudia I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I am praying that all works out well with Scout! I turned the big 60 two years ago. I tried like anything to make it fun but it really ‘got to me’ for some reason. The first birthday to ever do that. I’ve never had a hard time with aging but for some reason turning 60 kicked my butt. I think it was realizing I had more years behind me then in front of me! Then God gave me a gift of a Grandchild and I realized that I could make the very BEST of the time in front of me or be sad about the past! I choose to be happy and look forward. Two years later I can say I am proud of my age and wear it well. You too will find the happiness and joy in your future. This is a hard day for you without your girl but we your blogging friends are lifting you all up! Sending you a big hug!


  29. Charlotte MacDiarmid says

    Dear Claudia, I totally understand how you feel about the decades.. I will be 72 in January (God willing) and I feel every bit the way you do.
    I feel that the only thing that really matters is that we stay healthy.. We can handle most anything when we’re healthy..
    I understand about how your home feels without your baby girl too. Not having our kitty here with us makes our home feel like an empty shell. I pray that Scout will be back home with you soon. I will be thinking about all of you at Mockingbird Hill Cottage with prayers for you wishes to come true.
    Hugs, Charlotte

  30. says

    You look the same as you did in your 6 year old school photo. Happy 60th Birthday Claudia. It is a good year and to be treasured. I empathize with you on the empty feeling when a beloved pet is not at home. Its hard to fill the spaces in your time with other things. Pray that all goes well with Scout.

  31. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia!!!! You are beautiful, and just as sweet as that school picture! I am praying for your poor sick babe, I do hope she comes home soon. as I get older I can’t believe the numbers I reach, it sure doesn’t feel like we could possibly be a certain age…….you look very young to be 60, and I wish for you to have a grand day!!!

  32. annette says

    Happy Birthday Claudia!!!! I hated this birthday like the plague. I, too don’t feel that old. It gets better though I promise. I am praying for Scout. I would be lost with out my fur girl. We are going to have nothing but good, positive thoughts. She is going to come home well and ready to bark!

    Love, annette

  33. says

    Happy birthday, Claudia! I shared all the same feelings when I turned 60 this year. What I didn’t know was that there is something very liberating about this age. I, suddenly, accepted my life with all it’s losses and gains and knew this is the source of wisdom that profoundly affects my choices as I move through the next phase. I hope your baby comes home to you soon and that you enjoy you birthday/Thanksgiving celebrations!

  34. says

    Adorable picture of you, Claudia. I hope you find things today to celebrate, and I wish for your sweet Scout to return home feeling better soon. Happy Birthday =).

  35. Kim says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! What a beautiful example of sixty you are for all of us! I’m so sorry Scout is ill. I hope she gets to come home soon. Thank you for writing a blog I look forward to reading every day. Here’s wishing you a happy day, and a better year to come.

  36. GinaE says

    I know all you want for this birthday is for your baby to get well. That’s what I wish for too. You and Scout are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs your way. Wishing for a better year for you. Maybe 60 is the charm!

  37. Teresa says

    I know I already wished you a happy birthday earlier this month, but I shall have to repeat myself. Happy Birhtday!!!I am close behind you and am having similar feelings about turning 60. I have decided to go back to 9 and just stay here. Getting my own library card for the town library was my big thrill when I was 9. My mom would go into town every Friday to pick up some groceries, etc. In the summer I would ride along and she would drop me off at the library so I could exchange a bag of books while she shopped in peace. Normally the library only let each person take 2 books at a time, but they knew how far out of town we lived and that I loved to read so they allowed me to fill a paper shopping bag with books each week. 9 was books, bicycles, ice cream…all the good stuff.
    I am hoping they figure out what is wrong with Scout and have her back to you in no time. She sounds like such a treasure. Hugs to all 3 of you!!!

  38. says

    Happy birthday, Claudia! As I said yesterday, I’m hoping you get the best gift of all – the return to health and home of Scout.

    I do know what you mean about 60 being unsettling. Even though I’m 10 years younger than you, when I turned 50 in August, it really hit me hard. I didn’t like it – and I still don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong…I’m very grateful for my life and have many blessings. But the number really bothers me. It seems so typically middle-aged and boring.

    Well, despite all that, I hope you find some sunshine in your special day today. You have the love of a wonderful husband and your friends. Today – may that be enough.

  39. Annette Tracy says

    Claudia, Happy Birthday to you on this birthday. And I know you miss your mom, I remember how hard that is when they can’t be there for us, no matter what age we are. It’s just a number, we can still do many things we have yet to even dream of. I’m hoping Scout makes it home soon, I know how difficult this must be. They are such a huge presence in our lives. Maybe a car ride with Don out to have a great cup of coffee would be good for both of you today.

