Question Of The Day: What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep?

I’ve been awake since about 4 am.

I finally gave up on more sleep and arose at 6 am.

Don has been having some serious problems sleeping lately. He gets restless and when he moves around in bed, I wake up. And sometimes I simply wake up on my own. Then my head starts going and I can’t get back to sleep. At times, my head is filled with worries. But sometimes it’s filled with nonsense. Either way, it keeps me from sleeping.

I don’t do well without sleep. But the truth is, even when I get up after a sleepless night and think that there is no way I can get through the day, I usually get through it just fine. I have stingy eyes and I’m this close to being irritable, but I get through it.

Don’t you envy the way dogs and cats sleep? Scout will get up, go outside to do her business, come back in, drink some water, and promptly fall right back to sleep. For hours.

Of course, our animal friends live in the present. They don’t worry about the future, they don’t regret the past. They live in the NOW, a place that few of us humans can exist in for more than a minute or two.

So here’s my question for the day. What do you do when you can’t sleep? Do you get up and read? Do you do a crossword puzzle? (I’ve been known to do that.) Do you just stay in bed and toss and turn? Do you watch television?

Please share.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Rita says

    When I can’t sleep I get a hot pack and try to go back to sleep. If that does not work I get up take a Vanquish for the headache I normally have at that time from clenching my jaw (TMJ) and read blogs for about a half an hour. Then try to sleep again. Sometimes it works sometimes not. I hope someone in the comments leaves a message that helps you to sleep. Have a blessed day. ~ Rita

  2. says

    I often do cross-word puzzles before I go to bed or whenever I get bored. That and read a devotional page in a good book called, 100 favorite Bible Verses. I had been waking up at five on a regular basis and now it is four because of the time change. If I don’t go back to sleep quickly I get up and lately sit in front of my computer, catch up on facebook (usually not much action there, since I will have checked it right before going to bed) and often go to Pinterest and find some more neat things there. Make my coffee and…………..


    • Claudia says

      I have to get back to doing crosswords – they put me in some sort of zen state that helps me get sleepy.

  3. Susie says

    I will say prayers some times. others I turn on tv get tired again then drift off to sleep. But I am an insomniac basically. I would love to sleep thru the night peacefully. Smiles, Susie

  4. says

    I have a snoring husband and a snoring dog so I end up on the sofa many nights which does nothing for my CFS. I usually am able to fall asleep there. I have heard experts say– get up for a bit, but to my mind, if I’m “up,” I certainly won’t be falling asleep! I overheard a couple older women in a store talking about this and one said she flips through cookbooks– she gets recipe ideas and it helps her fall back asleep. This actually helps me: start at your toes and flex them 3 or 4 times slowly. Work all your muscles all the way up to your chest. Sometimes I do it a couple of times, but it seems to work. Or imagine yourself relaxing on an empty beach… Good luck– I know from experience a lack of sleep is very hard to cope with!

    • Claudia says

      Sometimes I get up and sometimes I’m afraid if I move I might destroy that moment when I’m just about to drift off to sleep.

  5. says

    Reading is the only thing that will relax me enough to go to sleep. I move to the guest room or sofa downstairs, bundle up, start reading something calm. If this doesn’t work, I’m like you, fighting irritability all day. Sometimes an early afternoon nap will get rid of the irritability. Our boy Casper is like most dogs, I suppose – eats a good breakfast and back for a long morning nap.

  6. Susan says

    I sometimes go through periods of not being able to sleep. Over the last few years when it got so bad I wanted to SCREAM, I decided to use the awake time to memorize all the states and after that memorize all the capitols. I now get those correct when they come up on Jeopardy! I also can name them backwards (Alphabetically). My next goal is the periodic table. Watch out Jeopardy here I come. Ha Ha. But seriously everyone is different and has to find what works for them. But it has made me smarter. Good Luck.

