Adventures in Flannel Pajamas

A weekend devoted to flannel pajamas. Yes, that’s what we’ve had here at the cottage. Yesterday a very rare thing happened. Don and I stayed in our pajamas all day long. It just happened. I got obsessed with deleting lots of old emails that were clogging up my in box, so I sat in my chair in the den for hours, reading each email and hitting ‘delete.’ Before I knew it, mid-afternoon had arrived and I looked at Don, who was also still in his pajamas (not flannel), and we made the decision to wear our pajamas all day long. Oh, rest assured, we took showers and brushed our teeth, but afterwards it was right back into our pajamas.

This morning? Another adventure.

I am not a morning person. When I come downstairs in the morning, I greet Scout while thinking the whole time that I must have some coffee and walk toward the kitchen door where I let her out into the ‘dog corral’ to do her thing. This morning, I let her out, watched her walk outside and then suddenly tear off in the direction of the back corral fence. Usually when she does this, there is something (rabbit, deer, squirrel) on the other side of the fence. I quickly realized, however, that this time that ‘something’ (a squirrel) was on the inside of the fence. And Scout was chasing after him, as Mr. Squirrel frantically and unsuccessfully tried to climb up the chicken wire to freedom. I was out there in a flash in my white socks and flannel pajamas screaming at Scout to stop. Of course, she was obsessed and not at all interested in listening to me and the squirrel was more and more panicked. Finally, I was able to wrestle Scout to the muddy ground and turn her back toward the house and, amazingly, she docilely went inside. I then put my muck shoes on over my wet and muddy socks and tried to help the squirrel escape. In the meantime, Don was shouting out the  bedroom window, “What’s wrong?!?”  Perhaps he was alerted by my shrill screams? After the squirrel made many frantic attempts to run up the side of the chicken wire, I managed to steer him toward a narrow opening between the fence and the house. He squeezed through the opening and stopped for a moment trying to catch his breath. I could see the panic in his eyes, poor thing. Wanting to make sure he exited all the way out of the corral to freedom, I walked toward him and he took off like a bat out of hell.

Lord knows what the neighbors thought. Thankfully, we don’t live right on top of our neighbors, so I’m hoping this little madcap adventure went unnoticed.

And, believe me, I am fully aware of the irony that my pjs have squirrels on them.

Mr. Squirrel was safe. Scout was muddy. My socks were ruined. All three of us were exhausted. And all I could think about was that I really needed that first cup of coffee.

Have you had any madcap adventures in your flannel pajamas? Or in your nightgown or non-flannel pajamas? Please share.

I’m still catching my breath.

Happy Sunday.


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  1. Janie F. says

    I just got home from church, turned the computer on and checked your blog. I watch squirrels frolic around our yard and in our oak trees daily. I even named one of them Terry Dean after my brother because he’s always getting himself into trouble just like my little brother did when we were kids. LOL. I have one pair of flannel p.j. bottoms that I paid $1.50 for at a thrift store and they are the most comfortable things I own. Loving this cool weather we are having right now. Will probably spent the afternoon in my p.j’s. watching Chritmas movies on t.v. Have a great day!

  2. says

    Oh what an adventure and all before coffee! It hasn’t gotten quite cool enough for flannel pj’s yet but I do slip into my flannel robe each morning as I head to the kitchen. Cat’s get wet food first (of course) and then I fix coffee and settle down to read email and blogs! Hope you and Scout had recovered from the squirrel adventure!
    hugs, Linda

    • Claudia says

      I do the same thing – Scout gets take care of, coffee is made and then I fire up my laptop1

  3. says

    Haven’t dug out my flannel pair (or the flannel sheets) yet, temps. still in the 70’s here! However, yesterday I was out early, still in my PJ’s and robe, with the camera of course……………..go to my post of today and see what lovelies were in my garden!
    Sounds like a wild morning for you…………..rescuing squirrels and wrestling with Ms. Scout – nice to know she’s up to chasing wildlife again.
    I’m off to rake a million MORE leaves right now……then make a pot of cream of cauliflower soup, and roast some Winter veggies.
    Happy Sunday dear Claudia.

    Mary X

  4. says

    Usually I am not a pyjama person. I need my clothes to feel as a real person. My moto is “carpe diem”, and that’s why I need my clothes. Nevertheless, as times has been so busy lately I’m dreaming of staying in my pyjamas (yes, I have new flannel pyjamas bought at Migros the other day) or/and in bed all day long. When the temperatures are mild (during summer) I got get milk at the neighbours in my pyjamas early in the morning. He doesn’t mind. 😉

  5. Donnamae says

    And all without your morning coffee!! Quite an adventure you had…no adventures for me in my flannels. Hope the rest of the day is a little more relaxing! More coffee, please? 😉

  6. Lori says

    Haha….what a great start to the day! Imagine all that before you’ve even had a sip of coffee!
    So happy to hear that Scout is up to chasing squirrels :) I’m sitting in my flannel “nightie and robe” sipping coffee from my favorite Christmas mug ..don ‘t know what I’d do without my morning coffee :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Claudia says

      I tried going without coffee when I was having gall bladder problems, and for quite a while after my surgery. But one day, I realized that I never felt fully awake and I simply missed the taste of my coffee! No more of that nonsense.

