A Touch of Green


A little touch of green helps so much in this landscape of white, brown and gray. Thank goodness for house plants! And color, yet another reason why I like color in my house. If my house was filled with whites and neutrals right now, I’d have to do something desperate. And we don’t want that, do we? As it is, this very cold weather has insured that none of the snow is melting in the near future.


Oh reliable, dependable pothos, I love you. I can neglect you and still you hang in there and when I come to my senses and water you, you are perky once again, almost as if you were never thirsty in the first place.

I’m loving my new camera. My favorite subject remains my little girl. As Don says, she’s the most photographed member of our family.


She’s never very pleased when I follow her around begging her to stay still and pose for me. This was taken in the kitchen and she was much more interested in the possibility of food.


I ask you, how could I not take pictures of this girl?

I am now realizing that yesterday’s post might have been confusing. I’m finishing the afghan in the normal way: adding a yarn border. The batting and the backing are for the quilt top that I finished a couple of years ago and that I am now making my winter project. Sorry for any confusion.

I’ll be back at 8:00 pm EST for A Favorite Thing. And now I’m off to take my coolant-guzzling car in to be checked.

Happy Friday.


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  1. Vanessa bower says

    Oh those sweet puppy eyes……. I bet you cave every time she uses them to get her way.

    Sounds like you have a leak to be using a lot of coolant. When I had this issue my Dad told me to buy a container of the stuff, keep it in the back seat and check the levels daily. ( I couldn’t be trusted to put it off any longer than that.) If the anit-freeze was low, just fill it up and start saving for the repair bill. Luckily, my Dad was a mechanic and I paid for parts.
    I sure miss his knowledge and wisdom.
    Stay safe and warm,

    • Claudia says

      It’s a leak or some complex thing with the engine and stuff I don’t understand. A leak would be relatively inexpensive, the engine problem will run over $1000. Yikes. Still haven’t heard what they’ve discovered.

  2. susie says

    Claudia, My new camera, just like yours, is totally making me nuts. Well it’s not so much the camera, as it is the downloading of the pictures to my computer. Although, I will admitt, the camera is challeging for an old fart like me. It seems you have really taken to yours. Good photos. I can’t wait to go to the park and get some pictures of anything but snow.:(:( xoxo,Susie

  3. Judy Clark says

    That precious face!! I’m so glad that you have someone to stay with her while you work on your next trip. Just think, when you come in the apartment after a long day’s work, she’ll be there to greet and snuggle with you.


    • Claudia says

      She didn’t want her picture taken. And it was dark in the kitchen so her pupils are huge!

  4. Donnamae says

    Scout does have a very sweet face…so easy to photograph. Pothos are so easy to take care of….they are so forgiving. 😉

  5. says

    I’d be photographing Scout too! I also like the second shot of the pothos with the soft background. It sounds like you have plenty of interesting projects on the go with your crocheting, quilting and photography to head off the list.

  6. says

    I am notorious for killing houseplants, I think I try to hard. Maybe a little neglect is in order.

    I have missed so many great shots of my pups by not having my camera ready. Keep yours handy. Scout is a born model!!


  7. mary jane brown says

    Oh what an adorable picture of your sweet Scout!!
    I love house plants too!! I have a ginormous one that is very forgiving!!! I try to fertilize it once a month but sometimes it slips by my and forgives me!!

    Stay warm Claudia!! It is very cold here in Indiana AGAIN!!
    I ask myself every winter “why am I a HOOSIER?” LOL!!


  8. Sheree Perelman says

    I wish I could have house plants. My cat would chew on them and they weren’t able to defend themselves, so the onlytyhing green in my house is my rug! Your dog reminds me so much of my Carrie. She is a rescue also.

  9. says

    Green is one of my favorite colors. Growing up in Michigan my mother’s houseplants brought that wonderful sense of spring coming in the winter with her effortless green miracles. She could grow anything from a just a tiny cutting. Me, I have green houseplants as well but they are all silk because unfortunately I have no talent for growing things. None. I gave up years ago at trying to keep a house plant alive. I have all the respect in the world for those that can. :)

    Love the pictures of Scout. How could you not take pictures of those soulful eyes? I’m going to look away now because she makes me want to run out and get a puppy. :)

  10. says

    Scout has the sweetest face. Our little bit of snow has melted and it is going up into the 50s next week, so no more snow for the time being. Hope your car is okay. I hate car problems.


    • Claudia says

      We have too much on the ground now – about 11 inches. It is supposed to get warmer this weekend, so a bit of it might melt, but much of it will remain.

  11. says

    I love houseplants too, and I agree that pothos is so easy to take care of…all I do is water once in awhile and it grows like crazy!

  12. says

    I love a pop of real greenery in a home- it makes me happy and “cozy”. Your sweet pet looks so sweet in those photos…she is such a good girl. Hope your car behaved herself for her check up!;>) Blessings- xo Diana

  13. says

    Ha ha talk about rescues. I went out to the Springhouse Market one weekend to get COLESLAW and came home with a DOG.

    ( well the Humane Society is next door to this deli / farm so it’s a dangerous trip ) That dog was Jugsy…

    Your Scout photos are lovely. I need to get a tripod, lol! I can’t take indoor pics worth crap….but I keep trying. “HOLD HER STEADY” and then come editing time it is Delete, Delete, Delete :)

    Scout DOES look as if she wonders what her modeling commission is going to be, though….

  14. says

    What’s not to love about that adorable face? And yes, I totally know what you mean about the pothos plant. I’ve always had one!

  15. Nola says

    I love a few pots of green inside during the winter. It’s like a promise of spring.
    You are really using that new camera and I love the shots of Scout.

  16. Melanie says

    Oh, those beautiful eyes! Full of such a beautiful, loving soul. Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures of “your little girl!”

  17. says

    House plants are indeed a welcome piece of life in the house in winter, Claudia. I tend to keep my cottage quite ‘brisk’ so I can only have very hardy plants or I have to make sure they’re in the sunniest window possible. It’s always lovely when spring finally arrives and I can move everyone back onto the verandah where it’s WARM! (I think both I and the plants breath a sigh of relief!) By the way, I think you should start posting “bubble thoughts” over Scout’s head! haha!

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