  7. says

    I am usually up around 4 – a long time habit. I accomplish a lot during those very early morning hours. I would toss and turn thinking of all I had to do. So I just started getting up and doing it. I read the news, pay bills, do a crossword puzzle on line, visit blogs, play with pictures and organize my day. It is my quiet time. This morning I cleaned a bathroom. It is 9 and my work is done and I have the rest of the day. I shall knit with my Sarasota friends at A Good Yarn.


  8. Maria S. says

    Since I went through “the change” I’ve gotten less sleep. Also Hubby gets up at 3 for work so I hear him getting ready. Sometimes I go back to sleep, most times not. Thankfully I have a part-time job with flex hours so I don’t have to worry about getting to work at a set time. When I do wake up in the middle of the night I grab my iPod and just surf…recipes, frugal living, politics, religion, Facebook, emails…whatever strikes my fancy. The most effective method, though, comes from a habit that started in childhood and has been a great source of solace for me. I say the rosary. The best soporific ever. I hope you and Don can sleep soundly soon!!

  9. says

    I know people who pray but I don’t usually do that if I can’t sleep. Have you tried a sleeping pill? I’m not averse to any pill taking if it’s necessary. I usually get up and read. There is nothing faster than reading to put me to sleep, sugar, NOTHING! It is also part of menopause if you’re going through that. Definitely.

  10. says

    When I wake and can’t get back to sleep, what I end up doing depends on how tired I feel. Sometimes I’m AWAKE, so I roll with it and get stuff done, then nap when the sleepies roll around later in the morning or afternoon. The times I wake but still feel tired, I read or work crosswords on my Kindle. In those instances, I try to keep the house lights low and use a booklight (even if I’ve moved to the couch) and keep the tv and computer off because I find that kind of light distracting. My husband and son both listen to audio books sometimes when they’re going to sleep, but certain stories or voices are not conducive to falling asleep ;-). I’ve found that certain foods and medications will contribute to disjointed sleep, so I try to remember to avoid those in the evening or near bedtime. One of the most relaxing things to me if I feel I need a nap is to lay somewhere where our dogs can hunker down with me — I find having their presence so near to be very relaxing =).

    I hope you’re able to grab a nap today. Being tired and irritable is no fun :(.

    You might get a kick out of this gif: — if the clip starts with the dog laying down, wait a sec and let it start over — it’s only a couple seconds long. Totally cracked me up! and so very true, about puppies anyway.

    • Claudia says

      I think I should invest in a book light, Glenda. I used to have one but I have no idea what happened to it.

  11. says

    I close my eyes and count backwards from 100, picturing myself writing each number on a blackboard as I think it. I will usually fall asleep somewhere in the middle of that. If I make it all the way down to 1, then I know I won’t be falling back to sleep, so I just get up. Then I take a nap in the afternoon – I’m a big fan of afternoon naps for 20 minutes anyway – they re-charge me.

  12. says

    I can’t stand being awake in bed, trying to not move and wake up my husband. Staring at the ceiling starts my mind racing, usually with negative thoughts and worries. So I usually get up and watch tv–there is usually an old black and white classic on late at night. Most nights I can fall back to sleep on the sofa with the tv as background noise. This morning I was awake at 5, so I got up and spent time working on my blog. I always slept fine until I hit a ‘certain age’….big (tired) sigh!

    • Claudia says

      I find if I stay in bed and try not to move so as not to wake up Don, all of my muscles tense up and then I really can’t go back to sleep!

  13. says

    I wake up frequently during the night but I’m always able to go back to sleep. There have been times when I lie there wide awake though, but I don’t get up. I pray, or think back to some wonderful times in my life, such as vacations. I live it back out in my mind, if that makes sense. It’s calming for me.