  7. says

    Oh, this made me laugh! Milo is obsessed with squirrels, too, and there our loads of them in our backyard with all the walnut trees. Poor Scout, I wonder what she’d do if she caught one. I’m sure your neighbors didn’t think anything of you (if they saw you this early). In the summer I water my flowers and turn on the sprinkler, take out the trash and grab the newspaper…all in my PJ’s!

    Hurray for spending the day in your flannels! We all need days like that! Hope you have a good one today!


    • Claudia says

      We have lots of trees, but there aren’t any in the corral. I think the chicken wire just isn’t heavy enough, and it tends to curl inward at the top, and the poor squirrel just couldn’t get all the way to the top without falling. No trees to run up, unfortunately.

  8. says

    OH, you created quite a picture with your wonderful writing, Claudia…right down to the irony of the squirrel pajamas (which are very cute, by the way…)! My pugs don’t give me too much excitement, but when we had bassets I had many adventures…they were hunters…

  9. says

    What a story, Claudia! I’m chuckling at the adventure you had outside in your PJs which I love, BTW. Those are just darling, and the story is great.

    I can’t think of a madcap adventure with my PJs, but one time, many years ago, I was unpacking from a move and got locked out of the house in Mr. Magpie’s boxer shorts. Yes, I had borrowed a pair because it was hot and all of my shorts were packed. LOL The girls (my min pins) were locked up inside, and Mr. Magpie had left for work. My phone was in the house! I hadn’t met but one of the new neighbors, and they were out of town. I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered that I had the dog door on the mud room, so I managed to get my arm through there and with a stick open the little night latch. LOL Can you imagine having to go to your new neighbors in your husband’s boxer shorts and an old t-shirt and introduce yourself to see if you could borrow the phone??? Thankfully, I didn’t have to do that, but man, did I learn to unpack my clothes first when moving! 😉

    • Claudia says

      What a great story, Sheila! Boxer shorts are handy to slip into but maybe not quite right for meeting new neighbors!

  10. says

    Many, Many..One of the reasons I like winter is because I can tuck my night gown in to my sweat pants, throw on a jacket and a scarf..Walk the dog, go to the grocery store, etc..Never having to really get dressed…No Bra..Yay

    • Claudia says

      I’m with you on the NO BRA thing, Missy. I absolutely hate having to wear one. But I do, when necessary.

  11. says

    Still in my flannel nighty 9with a big teddy bear on thefront – I get up and feed 3 cats before they allow me any coffee time . Then they want out – and yup, they chase squirrels, but with so many trees here in the woods they always escape. Glad your sweet dog is up to making trouble again, (smiling)

  12. Kathleen says

    Hello Claudia. What an exciting morning you had. So so funny(but not so funny at the time I’m sure) . I’m a silent reader but enjoy reading your blog every morning. Also Happy belated Birthday to you! Today though I just had to comment -not sure if this is wise but here I go. Yes, I have had a “mad cap” adventure in my flannel pj”s on Xmas Eve 2007. That holiday I was house sitting my son and his wife home while they were visiting her family who live out of the country. That morning I was getting ready to iron my clothes (iron clothes? yes I”m old school) and went to his garage to get his ironing board. The door shut behind me as I was trying to maneuver the board. Locked-all the doors and windows locked. No cell phone on me- why would I have my phone? Now Im locked out of the house with my red, blue, and pink snow flake pj’s on. I can’t even explain what I was feeling. They live in a small beach community one block from the little downtown. I had three choices – knock on neighbors door for help, walk downtown and find a phone in my pj’s, or go to the next door business and ask to use their phone. I chose the last option because the parking lot was next to the garage and I saw an employee and took all the courage I could and explained my situation to him and if I could please use his phone. His was kind enough to let me call my sister for help. My dear sister called a lock smith for me on Xmas Eve and drove 15 miles to wait with me while the lock smith arrived. She brought food, love, and laughter . That is my crazy adventure and have a wonderful rest of the day.

    Kathleen a faithful reader

    • Claudia says

      Oh, Kathleen, this story had me chuckling! It’s amazing what we will do when up against the wall – or against the locked door, as it were! I’m sure you never expected to talk to a business owner in your pajamas! I’m so glad you introduced yourself, by the way. Please come back and comment again!