  40. Donnamae says

    Happy Birthday Claudia!! It’s j.u.s.t. a number…when asked my age, I tend to mumble a lot!! Scout is in good hands and is getting great care…hang on to that. Sounds like we are all praying for that! 😉

  41. says

    Hi Claudia! I love the picture of you when you were a little girl. You haven’t changed at all. And you really ARE still young. You’re not old until you feel old. So, congratulations on your birthday and may the next year be filled with many happy moments!

    Sorry to read Scout is ill, I hope she gets well soon!

  42. says

    You’re just a kid.. I’m 63. :-) Enjoy your day and remember, every day on the right side of the dirt is a good day. :-)
    I will keep Scout in my thoughts. The hard part of having a dog is that their lifespan doesn’t match ours.
    Hugs, Teresa

  43. Donna Krobock says

    Happy Birthday Claudia!! I have five more years then I’ll be joining in on the 60 celebration. It’s funny, the only birthday that every bothered me was three years ago when my oldest daughter turned 29. When she was a little girl she always asked her Nana on her birthday how old she was and the answer was always the same ’29 and holding’. The day that little girl turned 29 really made me stop and wonder where exactly all the time had gone and how did my baby get to be 29 herself! I myself love the Maxine cartoon showing that her life was a wild ride and she was hoping to go out with a drink in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other :-)
    Hope Scout is doing better today and will be home with you and Don soon!

  44. says

    Own it Claudia, it looks fabulous on you! Happy Birthday you sweet young thing!
    Sending prayers for sweet little Scout. Hugs, Debi

  45. says

    Happy birthday Claudia. What a sweet gal you are! Love your childhood picture and yes, wear that dimple proudly! Yes, today is bittersweet, I’m in tears and my heart is aching as I hear your pain when you describe Scout.. I hope and pray that she is home soon. Sending love and prayers to you, Don and Scout.

  46. says

    Dear Claudia,


    I must say that you at 6 and you at 60, are not so different! Even at that young age, you seem to have a wisdom about you, a certain intelligence in your eyes and a friendly smile, (the dimple does wonders – have one myself!). Although I’ve only ”known” you for a short time, your wit and intellect shine and your sensitivity to others is acute! Some things we are born with, others, we acquire in this journey called life; it is continuous and constant at the same time. Similarly, some things change, some things stay the same. Yes, you are 60 today, but feel thirty-something, and UNSETTLED – thank goodness! They say our character is formed by the age of seven (the constant). Who we become after that is someone in a continuous state of flux – if we’re lucky to have our health to enjoy the whirlwind and whimsy of it all!

    I hope that Scout has a speedy recovery to be by your side very soon so that you can celebrate your wonderful achievement altogether.

    All the best,


  47. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia. Being 60 is a blessing you know, the alternative is not so good. I turned 62 and was actually excited because I can get social security, hah. I have decided 65 is a good place to stop counting the years.
    You have so much going on right now. Poor Baby Girl in the hospital. They might let you visit her. That might make her sad if she can’t come home just yet. That’s good about the blood work. Something surely would show up if it was really serious. I have been praying for her.
    Enjoy this day and I hope you can take Mabel on a adventure. It is just beautiful here today with the sun shining. Actually my front door is wide open. Hoping that a deer or other critters doesn’t stroll on in. We have radon workers here.
    Happy Birthday Friend and Happy Thanksgiving.

  48. joy jensen says

    Happy happy b birthday Claudia. The years have blessed you with kindness, gratitude and friendship. Thank you for all you do to make my life more beautiful. My prayers are with Scout. I’m afraid my 15-year-old Australian cattle dog will soon be going down the same road. Also, I’m in love with your Obsession Scarf. Do you share the pattern? I’ve taken up knitting again after many years and would love to get a crochet hook into my hands again as well. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving. Joy

  49. Terri says

    Happy birthday, Claudia! I can remember that turning 60 was a lot more unnerving than turning 50 for me.

    We hope your sweet furbaby will be well soon.