  14. says

    Hi Sweetie… this in fact happened to me just today. I got up at 4am finally…went and started the coffee….laid down on the couch while it brewed…. out cold…. till 630am. So, I guess trying a new venue is the key for me. But, now that I’m getting exercise, I do crash out before 10pm usually, which is crazy for me, but I’ll take sleep any way or time I can. Eliminating taking a nap always helps. Now, I may just rest for 10 with a book in the afternoon,

    • Claudia says

      Yes, I try to hold off on any napping so that I’m just plain exhausted when I go to bed and hopefully, I will fall asleep and stay asleep.

  15. says

    I rarely sleep through the night. I have a book on the nightstand that I read by night light, and my iPad is at-the-ready for catching up on blogs or writing notes. Hubby and I had a good laugh this morning when I told him I fell out of bed last night while having a dream. He said he was sorry he missed it! HE sleeps like a log /~”

  16. Suzan says

    Having just ended a bout of this of almost 5 months I can say I’ve tried everything mentioned and more. Now that my house is very cold at night, I have about 4 layers of bedding on me and it seems to be conducive to sleep. I do not do well in heat so you can imagine how long my summers are here. I worry about very high power bills so I swelter..

    I always keep a book close by but frequently that exacerbates the problem if the book is interesting, I cannot stop to go to sleep!

    It wil pass….give it more time..I did have a little success with that new Z quill stuff but I took only in desperation for an early morning meeting…

  17. says

    I usually read, but if my insomnia is really bad, I just get up and do some work on the computer. I definitely get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.


  18. says

    Sometimes I get up and do a crossword puzzle because that kind of works my mind…if I am REALLY tired and know I need the extra sleep I will plug in an old Columbo dvd and watch that. I am not a big TV watcher but I loved Columbo and have all the DVDs they issued. I know the story line so well that sometimes it will just lull me back to sleep. It stops my mind from churning and “thinking”. xo Diana

    • Claudia says

      Love Columbo, Diana. It’s being broadcast on WeTV on the weekends now and I love watching old episodes.

  19. Tana says

    I haven’t slept well in years! I sometimes just get up and read or get on the computer, make tea and start my day, even if it is 3 am. Sometimes I lay in bed and think about the perfect house and build and furnish it. I think about sitting on the beach and looking at the waves. But I find if I don’t get up and get moving, I just focus on my worries and they get bigger and bigger and unmanageable. I pray, listen to music and work on sewing projects. Mostly hand sewing so I don’t wake my husband. I usually get through the day just fine and will sleep better after being up a night or two. I have decided it is what it is.

  20. says

    I cured my lifelong sleep issues by using the Ekhart Tolle live in the present concept. I guess that means I sleep like cats and dogs now! works for me!

    • Claudia says

      We have Ekhart Tolle (2 copies) and this makes me realize it’s time to crack that book open again.

  21. says

    Ha! Seriously?
    I start praying and talking to God. There is nothing like a one sided conversation with God to make you fall right to sleep. I used to think…”the devil doesn’t want me talking to God, so he interrupts us with making me sleepy”. BUT NOT ANYMORE. NOW I THINK… ” Child this is such small stuff to be keeping you awake. You need sleep. Rest. Peace BE STILL.” ….and He Rocks me to sleep.

    :) Pat

      • says

        Well… I hope that didn’t come across as trivializing your waking issues and things that cause you worry. You asked what I do…that’s it. I just know talking to HIM…soothes my soul.
        Wishing your peaceful and restful sleep! Pat

  22. says

    I leave the crossword puzzle go in the morning…then if I can’t sleep that night …I get up and do the puzzle and by then I’m having trouble holding my eyes open and I go to sleep so easily. Sometimes I drink a cup of malt flavored ovaltine.
    By the way….I’m having oroblems with macular degeneration. Your type is so faint…I have a hard time reading it sometimes.

    • Claudia says

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Balisha. I tried making the font one size bigger, but I’ve tried it before and I find that the larger size runs the words together in a way I don’t like. I’ve made it a bit darker, however, and hopefully that will help you. By the way, I wrote a post about this: Every browser has a VIEW option where you can zoom in or zoom out on whatever is in your browser window. It makes the font bigger and clearer and with macular degeneration, this is something you should definitely be using. You can also go into your browser’s preferences and change the font size. Hope this helps.

