I often get requests for a custom scarf order. One of these, from a reader in Texas, was for a scarf in the deep purple silk and bamboo yarn I’ve used in the past.  I had some on hand but, as it turns out, not enough, so the scarf I was crocheting ended up being half again as long as it should be. Off I went to the yarn store to buy some more of the luscious yarn in a new dye lot and that scarf was completed and sent off the other day.

What to do with the short version? An idea.


A head band. A unexpected surprise.


There. You can see it a bit better in this photo – taken by me with my iPhone, which always ends up being a somewhat surreal experience.

I think I might make some more. I wore it all day long and it took me right back to my childhood, where a stretchy cotton headband was worn daily. I’ll find a photo someday and show you. Or not.

On another note, I have been spoiled lately. I’ve received a couple of surprises in the mail. Remember Judy’s giveaway? In that post, I said I’d had my eye on one of Judy’s pillows for a long time. Look what arrived on my doorstep:


The pillow I’d had my eye on, that sweet green pillow with the piece of vintage embroidery, was sent to my by Gail, a longtime reader of the blog. Gail is a Veterinarian with a kind and loving heart.


Isn’t it lovely? I was delighted with Gail’s lovely surprise. Thank you, Gail. (I’ve sent you an email.) It looks so pretty here in the living room. And thank you, Judy, for your beautiful creation.

My friend Sheila told me to look for a box that was coming in the mail.


In it was this adorable sheep. Handmade out of wool. Oh my. You know I love sheep. I have a couple of Putz sheep in my studio (one of which is in this blog’s header) and this one is a perfect addition to my sheep ‘family.’


Isn’t it amazing? A name will be forthcoming. Thank you, Sheila!

The salt shaker snow globe came in the same box as the pillow. From ever generous Judy. She also included an adorable wooden angel made from a domino and a key.


You can see it hanging from my Miss Keyboard’s School sign – over there on the right. Thank you, Judy!

Such wonderful surprises.

Of course, if I had been a bit more patient and a lot wiser, I would have waited to open these until my solo Christmas morning. Oh well! I will gaze upon all these things which embody the goodness and generosity of my dear friends and be very thankful, indeed.

I will be back at 8:00 est for A Favorite Thing. See you then.

Happy Friday.




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  1. says

    A headband. Great idea! :-) And what wonderful surprises you received in the mail! That sheep is just too cute. I’m a great sheep lover too, as anyone who’s seen my blog can tell. Never tire of sheep. I’d love to have a little flock of sheep. Wouldn’t that keep my sweet Bridger occupied! (but probably traumatize the sheep, which is why I don’t do it). Have a wonderful day, Claudia.

  2. says

    Love the self portrait! What a great idea for the short scarf. Will you be making any scarfs in the moss green shade of bamboo yarn? I’m going to check out your Etsy shot to see what’s available. The bamboo yarn sounds and looks like it might be really soft and cozy. I love wearing scarves from fall to chilly spring days!

    I’m not surprised that your readers would send you such lovely gifts. You give so much of yourself on your blog. So you’re going solo this Christmas? Does Don have a job out of state? You have Scout to keep you company and you can snuglgle up with good old fashioned movies. I spend New Year’s Eve alone like that a few years ago. Didn’t feel like partying and I really enjoyed myself!

    • Claudia says

      Yes I will be making some in that green, Sandy. I have some skeins sitting right here and hope to list one soon. I love that color! The bamboo/silk yarn is unbelievably soft and smooth and silky. You’ll love it.

      Don has an acting job in San Diego. He leaves next week, so we will be apart for the holidays. First time ever. It will be tough, but we’ll do our best to handle it with some grace. I think I have to buy some old Christmas movies and crank up the DVD player that day!

  3. Judy says

    You certainly are a well Loved friend! You also bring a lot into our lives by the hard job of blogging EVERY Day even when your heart is broken. Love the headband! my hair is about yours length and I would wear it in a minute. It’s all about recycling and re purposing right? I sure enjoy your blog. Judy A

  4. GinaE says

    Such lovely friends sending such lovely gifts. You so deserve these wonderful surprises, Claudia.
    My Mom has a dresser scarf with the same basket design. Great idea on the headbands. I’m sure
    they are very soft and are so pretty.

  5. Donnamae says

    Headbands…what a great idea! Love that angel! Can’t see…what are her legs made of? It’s just amazing to me what some crafty people can make! (I’m only sort of crafty.) 😉

  6. Kris says

    Love the headband! You look adorable! I wear them alot now that my hair is shoulder length. Love the pillow too, and the little sheep!
    xo Kris

  7. says

    The mailman has been very good to you..Love the headband..I don’t have enough hair for one anymore..How about ear warmers??? I could use one to walk Mollie…

  8. says

    Love your headband. Cute picture of you!! Your pillow fits right in. Glad you are enjoying all of your “goodies”. You deserve them!!

    I mailed off the pillow to your Giveaway winner earlier in the week. Didn’t have an email to send her to let her know. She should have soon. (Course, nowadays the USPS won’t guarantee delivery dates, but I sent it Priority Mail.)

    Have a great weekend.


  9. says

    Claudia, what wonderful surprises! I couldn’t have waited until Christmas day to open them either. The sheep will be such a darling addition to your collection. Have a good weekend. Ann

  10. says

    How I love surprises. Well….I usually do! I think that is a fantastic looking headband. I used to wear those big wide headbands back in the 70’s, too. A picture of you in one would be fun to see- xo Diana

    • Claudia says

      I have one somewhere. But where is the question? Since I’m so disorganized lately, it could be ANYWHERE.

  11. says

    What a neat outcome, that you get a pretty headband out of the deal. I bet it keeps your ears warm, too! You have some very generous friends! I love all your gifts.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. says

    What wonderful gifts! I ordered something from Judy and she included a darling little Christmas hankie pillow…I love it and her! Oh the fun of packages in the mail. I think the headband is perfect on you!

    hugs, Linda

  13. Regena Fickes says

    I really like the headband. You should really sell them. I am a few years past 39, but wear them at home daily. I do not carry it off as well as you.Today I received the book I won on your give-away. Thank you so much. How Iovely to get packages in the mail.I would not have waited for Christmas either. Take care and have a merry Christmas.

  14. jeri says

    I really don’t like wearing hats, what with hat head and static, but my ears do get cold. I’ll bet you could sell lots of headbands, especially to match your scarves. I love ideas that just sort of happen.

  15. says

    What a wonderful idea for a headband, Claudia! You should start selling those in your shop as well.. I bet they would be snapped up in a hurry. They’d make pretty ear warmers if pulled down a bit on someone with short hair.

  16. says

    Claudia, I am having a difficult time trying to read your blog. For some reason, it’s all jumbled on the IPAD today. I’m not sure what is going on, but I have been having this issue with others, too.

    I am so delighted you like your sheep. And I would have come earlier had I seen this post! Not sure what is going on, but I hope this all gets straight when I get an actual computer. It’s been rough blogging of late.

    I love that picture of you and the headband. SO cute. I don’t know that my hair is long enough to pull back that way, but it sure is neat.

    Love all of your goodies from Judy, too. So cute!

    I’m going to try to read the other posts, but they are a jumble right now. Not sure why.

    Again, I’m delighted you liked your sheep.



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