  50. rizzi says


  51. says

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy and celebrate every day. You are right…it is only a number and how we act and feel is the important part. Prayers and Healing Hugs for Scout. It has been just a year from losing our beloved Sasha BooBoo kitty and we still miss her terribly. They are such a part of our lives and hearts. Blessings…

  52. says

    Happy Birthday. I am just behind you. I will 57 on the 25th. I hope you have a great day even with Scout in the hospital. I know probably pretty impossible. Do you know how long she will be there? I wonder if she is having a worse time because of Riley’s passing? Anyway try to find something good about your day. Hugs, Teresa

  53. says

    Dear Claudia, I came here to wish you a happy birthday but my heart is so heavy with your sadness. If it is of any comfort to you please know that you are part of so many lives through your blog and all of us are concerned for your happiness and for Don and Scout too. I wish for you some inner peace today. Linda

  54. stacy watson says

    oh claudia, i am sorry scout is ill and on your birthday too. praying for her!!
    i hope you are able to enjoy your special day- its my birthday today too and i will be spending it cooking. that so doesnt sound like any fun to me.
    i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving also and will be thinking of you

  55. says

    What an adorable picture of you Claudia. Love those dimples!! I am however, so sad to hear that Scout can’t be with you on your birthday. I know how worried you are and how very much you love her. Being in the hospital is a good thing for her though. She will get the fluids she needs to recover and will have the vets monitoring her until she does. I said a special prayer for her last night and will say one again today. I hope your baby can come home to you soon and that when she does, she will be that happy and smiling Scoutie once again.

    Happy Birthday Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  56. says

    Happy Birthday to you,,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, Dear Claudia…
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    That is the most adorable picture, and you are the youngest 60 ever!

    I am saying prayers again for Scout and praying that you can have her home to celebrate with you very soon!

    More birthday hugs…



  57. says

    Happy Birthday, sweet lady! You described very much the way I feel about getting older. I guess I just want to live forever. I want all the wisdom and experiences and love…just not the number. And I’m not too far behind you. So, enjoy your day, I am sending a big hug. And I am thinking of Scout…she’s in good hands where they can watch over her and hopefully figure out what is wrong. And of course, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Don.


  58. says

    How is it that decades can pass by in the blink of an eye?! I’m not to the big 60 milestone yet, but I do feel that sense of panic that there’s so much I still want to do and see in this lifetime and wonder if I’ll have time. I’m so sorry your dog is ill on what should be a day of celebration. I hope you get the best of news and enjoy your big day.

    Happy Birthday, Claudia!

  59. says

    So sorry that your world is sad…That’s the bad part of having animals…It always ends like this…But all the joy they bring and love they give makes it worthwhile…Sad for you..

  60. says

    Happy Birthday, Claudia! From all the comments and Meredith’s beautiful post, you are obviously celebrated by so many people and cherished by many as well. I adore your blog. As I was reading your post about the different roles in your life, I came to the word “coach” and I thought how appropriate that is. I feel that you are a ‘life’ coach to so many of us here, teaching us how to appreciate the beautiful things by sharing your lovely home and your insights on life. We are all thinking of you and sending good thoughts on your special day. Hugs to you!

  61. says

    Dear Claudia, I woke up this morning and was thinking about you and Scout before I even opened my eyes! I love your picture–what a sweet six year old you were, and what a fabulous sixty-year old you are! I know the age thing can be discombobulating, but truly, you have a life worth celebrating, rich in friends and love! I am praying for Scout’s healing, and I hope that you and Don can find a way to celebrate the good things in your life today and tomorrow, amidst all the worries and care. Know that you are appreciated by all your readers! xxoo Martha

  62. says

    Oh Claudia, what a day. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Looking at my time here you are almost EXACTLY 60! It does feel odd doesn’t it?
    I was saddened to hear that Scout is not well…I am hoping you have heard some good news (please please let us know)
    As for your mama, I SO get it. It’s so odd isn’t it? How our lives evolve and we don’t feel any different and yet feel as if everything has changed! I have a feeling (as I turn 60 in a month) that we are in very similar places in our lives right now. Hard work didn’t seem to reap great reward for all our effort, our parents (or parent) are in a strange and new place, everything is changing…trying not to be down, but finding it difficult.
    I am praying you have a good birthday with Don and can have a light heart today…
    BIG HUGS to you..

  63. Terri says

    I just have to tell you that when you kept talking about your milestone birthday….I thought you were turning 50:)
    I know that isn’t as good as Scout being home, but thought it was definitely something a girl would want to hear:)
    I prayed for Riley and I will pray for Scout.

  64. Beth says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! These milestone birthdays…
    I know 60 ‘sounds’ old but none of my friends that age act it…they are young in heart and spirit like you!
    I hope you have a great day and hope that Scout is back home, happy and healthy, very soon.


  65. says

    Claudia, the biggest of internet hugs for you girl…HB and so many more. And here’s to Scout feeling better, and things taking a turn for the better, and soon.

    60 is only a number, it’s not a state of mind. In a few days the hype wears off of the number, the tarnish sets in and it doesn’t shine so brightly, and then, it will feel perfectly fine.