  23. says

    I am lucky in that I love to stay up late. That’s my best working time. My only problem there is I can’t take good photos at one or two in the morning. ha. But, when I get sleepy I just go to bed and I guess because I stay up that late, I have no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. But, I am not a morning person. Don’t talk to me or even look at me before eight o’clock and I’ve had my Coke.


    • Claudia says

      I’m not a morning person, either, Judy. I need a couple of cups of coffee before I can communicate.

  24. says

    My brother, who is in his 60’s subscribes to the theory that even if you cannot sleep you are lying down and so your body is resting regardless. Sometimes I wake about 4 in the morning with a need to go to the bathroom and often find it hard to go back to sleep after this. I think my body says, well you have had your main sleep for the night, but still I don’t feel ready for getting up. Sometimes I turn the radio on, just quietly (I don’t have a partner to annoy), and the distraction from this usually helps me go back to sleep. I very rarely get up or turn lights on. Turning lights on wakes up my body and makes falling back to sleep more difficult so no crosswords, reading or catching up with e-mails in the middle of the night.

  25. Lori says

    I occasionally wake up in the night and can’t go back to sleep. Normally I toss and turn for awhile then turn on the light and read. Sometimes, I’ll get lost in my book and end up reading for an hour or more, which in my mind is okay since there’s nothing better than a book so good it keeps you up at night. I then try to take at least a “power nap” the next day to make up for lost sleep. Nothing better than to wake up feeling refreshed whenever possible though :)

    • Claudia says

      If I read, I have to leave the room and go downstairs because I don’t want to wake up Don. But sometimes I do just that.

  26. says

    I rarely have trouble sleeping, thank goodness. I always go to bed, get comfy, and start my “daydream”–an ongoing saga of being in my dream cottage! I picture each room, every piece of furniture, the fire in the fireplace, the candles burning, etc. Sometimes, I imagine letting the dogs in and out, changing into pj’s, settling into bed in my perfect bedroom. Usually, I imagine it is raining, I hear the rain and wind. By then, I am usually asleep! In years past, if I had trouble sleeping, I found that a change of location always worked, I would get up and go to the guest room, or to the sofa. For some reason, I would always fall asleep immediately.

  27. Lea Neale says

    My sleeping pattern is terrible. My husband died two and a half years ago and since then, it has been
    a roller coaster ride. Most nights it is so difficult to sleep without some over the counter aids. I am at
    a age where all the health information state how it can affect our well being but how do you shut your
    mind off? Have tried all the advice but to no avail. Hope some of your readers offer better solutions
    than I.

    I always look forward to your blogs, you are part of my daily routine. Thank you.

    • Claudia says

      Oh, I’m so sorry Lea, about the loss of your husband. You must miss having him by your side. I wish I knew how to shut your mind off. That’s my problem as well.

  28. says

    I automatically head to my office, Claudia. If I have transcribing jobs, I’ll get started on those. If I’m in the middle of a painting, I’ll work on that. If I have orders from the Etsy shops, I head downstairs to start packaging those. And the Etsy shops themselves always need work. I have so many items to still photograph, research, write up and get listed in my vintage shop it’s not even funny. I’ve been trying to get to bed around midnight the past few nights, hoping that if I get into some kind of schedule I might get better sleep. We’ll see how that works out. And as I’ve mentioned to you in the past, we desperately need a new mattress. I think sleeping on a new, comfortable mattress would go a long way to making for a better night’s sleep! The sleep number beds intrigue me and I definitelfy want to try one out. Some day – soon, I hope!!! Court was an infant when we got our mattress and box spring and she is now in her early 20’s. That’s a LONG time to have a mattress.

    Loved the pics of yours and Don’s trip to NY, and I think Riley’s succulent planter was a fantastic idea, Claudia. It turned out beautifully, and that picture of Scout checking it out was beautiful. I suspect Riley was right there with you, too, approving.

