The Check’s in the Mail

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I thought you’d get a kick out of this. I wrote “A miracle is a change in thought,” one of my favorite quotes, on the chalkboard quite a while ago.  One day I came home and saw my husband’s addition – which made me laugh out loud. I wanted to say, “You got that right, buddy!”

Which is why I shoveled for over 4 hours yesterday. I have a job that I have to get to today. I need the ‘check in the mail.’ I have never shoveled such heavy, wet snow. Just shoveling the stuff at the end of the driveway from the snowplows on our road took me over an hour and a half. I have to say that about a quarter of the way through it all, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it and I started crying. I was exhausted. I took a break, came in and called Don, drank some water and ate some protein and I went back out again. And again. And again.

Normally I’m not fazed by shoveling snow but this stuff was terrible. The snow had turned to rain during the night and by the time I got to it at 8:30 AM, it was impossible to move. Every part of my body is sore.

On top of all that, I am worried about boarding my Scoutie. I trust she will be okay, but I’m worried about her. I feel guilty. Please send positive thoughts her way, my friends. I want her to weather this easily and happily. I have to do it again later in January.

I’m glad Don is working and is in sunny San Diego, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m jealous. I miss him. I also miss his shoveling assistance.

Happy Friday.


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  1. says

    It always seem like when the spouse is away, a lot more work has to be done. Every time my kids have been really, really sick John has been gone. That is life. I bet you are sore today, take a hot bath with Epsom Salts in it. Scoutie will think she is at the spa, she will be ruling the roost in no time.
    Hugs to you sister, I know today is a tough day.

  2. says

    Haha! It’s like a man to add the money part.. Oh, and speaking of snow, we are having the same problem here. It seems my husband’s snow blowing was fruitless – as we got up this morning and the snow plow plowed everything back in front of our driveway. It is hard and icy. Not only can we not get out… but we run a business from our home and nobody can get in either. Yes, we have a dilemma this morning. And here is the real dilemma: Nobody in this area wants to work! So we can’t even pay someone to remove the stuff. Ugh! Good luck to you… I’m thinking… someplace tropical. How about you?

  3. says

    I always try to think of shoveling snow as great exercise – but when the snowplows shut the driveway back in, after you just cleared it – then you cry :-)
    Hope your job goes well and you are back home before you know it!

    • Claudia says

      That’s what the plow did, Vicki. I just finished the whole driveway and the plow made another pass! So frustrating.

  4. Corinne says

    Hi Claudia,
    I so enjoy your blog! I never comment but felt compelled to do so when you had to shovel that snow. My husband worked out of town for 3 years and last winter we had a terrible heavy, heavy wet snow and I felt the same way!!! You could not shovel and I was having a terrible time moving that slush! I did alot of crying and missing him! I will say a prayer that Scout does well while you are gone and send my condolences for the loss of your beloved Riley. I have 3 dogs (my babies) and they are all rescues. I wish you a happy and healthy 2013.

    • Claudia says

      Thank you, Corinne! I’m so glad you left a comment. Scout seems to be doing okay and I am very grateful. The tech even used the word, ‘mellow’ – go figure!
      I don’t know if I’ve ever cried while shoveling, but I have to tell you, I almost plopped right down on the driveway and cried my eyes out!

  5. Linda Spencer - Georgia says

    I feel for you with all that snow shoveling!! I will pray for Scout to have fun while you are gone.
    I love your blog and enjoy reading it so much!!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  6. says

    A few years ago, I was struggling with a shovel and two feet of huge, clunky, frozen snow chunks left at the end of our driveway by our friendly village plow while a man a couple doors down glided along with his snow blower– looking right at me! Thanks a lump, fella! I don’t think men realize how tough things like that are on us girls. Oh well. What’s a girl to do? Good luck this weekend!

    • Claudia says

      Same thing here – my neighbor was snow blowing his driveway while I was trying to hack through the crap at the end of the driveway. I wanted to throttle him.