  13. says

    Some funny stories in your comments.
    So funny that you had those jammies on when you were chasing the squirrel.
    Our yard insn’t fenced in so we let our dogs out on a lead that is hooked to our back porch. Hubby let Piper out early this morning. The lead broke. Piper was farther away than he had been but stood and looked back and came right in. We are so afraid he’d run off, so glad that he didn’t or there would have been two adults in jammies screaming in the neighborhood.
    My granddaughters and I saw an albino squirrel yesterday. He was just beautiful.
    I hate to tell you but I am in my jammies alot of the day.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    • Claudia says

      Thank goodness, Piper was okay! That makes your heart race, doesn’t it? I’ve never seen an albino squirrel – how lucky you are to have seen one, Debby.

  14. says

    I now pronounce thee- Claudia- Squirrel Saver Supreme! You must wash and frame a fragment of those pjs to commemorate the day. I needed a chortle this morning. I can’t remember the last time I had an all day pj day. Sounds wonderful to me- xo Diana

  15. says

    Definitely an adventure. My biggest adventure in my flannels today is resting up. A cup of tea will go nicely with them :)

  16. says

    Only being caught by a surprised FedEx deliverman in mine well after lunch. I loved reading about your and Scout’s adventure–and the squirrel’s! Way to get the blood circulating!

    • Claudia says

      I have also been discovered by FedEx and UPS delivery men while still wearing my pajamas, Dewena.

  17. says

    Love the story, love the jammies, so glad Scoutie is up to chasing squirrels, but glad she didn’t catch it! I often stay in my jammies all day!
    As for madcap adventures, I only recall one, and it was a long flannel nightgown. Years ago, I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT. We got a call in the middle of the night, on Christmas Eve, probably the coldest night we had that year. We kept our turnout gear at home back then. I jumped out of bed, stuffed my nightgown into my pants, finished getting my gear on, and went to fight a fully-involved house fire. Hours later, when we got back to the station, one of the guys mentioned that the tail of the nightgown was hanging out of my pants. One would think somebody could have mentioned it earlier, but we were rather busy. I was the only female on the department at the time, and the guys got a real kick out of that!!!

    • Claudia says

      First of all, yay for you, Sandra – a firefighter/EMT! I am so impressed! I love your story! Those guys probably had no idea how to approach you with that bit of information!

  18. rizzi says


    • Claudia says

      This story made me laugh out loud, Rizzi! Oh goodness, your nightgown over your head!
      I have a feeling more than one of us has had something like this happen!

  19. Annette Tracy says

    Claudia, these posts have been so enjoyable on a very lazy Sunday morrning. I totally envisioned you out there freeing the squirrel. We have a lot of squirrels and bunnies running around all the time here. My little Morkie loves to chase the squirrels, but of course never catches them. We have some very brazen ones that will take a bite of dog food, run to the table outside and hop up on the chair and stair at us thru the sliding door all the while munching on his dog food he stole! As for me, I’m not a stay in my pajamas type of girl, although I have gone out to feed the horse his breakfast in a nightgown once or twice!

  20. Ginae says

    Exactly what my kind of mornings are like! I only wish we could wear flannel pj’s here. We are still only in the
    60’s at night and high 70’s during the day. Love your squirrel pj’s!!

  21. says

    Thanks for the visual and the good chuckle! Can’t say that I’ve ever had any exciting adventures in my pajamas – except for going down to the end of my driveway to get the Sunday newspaper – all the while hoping my neighbors don’t see me. 😉

    • Claudia says

      I KNOW my neighbors have seen me. The probably think it’s just another wacky thing coming from that older woman!

  22. says

    Never had pj adventures (yet). The second I get up, I change for just that reason. You can bet a neighbor will drop by or the FedEx man needs a signature if you’re wearing jammies! Rhody, the Coonhound, chases anything that moves; afterall that is her job.

    • Claudia says

      I’ve greeted the FedEx guy, UPS guy, our Postwoman, the ‘Mouse’ guy, our oil guy, and my husband’s friends in my pajamas. Hey, they cover up as much of me as my jeans and a sweatshirt do!

  23. Deb says

    I laughed out loud when I just opened up and read your post for the day. You see, just 20 minutes earlier I had gotten out of my PJ’s (it’s now 4:35pm). I woke up with a headache & then I went painstakingly through and cleaned out a collection of junk & paper on my desk and throughout the kitchen area. Next thing I knew, it was after 4:00! Glad I’m not the only one!

