Oh Boy



Guess what I’m going to be doing today? All by my lonesome?

You guessed it. Several inches of snow arrived yesterday evening and overnight.

We have a long, uphill driveway. Heating oil is supposed to be delivered today. I am supposed to be driving to Hartford tomorrow. So I am currently sitting here, hurriedly writing a post, drinking enough coffee to wake up and tackle the snow.


The snow is much deeper than this photo indicates. This is the section I shoveled last night so Scout could find her way up the hill to the dog corral. There we were at 10:00 pm – me shoveling, Scout frolicking. She was having such a good time, she wouldn’t come in.

As Don said to me on the phone (I called him while I was waiting for her to decide to come in) she is pure joy.

Have to go, my friends. Have a great day.

Happy Thursday.


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  1. Patti says

    I am sure that is so heartwarming to see her having fun in the snow! My dogs are so tiny and short legged they have to have a place shoveled out for them just feet from the door. We got probably 6 inches at our house…..it was and still is beautiful! Like a winter wonderland…..literally! The grandkids are here….and a couple of snowman in my front yard. Be careful shoveling, Claudia! ~Hugs, Patti

    • Claudia says

      We did have some snow on Christmas, Jen. It didn’t linger very long. But this snow has more than made up for it.

  2. says

    The snow over here in CT should be no problem when you drive over. Shoveling snow has to be one of the worst things about winter. But dogs do love it. They are so invigorated and joyous.

    From a mountain top just west of Hartford, Lucia

  3. Donnamae says

    Snow is wonderful, unless you have to shovel!! But, it does make everything look so beautiful…even lawn chairs in December! Wishing you a safe trip tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. says

    Oh Boy is right! I heard your area was getting snow, but wow! Funny how dogs like snow but not rain…I love to see them frolicking in it. I’m not too happy about you shoveling all of that, you are going to be sore!

    Have a safe and good trip to Hartford, I hope the bad weather is over!


  5. says

    Beautiful snow! Be careful, don’t overdo. Your Christmas dinner sounded good; I’m proud of you for making your own and Scout’s Christmas special. Drive safe on the roads.

  6. says

    I can just imagine Scout’s joyful cavorting!! The whippets adore snow, but we so rarely get any. In fact it would be most welcome here just now as there would be no need to dig us out for a day or three. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could send your unwanted snow our way!

    Travel safe Claudia x

  7. says

    That’s what I did all by my lonesome today, too. The chickens don’t think much of the snow and are staying in the coop. Even the old cat won’t go out. Scout is a much better sport about the white stuff!

  8. says

    Hope you made yourself some hot chocolate when finished! I’ve lucked out in the shoveling dept so far this year– go knock wood for me. Where’s a snow blower when you need one, right??

  9. says

    Oh my Claudia

    hope that you took your time with plenty of breaks.

    Merry Christmas (a little late) and Happy New Year (a little early)!

    • Claudia says

      I know! I keep them out in the winter because I like to see them in the snow. A bit of architectural interest!

  10. Charlotte MacDiarmid says

    Claudia, please take time to rest while you’re shoveling snow.. It will get done but you need to think about Claudia.
    I know how it is when the snow plows pile the snow at the end of a driveway.. When it’s packed like ice it’s even harder to shovel.
    If you havent already taken Scout to board him, why don’t you take one of his favorite blankets, toy, etc. I would say take the afghan but don’t think you’d want to do that.. Give him anything that he will feel that you are close.. He’ll be fine.. Have a safe trip.
    Happy New Year,,
    Charlotte in Va.

    • Claudia says

      She’s doing okay, according to the Vet, Charlotte. I took lots of breaks, but I had to get it all done before it got dark or I wouldn’t have been able to leave yesterday.

  11. says

    Oh my! I hope you were able to get the shoveling finished with minimal back-ache, Claudia, and that your journey to Hartford was a safe one. We had a very big snowfall a few days after you, on New Year’s weekend.

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