On Duty


My view yesterday. And most likely, today. I stationed myself in the living room with Scout and kept her company all day. Don had to go into the city, so I drove him to the bus station so that I had the car, if necessary. There’s not a whole lot new to report. Scout did perk up and get hungry yesterday and I managed to sneak some antibiotics into her food. Though she slept most of the day, when Don came in the door after a being gone all day, she did a couple of her pounces and spins, which was heartening. But she sounds terrible. Her already heavy breathing is heavier. She’s now coughing a bit and sneezing. And she threw up again this morning, which, I think, is due to the antibiotics. They may just be too strong for her.

We will know the results of the blood work sometime today and go from there. We may need x-rays. Ironically, I had just paid off our previous vet bills last Friday. Ha Ha! Got you! says the Universe.

I’m nervous but am praying and visualizing my girl as the whole, perfect, healthy creation she is. To top it all off, Don had a sleepless night last night with so much tossing and turning that I fled downstairs to the sofa in the den.

Birthday tomorrow. Thanksgiving on Thursday. I really don’t care all that much about either of them. The best birthday present would be Scoutie taking a huge turn for the better. That’s all I need. (And, of course, Mabel, the Featherweight, was my early birthday present.)

I’m listing a scarf today in the Etsy shop. It’s in silk and bamboo and the color is a bit deeper than this photo indicates. It is so soft and silky to the touch. I guarantee it. And it’s my favorite shade of purple. And I have another one on the way, which you can see in the first photo. Update: Sold to Charlotte. That was fast!

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. says

    Claudia – Glad baby at least ate something. Worries like that can just drain ya!! I mailed your birthday present today, so I know you won’t have it on your birthday, but it’s coming. Enjoy!!

    Hope you have a good day you and Scout and Don – all three!!


  2. GinaE says

    Thanks for reporting on Scout today. I was wondering if she has a respiratory infection? My male dog gets allergies at this time of year (Cedar fever here in TX) and I have to watch for bronchitis with him. I know with all that has been happening, you probably don’t feel like having a holiday right now. If I lived where you do, I would just bring Thanksgiving dinner to you and Don. Take care of yourself! Thinking of you, Gina

    • Claudia says

      I wonder that, too. Hopefully, the bloodwork will tell us something and perhaps the vet will recommend a chest x-ray.

  3. Charlotte MacDiarmid says

    Thinking about you and praying that Scout will get better soon. I know how having a sick pet can do a number on us pet parents. If you would care to send me your e-mail address, I’d like to suggest something in connection with Scout.
    Wishing the very best for you, Don and sweet Miss Scout.
    Hugs, Charlotte

  4. says

    Happy Birthday, Claudia. And about Scout: I had Abi in at the vets last week with the blood in the stools/rock eating. Now she has kennel cough. She also has asthma. Had a rough night. Now they say Charlie will also get it. Comes about five days after exposure, which was when she was at the vet’s office. Aspirated during the night. Did you have Scout at the vet’s? Because this is an airborne, highly-contagious virus.

    • Claudia says

      Too soon for her to contracted kennel cough. She was just at the vet’s a day and half ago. But I do think there is something wrong with her respiratory system. I often wonder if she has asthma.

  5. Kris says

    Happy Birthday early! I hope you get your wish, and Scout returns to her healthy self.
    Love the scarf!
    xo Kris

  6. Donnamae says

    I’m sure the best gift you could get would be for good health for Scout! Sending only good thoughts…;)

  7. Lori Cassaro says

    Happy Birthday, and Happy Thanksgiving Claudia. A virtual hug for Scout…come on girl, you’ve lots of devoted followers pulling for you to get well quickly!

  8. says

    Your beautiful Scout has been on my heart and in my prayers often since yesterday. Of course he is the best birthday present you could have or wish for. I hope you have much more to be thankful for soon. I’m glad you are keeping close company with him, good for him and good for you.

    • Claudia says

      We took her back to the doctor today and they are keeping her there for a day or two so that she can have fluids and get her antibiotic through shots. She’e running a fever and can’t stand up. Very scared.