  7. says

    Oh, Claudia, I am so sorry you had this to deal with, on top of everything else! A few years ago my husband taught out of town and was only home on weekends, and of course it was the year it snowed 92 STRAIGHT DAYS!! I set my alarm for 5 am every morning and cried every single morning while I shoveled by myself in the cold! Dang Midwest winters! Safe travels today and I will be sending positive thoughts to both you and Scout. xxoo Martha

    • Claudia says

      Oh, Martha! That must have been so frustrating! Last year we had a mild winter – but this year doesn’t look like it will be that way.

  8. says

    We used to have to hurry to get our long driveway shoveled so I could get out to work, and I remember how hard it was. It’s such a relief when it’s done, and then it snows again.
    Take good care, Claudia!!!

  9. says

    I am sure that the people you board Scout with treat her with love and kindness or you would not leave her with them. I hope all goes well with your job and the snow melts so you don’t have to do any more shoveling Claudia.

    I don’t know how long Don is gone but I do wish him a fast and safe homecoming.

    Have a lovely day,

    • Claudia says

      It is very cold here and will continue to be for the next several days…so unfortunately there will be no melting snow.

  10. Donnamae says

    I’m sure Scout will be well cared for…she will be fine. It is amazing what a snow plow can do to the end of your driveway…I speak from experience. You need a snow blower, Claudia, or help fom a neighbor with one. Travel safe my friend! 😉

    • Claudia says

      I have two neighbors who have snow blowers. One wasn’t home and the other was merrily blowing his snow while I was shoveling away. By myself. You’d think an offer of help would be forthcoming!

  11. GinaE says

    As someone that lives in a warm climate, I’m often jealous of the lovely blankets of snow I see in other people’s photos. But, I never think of how much work it creates for those of you that get a lot of it. We had one year, many years ago, where we got 13 inches and I remember having to shovel my little car out. It was very hard as you have said here! Your sister is right….hot bath with epson salts. I was a groomer for five years at a boarding kennel.
    I will tell you the pets were always fine and it was the owners that were upset. Scout will weather it with flying colors, it’s you I worry about. Hugs to you and Scout.

  12. says

    I am feeling a big OUCH!!! for you. I’m so glad you have it done. I was concerned about you. I hope Scout does okay. I know you will be worried about her. Drive safely.

  13. Dottie in Missouri says

    Scout will love his doggy spa retreat! All three of you are now having to lay your heads down in new beds! I know all of you will be so happy to be together as a family again! Take heart and charge forward toward that paycheck. Be safe and know you will be in so many hearts and prayers during your adventure.

  14. says

    Hey pretty lady,

    I’m so sorry you and Don are apart for the holidays, but thank God you’re together in life and spirit. I’m wishing you the best of everything for the new year, and may all your hopes and dreams come true. I think of you often, and wish I could be there for you. Please accept this virtual hug, and know that you’ve always got a friend in Arizona.


  15. says

    Be sure and take a favorite blankie for Scout so he can smell your fragrance.
    That will be comforting to him.
    Being alone on Christmas is difficult. You made it through and now it is done.
    Amazing what we can do when we have to! Shoveling snow….I don’t know
    how you did it. I too, would have cried!!

    • Claudia says

      I forgot to do that, Sharon. Next time I will.
      I’m beginning to dislike this winter – intensely.

  16. Annette Tracy says

    I’m sure Scout will be just fine. I agree, use epsom salts in a very hot bath, great for the sore muscles. I love that quote on the chalkboard. I had never seen it before, so it is going to be my motto for 2013. Enjoy your time away.

  17. Terri says

    I don’t know how deep your snow was, but I just shovel where the wheels go. I work on the rest of it over time. You’d still have to deal with the end of the driveway where the snowplows left their holiday cheer, though.

    • Claudia says

      We have a driveway that slopes downward to the street and it’s not paved – it’s filled with little stones. I don’t think working on it over time would have worked THIS time because everything froze later on in the day. Scout could barely get around the dog corral. She kept slipping and tripping – let’s face it this particular snow is a mess.