    Hugs, Donna

    • Claudia says

      Well, our bed is almost as old as yours and that certainly makes for a not very comfortable night! I think I should just get up and do something instead of remaining in bed worrying about not getting enough sleep.

    • says

      Donna, we have a sleep number mattress and I do not like it. It does not help my severe joint pain at all plus it looks awful when the bed is made. Kind of like an old water bed. Olive

  29. annette says

    I turn on the TV and watch a favorite movie, one that I have watched bunches. For some reason I relax and go to sleep.

  30. Donnamae says

    Well, what a question. I’ve been sleeping well lately, now I probably jinxed myself! I usually get up, because I simply cannot get back to sleep! You just get to thinking about things, usually not life altering things, just what I call stupid stuff…and I can’t get past it, so I try to read, in another room, or watch tv. If those two things don’t make me sleepy, I just give up and make some coffee, and try to do something quiet and productive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Carol Killian says

    Dear sweet friend,
    I wish I could not relate to this problem! When it first began, the cause was peri-menapause,then menapause, and now old age !I hope it is only temporary! Melatonin has helped. Ambien (zolpidem /generic) really helps—only supposed to be used for a couple of weeks. It seems when my head hits the pillow, my brain starts to spin. Of course,P, wonderful husband snores very loudly. My friend says to think of all my blessings and pray.
    I enjoy your posts. Got to get cookies out of the oven…company(a friend from college) tomorrow. Forgive spelling & grammar..started three times.

  32. says

    I’ve been waking up at 2:30-3:00am in the morning thanks to jetlag all week. The first night I lay awake for over 2 hours and grumbled that I was getting up. And having tossed and turned enough to wake the hubby he advised against it because we both know the importance of getting back on the right time!
    So I didn’t, and the next night was an hour or so, and then an hour, and then last night, finally, I went back to sleep pretty quickly.
    But there are nights when my brain just won’t shut up and I will get up and get on the computer in the wee hours.

  33. says

    Again, we have the same problem! I just read an article in Redbook magazine about this. The most important thing I read is if you don’t fall asleep in 20 minutes, leave the bedroom as you will associate it with not sleeping. I usually fall asleep for an or or so and then am wide awake. I get up and usually have a small snack…having something in my tummy is sort of comforting. If I still can’t sleep or wake up later, I put on a half pot of coffee and read emails, blogs, etc. Then I can usually sleep. The downfall is that I then sleep late or I need a nap. I used to worry and get frustrated over this but I let that go and now just admit I sleep in spurts. I sort of enjoy being up by myself. Good luck to you!


    • Claudia says

      I’m thinking more and more that I should get up and do something else instead of remaining in bed.

  34. GinaE says

    I always get a glass of milk and turn on something VERY boring on TV. For some reason, picking up the current book I’m reading usually stimulates me and I never go back to sleep. Same with puzzles. I used to listen to a show that had a host with a boring drone voice. He always put me to sleep, but unfortunately for me, the show isn’t on any more! But, I don’t sleep with anyone, except pets, so turning the TV on is an option for me. I sent you an email today about my dog, Claudia.

    • Claudia says

      Puzzles are good for me because they put me in sort of zen state. I’ll go check my email, Gina.

  35. GinaE says

    I forgot to say…I also have started putting a note pad and pen by the bed. When I’m worried about something or have an idea that gets me thinking too much, writing it down has helped me let go of what ever it is, and I can get to sleep.

  36. says

    Very interesting reading all the comments. I really struggle with this. I can be so tired I can’t keep my eyes open. When I go to bed, I relax about 15 minutes then I am suddenly wide away. I can go til 3 a.m. or so and still be awake. I have started sleeping on the ouch. I find that I can’t mve around as much and therefore relax until I fall asleep. I am taking daily meds for migraines and that helps as well. Our mattress is horrible which doesn’t help. My husband snores so loudly and so does our little Yorkie. I don’t have any suggestions really. I sometimes will turn on the omputer but not the TV. I have tried the Sleepy Time tea, not sure that helps. It has become a real anxiety for me. I want to sleep in the bedroom but can’t go to sleep.I hope that some of the others hints help you.