  9. says

    Claudia, your scarf is beautiful. Love the deep plum color. I just started crocheting again, haven’t done it since I was 7. Amazing how it all comes back to you though:) I am currently working on a granny square blanket.

    • Claudia says

      not sure. labored breathing, temperature, throwing up, all of which might be due to Lyme. She’s staying overnight so they can monitor her.

  10. says

    Claudia, thinking of you today and wishing you a good Thanksgiving and birthday as a respite from all the pain and worry you have been experiencing lately. Please know that many people care deeply about you and Don and Scout. I hope the vet’s tests will offer some help and guidance in getting her back to her normal self. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and know that you are loved. xxoo, Martha

    • Claudia says

      Blood tests were normal, but she’s worse. She’s running a fever, can’t keep anything down, her hind leg are collapsing and she’s breathing in a labored way. She’s been admitted to the hospital where they are going to keep an eye on her.

  11. says

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you!! I hope Scout gets all better super fast. Enjoy Thanksgiving.. are you making a turkey dinner? We’re having our 2 sons, 2 DILs and 4 grandsons over for dinner. Happy mayhem.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    • Claudia says

      No turkey – I’m a vegetarian. To tell you the truth, with everything going on right now, I don’t think we care a whole lot about Thanksgiving dinner – we don’t really have anything on hand for it.

  12. Donna Krobock says

    As I sit with my threee furbabies around me, I’m sending up prayers that Scout feels better soon! Hard to think about celebrating any occasion when our loved ones are not feeling well! Hugs from MA to all of you!!

  13. says

    I truly hope Scout improves soon. Hopefully the blood test will show something. I am always astounded at the cost of veterinarian expenses. I have two dogs and their yearly exam is unbelievable. I see elderly people in the waiting room and I wonder how they do it on a fixed income. And, my vet bill has to be paid in full at the time of service. Sorry, I had to vent.

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday and I hope it’s calm and relaxing and worry free. You have so many praying for Scout, let’s hope we’re heard.


    • Claudia says

      Something to be said for living in a small town. They let us make payments, bless them. I don’t know what we would do otherwise.

  14. says

    Taking Augie is as soon as I get off of the computer for his shots so we can board him over Christmas.
    Lovely scarf your knitting.

  15. says

    Hoping your birthday and your Thanksgiving will be happy with Scout taking that turn for the better. I am thinking of you more than you know.

    That is a gorgeous scarf you made. The color is luscious. I have wrapped the one for my MIL along with her other gifts and can’t wait for her to open them!

    Big hugs to you, Don, and Scout…



  16. says

    I hope Scout is feeling better by the time I leave this message. This has been such a difficult time for you and Don. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you sweet friend.


    • Claudia says

      She’s in the hospital, Laura. She has a fever and is not eating or keeping things down. We’re very worried.

  17. says

    I just read the latest update, and I will be praying for Scout. We need our four-legged kiddos just as much as they need us. Praying for a swift recovery and a happier week ahead.

  18. says

    Oh Claudia! I am so very sorry about Scout! Sending you lots and lots of hugs and healing wishes for Scout.

    Can I ask what symptoms appeared first? I’m asking because unbeknownst to us our Honey developed something called “mega esophagus” – she couldn’t keep her food down (we kept taking her to the vet and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her for months) and she ended up with aspiration pneumonia.

    Please know you and Scout are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sally xo

  19. says

    I am praying for your sweet fur baby -that she is alright and rebounds. Happy Birthday to you, too…and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am also hoping that some of your worries will lessen and there will be a clear path for you to walk- xo Diana

  20. says

    Just read your blog post and comment updates about Scout. I am still praying for her…and for you and Don. I hope you receive the best birthday gift of all tomorrow…the return to health of your fur baby.


  21. says

    I checked back in today to see how you and Scout are doing. Poor baby I hope and pray that she is better soon and that you have good news for your birthday. Love that you named your featherweight Mabel. Still haven’t sewn anything on my featherweight yet. Hope to have more time in January. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and Scout’s health improves soon.

  22. says

    I hope Scout impoves, Claudia. And I hope you all are able to have more restful nights. Sleep deprivation makes it so hard to cope with stress.

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