  66. says

    I join in the throng of Happy Birthday wishes for you, Claudia! In spite of the BA in Speech-Communications I earned, the years I spent as a TA in an elementary school in Saugerties, and the years I have spent as a wife, mother, friend, etc., I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up even though I will be 62 in February :) I also, remember how strange it felt when my mother was no longer able to remember my birthday…parting from me before her death five years ago.
    And strained or broken relationships with other family members is difficult to bear as well. But in the mix of life that is mine, there is a burning enthusiasm for life and an amazement that I am in fact very much alive even though my husband of 38 years died three years ago. I am still asking God for and trying to listen to His direction and be open to His empowerment to live in Love whatever my circumstances may be. I am asking Him to encourage you, and bring healing to Scout. I am pretty excited to almost be 62, Claudia, and am cheering you on to enjoy this season of your life more and more with each passing day :)

  67. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia. Perhaps the one you’ve dreaded will be the best age yet! I remember the first year my parents were unaware of my birthday. It broke my heart and I cried like I was 4, not 44. I will say a special prayer for Miss Scout. Ann

  68. LuvWheaties says

    Claudia, I know you are so concerned about Scout, and I will continue to hold you both in my thoughts. As far as turning 60, it really is just a number. I will turn 65 in January, and I am not sure how that happened, but I have made peace with this whole aging thing. I know you are still an interesting, vibrant woman, and I see some of that little 6-year-old girl in the recent photos you have published. Some people are old at 60, you are not. Peace and hugs.

  69. Kris says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I was here this morning to say Happy Birthday, but my computer lost power, and I then got busy with my day. I hope you had a good day. And I sure hope your pupper is better and back home now.
    Loved the picture of you as a girl!!!

  70. says

    Happy Happy 60th, Claudia! The 60s are wonderful in spite of all you hear. I, too, sometimes feel like I am just starting out and wish I had a chance to do all the things I want to do with whatever time I have left. Life is an amazing journey, isn’t it? By the time we realize what time really means we have used up a great deal of it.
    I am so, so sorry about your “baby”. I hope they can get it figured out and bring her back to health. Happy Thanksgivng, too- xo Diana

  71. Just Cats says

    “Happy Birthday Claudia.” I think you should get Scout home and then celebrate your birthday. I’ll be praying that he is fine again soon and home where he belongs. You’ll soon get used to the big ’60’. I turned that in June and I’m just now coming to terms with it. :)

  72. says

    Happy Birthday, Claudia! If it makes you feel any better, I am 65. I gotta tell you, I would rather get old than have died young!!
    I am so very sorry Scoutie is not better. At least the blood work was normal, and he is in the hospital where he can get the best of care. I know you and Don are frantic, and my heart breaks for all of you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am hoping and praying with all my heart that Scoutie recovers quickly. Gentle hugs.

  73. says

    Oh Claudia…Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! Don’t we always feel like we should be the age of the happiest time of our lives??? I still feel like I should be only 19…crazy. I know you miss your sweet baby and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers ~ sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  74. Delia hornbook says

    I have just popped over from your sisters blog who told us it was your birthday. So i would like to wish you many happy returns of the day. Such a heartfelt post life really does roll along so quickly but i think weare always searching and finding ourselves i don’t think that ever stops. Im so sorry to read your daughter is poorly i wish her a fast recovery. Take care and enjoy birthday my son was 16 today to boy that time has flown. Best wishes, dee x

  75. Tina says

    Happy birthday to you! I love that you were instructed to show your dimpled cheek. Moms!

    I do hope your dog is improving, poor thing.

  76. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I am sorry I am late to your party! I hope that you did have a good day.
    I read the most recent post and see that Scout is home and better! Whew! I am soooo glad!
    I hope you are having a good Thanksgiving Day with your girl at home….and Don too of course : )

  77. says

    Happy Birthday Claudia – I´m a bit late. I hope you had a wonderful and joyful day. I hope those years to come will be some wonderful ones for you

  78. Patricia says

    Happy Birthday Claudia, I’m older than you by a few hours!!! Sixty is something, huh!! I feel in my 30s too!

  79. says

    Aw poor Scout. Lyme disease? I may be missing something and need to go back a few more posts but is that what’s wrong with her? I hope she gets all better soon! Dogs are definitely part of the family and not “just pets”. Agreed agreed. Let me scroll down some more and read more about Scout..

  80. says

    Wishing you good health and happiness on your birthday, Claudia. Your picture is so sweet, and I can see you in so easily. It’s sad when the people we love can’t be with us, for whatever reason, on that special day, but they are in your heart, I’m sure. And I’m sorry that little Scout couldn’t be home with you that day. I’m sure that must have been wrenching for you.

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