    My PJ’s are lightweight cotton – there was a time when I could wear flannel PJ’s – but I’m at that time of life when I just get too hot at night – and flannel doesn’t help that cause one bit! :) I don’t have any madcap adventure to share – but when I’m wearing my PJ’s I do threaten my son that I’m going outside with them on. He always looks at me in horror! In fact, when he was looking for someone to shoot baskets with this afternoon, I told him I’d go out with him but I’d have to wear my PJ’s! Needless to say, he declined my offer.

    Good job in saving that squirrel! I love my squirrels out on the deck – they provide lots of entertainment for me! Glad Scout enjoys them too! :)

    • Claudia says

      It’s so funny, the reactions people have to seeing someone in their pajamas! I’m actually more covered up in them than with other things I might wear.

  24. Susie says

    Claudia, I love those crazy squirrel pajamas of yours. :):) We just have to think of ourselves as entertainers for the neighbors when things like that happen. Enjoy your home together time. Smiles, xo, Susie

  25. Nola says

    No flannels today; temps I the 80’s and I’m in my summer cotton gown. I have coffee, let Chili out, and sometimes water the gardens in my sleepwear, much to the dismay of my beloved. He thinks I shouldn’t venture out in my gown; I don’t understand his logic. I’m not being immodest, my gowns and pjs are not skimpy. I’m actually more covered in them than when I’m out in my shorts and tank top. Men, go figure!
    Your squirrelly pjs are adorable! Sure wish Don had been standing by with camera in hand!

  26. Siuziq1023 says

    My ‘pajama’ story. I live in a town in Oklahoma where my neighbors are about 15′ from the sides of my house. It’s too warm for flannels 99% of the time. I call Hubby ‘Mr. Paranoid’ because of all the locks, deadbolts, blackout drapes, etc. ok, you can guess the rest of the story. He went hunting one morning to be IN THE TREESTAND when the sun came up. I stepped onto the deck with my coffee to look at the moon. Yep, door locked behind me. I was sooooo grateful I had my robe on. Waited until 5 & tapped on the neighbors door to borrow her phone. Daughter #1 lives 3 towns away and had to come open the house for me. Since I can’t hid a key outside I just don’t close the door anymore when I go outside!

  27. says

    Hi, Claudia! Nothing like a little excitement to start your day! I’m glad you rescue wildeyed Mr. Squirrel. What a tale and what a hoot that your cute pjs were sporting squirrels. I guess it was meant to be! You are truly a hero!

    I had a harrowing experience back in 1973. I lived in Honolulu. We only had one car. I had to drive my husband to work early one morning. He was working in the Navy Shipyard in Pearl Harbor. Silly me…I thought, “what the hey…I’ll just slip my robe on and no one will be the wiser.” WRONG!! After I dropped him off I had to return the base pass to the gate sentry. I was so hot in my robe I decided to roll down the window. To my horror the pass blew out the window. I pulled over and began my pursuit, running alongside the road, for that elusive piece of paper. Each time I would bend over to grasp it….It would slip away in the breeze. Now, I didn’t mention that I was eight months pregnant, did I? I can only imagine how many crusty old shipworkers were laughing their heads off. I never looked up! Yes, I finally, caught up wih the pass and hurriedly climbed into my car. I was never so relieved when I returned that horrid piece of paper to the sentry.

    Oh…the joys of being human! Don’t you love it?!
    Have a great week and watch out for more squirrels.

    • Claudia says

      Oh lord, Carolynn! Now that is a story! I can picture it all! Thanks so much for taking a moment to share it. It made my day.

  28. says

    Yikes! That was quite the adventure for morning time! I am not a morning person either, but at the same time I don’t like waking up too late because then the day goes by way faster.

  29. says

    Just another regular Sunday morning at Claudia and Don’s!

    Scout got her excitement for the week, and the squirrel had a story to tell his friends at the local squirrel hangout.

    I used to have some great flannel jammies that Charles called my “cast iron pajamas”. Coincidentally, I am off to Salvation Army to find a nice pair of flannel pajamas to wear for the next few weeks. I have to have button up tops during my convalescence.

  30. says

    Oh, Claudia, I’ve been through similar madcap scenarios but usually I’m chasing neighborhood cats away from bird-feeders and the unsuspecting Mourning Doves! My neighbors are used to seeing me in my nightgown in the garden. It starts out innocently enough…. taking my morning cup of tea outside at dawn to circulate through the flower beds, but then something will catch my eye and before you know it I’ve been weeding for an hour. (And then have to bleach the bottoms of my nightgowns to get the soil out of the hems after being dragged through the flower beds….) But perhaps my best adventure was having an inexplicable desire for White Layer Cake one night, and throwing on my long raincoat, my clogs, and driving to a nearby diner where I bought a slice and brought it home…. all the while having nothing but my nightdress on underneath it all. Oh my…. what sugar will do to one’s modesty.

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