    • Claudia says

      I’m sorry you struggle with this issue, Debby. That happens to me, too. I will fall asleep with my head on Don’s shoulder while watching television and then go up to bed and be wide awake. Our mattress is also old and not very comfortable which I’m sure doesn’t help. Have you tried Camomile Tea? I hope it gets better for you very soon.

  37. SueZK says

    I don’t fight it anymore. I just pick up a book (something light and fluffy so I don’t get brain stimulated :) ) Hope you both get some good rest tonight :)

  38. Siuziq1023 says

    I wonder the same question. I often wake around 4 and don’t need to be at work till 7 (a nine minute drive). I’ve set the keurig to start at 4 so I don’t have to wait a WHOLE five minutes ๐Ÿ˜‰ fix a cup and read blogs, Facebook and msn news. If I get through all that before 5 I have bunches of free books loaded and always have one ‘in progress’. Hubby joins me for coffee 5-ish. My work is hectic and I really enjoy that time of quiet and reading. I’ve stopped stressing about waking so early and compensated by retiring earlier – because I DO get the midnight crazy calls where I have to dash to work.

  39. says

    Well, I use to toss and turn and my eyes would tear. I went to my doctor and she suggested a few months of Melatonin. It actually worked! Now I sleep through the night, no problem.

  40. says

    It’s the worst thing when you can’t sleep. Lying in bed, for me makes it worse. I do something my dad always did to help him sleep, drink some warm milk – I put a smidge of ovaltine in for flavor. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Reading has always been something that has helped me. Watching tv sometimes works, but sometimes makes it worse. A warm drink, a good book (my Kindle is indispensible as I can read it in bed without disturbing Mr. T – and I can also play some games on it with far away friends.) I’m fortunate, I haven’t had a spell of insomnia in awhile, hope yours goes away. Worry does not help. Ann

  41. says

    I don’t have that problem normally..Thanks heaven..When I was going through the move, my brain wouldn’t turn off..Sometimes I turned the TV on..helped usually..I never got up..probably should have..I’m normally a good sleeper..hope it continues..Guess I’m not much help..

  42. says

    I go through periods of sleeplessness … sometimes I get up and watch tv and have a glass of wine … I know I know, shouldn’t have the wine but it is sooo good1

  43. says

    Nice to know we’re not alone. I read each of the comments with interest. I usually read something comforting but not stimulating. I keep a stack of Beverley Nichols books by my bed and rotate through them, over and over, his gardening adventures calming me. There’s always a couple of old D.E. Stevenson books there if I’m worried about something. I’ve learned not to read the Bible or pray at bedtime as it wakes me up, have to save that for daytime. I can’t go to bed hungry or if I’m too full. Can’t sleep unless the room is totally dark. And the list goes on and on. The worst times of insomnia for me are when I know my alarm is set early. Used to sleep fine once I fell asleep and felt so sorry for my husband because he also wakes up at 4 or 5 and can’t get back to sleep. Now that my sweet dachshund is 15 she has started waking me up to go outside. Then I often have trouble getting back to sleep.But that’s okay. I’ll take that as the price of keeping her as long as possible.

    Remember when we were young and could sleep anywhere, anytime?

  44. says

    Judging by the amount of comments there are a lot of us that don’t sleep well. I get migraines if I lack sleep, so that keeps me awake worrying that I am going to be tired, and worn out the next day….

    Sometimes I blog, remember the 3 am blog post, lol.


  45. says

    Hi Claudia!