  18. mary jane brown says

    Hi Claudia!! Boy do I EVER understand your frustrations of being alone and the “work” that still has to be done. This is starting my 3rd winter without Jeff. I went out and tackled the driveway and got so frustrated and sore I just dropped the shovel and went inside and cried my eyes out. I have the weirdest looking driveway in the neighbor hood. I am learning that its ok to not accomplish all this work alone. I just go with it. A half shoveled driveway is not the end of my world. I have a snowblower, but could not get the dumb thing started!! Now THATS very aggravating!! A snowblower staring at me!!! I try to keep it all in perspective. Use some humor to move past the newest frustration.
    I bet you are REALLY sore. I really messed up my lower back about 10 years ago shoveling wet heavy snow. Thats why I just “threw in the shovel” so to speak. Its NOT worth it. I can walk in snow. As long as I can get the car in the garage…. thats all I care about. And I have discovered that if you just drive back and forth across the snow it makes it easier to move the car up and down the drive way! LOL!!! I”m SURE all the MEN in the neighborhood wonder what I am doing… but if they dont offer to help me…. I REFUSE to ask for their help. I would LOVE to walk up to them and ask them… ” so IF you die suddenly today… do you HOPE someone helps your widow with shoveling???” The first winter after Jeff died I had more offers for help then I knew what to do with. After the one year anniversary… it all stopped. I guess they think I am totally sufficient now!! I have decided to research the cost of having my driveway cleared. It will be money well spent to save myself from a back injury.
    I pray Scout is happy and content.
    Be careful in your travels and Happy New year to YOU!!!


    • Claudia says

      It’s tricky here, Mary Jane because we live up on a hill and we’re out in the country. I can’t walk anywhere. This is when I miss living in a more populated area! I am going to check into having someone plow our driveway. I don’t think I want to mess with it again! At least not while Don is away.

  19. says

    I hope your day went well and that you aren’t too sore from all that shoveling yesterday. That is NOT my favorite job-it is cold outside and you are sweating shoveling- How does THAT happen?
    I love the Miracle board- how cute s that? And, I am glad Don is working even though it takes him away from you- xo Diana

  20. says

    So sorry that you had to shovel all that snow by yourself. No neighbors to help out? Where will Scout be boarded? I’m sure she will do just fine. How long will you be gone? Sheesh, I’m asking too many questions today!

    • Claudia says

      My neighbor was snow blowing while I was shoveling. No offer of help.
      I’ll be driving back on Sunday and Scout is boarding at our Vets – lovely, caring staff.

  21. Julie Shaw says

    Shoveling snow makes me cry too Claudia. I’m lucky and one of my neighbours comes over with his snowblower. I’m sorry you had to cope with that on your own.
    I was shopping in Port Perry today with a couple of friends and we walked by the cutest little store with doll houses in the window. I thought of you and backtracked. So many cute things. It was hard to choose but I did find a couple of things I thought you’d like.

      • Julie says

        That’s awful. I have 3 neighbours with snowblowers and they get out and clean the driveways of the women on our block. They even do the sidewalks in front of our house. The house across the street just sold (it was lived in by hoarders and oh boy, the number of huge construction bins of stuff that came out of there) and two young guys bought it and are flipping it. The neighbours even cleaned out their driveway and sidewalk so when the guys come to work, they won’t have to waste their time. I know how lucky I am to live here but it’s good to be reminded every now and then. J

  22. says

    When Charlotte dog went to the kennel she considered it CAMP! She slept all day after she got home. There was so much excitement to keep track of at camp, it was exhausting!
    So sorry about the wet heavy snow. I’m from Buffalo originally, and know about that stuff! The snow in Toronto is what destroyed my back. Take care please!

  23. says

    Oh Claudia, I hope you had a safe journey and that you’re aching back is better by now. Shovelling is no fun alone. I hope Scout was alright, too.

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