    Oh my…. my BEST gift evahhh… an iPad. If I can’t sleep it’s just the ticket. Pinterest, Facebook, email or cribbage. I couldn’t live without it. I had a iTouch before this and my hubby felt sorry for me trying to do everything on it so along came this nice ‘lil pressie…

    Sorry you’re having trouble in the sleeping department. I hope that you are able to get a LOT of zzzzzz’s soon.


  46. says

    I definitely have this problem! And my husband is one of the things that wakes me up. Same old song: hubby wakes me up with his restless nights, then my mind starts going and that’s all she wrote.

    I’ve got two solutions that seem to work *most* of the time. 1. We have separate covers so that his restlessness doesn’t wake me up as much (two sets of twin covers on our King bed). 2. If my mind starts going, I do something to try and get it to quiet. I’ll use meditation techniques to redirect my thoughts (I can explain more if you want — basically remind yourself not to get in the car with the thought and drive down the highway — but just let the thoughts drift by without engaging). If that doesn’t work, I’ll think about something that makes me happy but isn’t too exciting — like, I’ll construct a mental image of a room (or garden space) I’m working on and move furniture (or plants) around in my mind — basically the decorators equivalent of working a crossword puzzle, but i don’t have to turn on the light! I almost never get up, because I find that it wakes me up even more. I also try not to look at the clock. Hope some of that helps!!!! And that you get some sleep soon!!!

    Meanwhile, I sent you an email about a little project I have going on for December, it might have gotten stuck in your spam folder. Let me know if you haven’t gotten it and I’ll resend! :-)


  47. says

    I usually sleep really well if I have cheerios or oatmeal a couple of hours before I go to bed. During the school week, if I am tossing and turning, I won’t get up because I keep hoping I’ll get some sort of sleep before I have to start the day. But if it is on the weekend, I may get up and crochet or read. All depends on how I’m feeling, what time it is and what’s going on the next day. Definitely better not to take a pill because most people begin to rely on them. Sleep should be a natural thing, but our bodies are always changing and sometimes insomnia is just a part of all the changes. I’m a light sleeper and my husband is a snorer so I never, ever get a full night’s sleep without interruption.

    Your trip to Manhattan sounds like it was just what you needed. A lovely day indeed. Have a fabulous Friday! Tammy

  48. says

    Hi Claudia,
    Call me a night owl. I used to lie in bed for hours trying to get to sleep. Lately, I have decided to just get up with the hope that I will, eventually, wear myself out. These days, I enjoy leaving late night comments and savoring all my friends beautiful blogs. My sleeplessness then turns into a respite….my laptop, a purring kitty in my lap and a hot cuppa tea hand.
    I’ve always preferred making lemonade out of lemons!
    Blessings, my friend,

  49. says

    I hate when the clocks tick by and morning is coming and I still can’t go back to sleep. *sigh* I think I have tried everything mentioned above and nothing works consistently. Wish I had the answer for then I would be really rich and not have to worry about getting enough sleep! :)

  50. says

    If I can’t get to sleep I throw all the covers off and let myself get cold. Then for some reason I go right to sleep after I cover up. The only reason I get up too early is because my old dog (12 year old) wakes me to go potty outside or eat. She can wake me anytime from 3 am to 6 am. Depending on the time I try to get back to bed. While the 3 dogs do their thing outside I will check in to facebook or mail. One of the dogs is a pup so I have to keep an eye on her to make sure she does her thing. To a good night sleep for us all.

  51. says

    Depending on how wakeful I am I tend to do one of three things: if I’m not very wakeful I stay in bed and turn on the television until I feel like I can drop off again; if I’m a bit more wakeful I putter around the cottage for awhile and then go back to bed and try to sleep; if I’m totally wakeful and my mind is whirring I get up, make a pot of tea, turn on the television downstairs and either read, knit or do some chore like putting away the clean dishes from supper. In only the first two cases do I attempt to go back to bed and try to sleep. Although if it’s later than 3:30 a.m. I just give up since I generally get up at 5 a.m. anyway.

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