Cheerfully Creative Clutter

I seem to have taken over the den with all my paraphernalia . (My husband might say that I tend to do this will all the spaces in our home.) From my station in my blogging chair, this is what I see (no editing or staging, of course):


The coffee table: A basket full of stacks of books, papers, a Scrabble game. A catalog from a company selling miniatures. A catalog from Garnet Hill. The remote. 2 DVDs. (This week we’ve received preview copies of two movies, Silver Linings Playbook and Argo through the Screen Actors Guild and yesterday we received 3 more that are available for download on iTunes. I think I’m watching some movies this week!) My eyeglass case. My agenda. Quilting supplies: thread, air erasable fabric marking pens, a ruler, an old dog food measuring cup that I use to trace circles on my quilt.


The desk: the usual things plus two books, an obsession scarf due to be mailed out tomorrow, a quilting hoop and The Quilt. Handquilting a queen-size quilt is an awkward operation. I constantly have to move layers of fabric around in order to get the hoop readjusted and find a way to get my left hand under the quilt. It’s big. It’s bulky. I’ve quilted 3 rows of blocks so far. Yesterday, Scout and I took the day off. We were exhausted. I sat in the chair hand quilting. In the evening, I moved to the sofa. We watched old westerns all afternoon: Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Rifleman. And then I watched Ironman in the evening. I’d never seen if before. I like Robert Downey, Jr. He’s never boring.


And in this corner: yarn and lots of it. You see what I mean? All sorts of things. Add to that all the stuff on my chairside table and ottoman. I’ll spare you that.

As I looked at it yesterday, I liked seeing the cheerful clutter. Then I wondered what Don would think if he was also trying to exist in this space. The truth is that he would be just fine with it. He always says that he likes seeing creative clutter. He thinks it makes a home come alive.

I think he’s right.

I’m off to visit all the links from yesterday’s post.

And I’m linking this post to Elaine’s Sunny Simple Sundays.

Happy Sunday.


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  1. says

    I never mind my own clutter in the house, I just mind everyone else in my family making clutter.
    I love your clutter, because it reminds me of you and what you like to do!
    Miss you,

  2. says

    As I look around my place, it’s newspapers and books scattered about, an open folder full of recipes, some scrunched up cushions on favourite chairs. Lived in, but in need of just a bit of attention. Then, I’ll pull out the knitting. I say that each day, but I need to follow through on the plan. OK, one more thing. Through my window I see that Juno, the doberman, has just emerged from her house across the street wearing what I can only imagine is her human friend’s pullover shirt. It covers her front legs and most of her torso and her front legs. Such a fashion statement; here I am, still in sheep-covered flannel pajamas!

    • Claudia says

      I’m still in my flannel pjs, too, Karen! I have lots of books scattered about, too. Sounds like a cozy Sunday.

  3. says

    I can totally relate Claudia. I like that wire holder for the yarn. Is it an antique? I saw something in the Pottery Barn magazine for laundry, kind of like that.

    • Claudia says

      Yes, it’s a Vintage Wire Laundry Basket. I’d been wanting one for years and I finally found the real thing on Craigs List for a pretty good deal! Pottery Barn has a reproduction of this kind of basket.

  4. Tana says

    I like Robert Downey Jr. too! I will watch him in anything. I think he has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen. He could act without ever saying a word.

  5. shaeeon says

    It looks so cozy to me not cluttered at all!
    Rich in textures and colors.
    Glad you and Scout made it back HOME!
    Adventures are fun but boy it is nice to be back I bet!
    When does Don make it Home??
    Have a Blessed Day in your cozy cottage!

  6. says

    Oh your creative clutter makes me feel so much better. I have so much clutter. Better than it used to be but still more than I like. It seems to all end up in my kitchen…….paper stuff mostly.
    I thought that Don was only going to be gone for 3 weeks.
    Glad your trip went well. Your little girl was a good girl wasn’t she.
    You are keeping busy and that’s a good thing.

    • Claudia says

      Paper clutter is the one thing that drives me nuts but apparently not nuts enough to clean it up!
      Don is gone for the length of the play process – 3 weeks of rehearsal 1 week of tech and dress rehearsals, then previews and the run of the show. About 10 weeks all together. Doing a play takes a big chunk of time!

    • Claudia says

      Scout doesn’t care about clutter. Only if a pillow or something is in her way when she wants to lie down!

  7. Donnamae says

    Cheerful creative clutter…I like that! I watched Sherlock Holmes(second one), yesterday afternoon with Robert Downey Jr…he is wonderful, he’s just terrific in everything he does! I’m really jealous that you get free copies of movies…at least I assume they are free…green with envy! Enjoy your day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Claudia says

      This is the first year we’ve received free copies but, hey, Don’s been a member of SAG for over 30 years – it’s a nice surprise after all that time.

  8. says

    Lived in homes have clutter. I remember when my daughter and I saw Robert Downey Jr. behind a restaurant in Burbank (it was his drug days). He was undoubtedly the best looking man in person I have ever seen. Oh boy, my daughter is coming up next week to help me after my surgery. I bet she has some of those SAG movies we can watch :)

  9. Brenda Johnson says

    I think creative clutter is a sign of a happy person with purpose! Isn’t that how we’re suppose to live life? :-) Teasing with that pic of my new scarf….can’t wait to see it in person! Have a wonderful Sunday with Scout, Brenda

  10. says

    It’s always interesting to see where other people blog from. I learn a lot about people from their “clutter” because I think most people tend to keep the things near that they hold dear. I love your wire yard holder.

    • Claudia says

      It’s one of my favorite things – something I’ve wanted for a long time. The vintage ones were always too expensive. I’d completely forgotten about them when I saw an ad for a vintage wire laundry basket on Craigs List. $50! A steal considering the $100+ prices I’ve seen out there. I’m so glad I found it- and the seller’s name was Claudia, too.

  11. says

    You make me smile! I think creative clutter is a good thing…it shows you are creative (duh) and having it all around keeps you inspired and moving! Well, I don’t know about watching the westerns! I love that you had a peaceful day at home doing what you love. Please let us know how you like the first two movies…I have heard good things about them both.


    • Claudia says

      Suddenly, I love to watch old westerns. I find them comforting. There is the good guy and the bad guy. Simple. And the acting is so good in these old television shows. They actually allowed time for the story to evolve and didn’t rely on a lot of special effects. Lots of wonderful work by character actors as well.

      I watched Argo today and absolutely loved it. It’s riveting. Based on a trued story.

  12. Annette Tracy says

    Have you ever gone to someone’s house and in looking around you sense “something” is missing? You stand in awe and wonder, then you realize, a ha, they’re not a crafter! There’s no paint bottles, no yarn for knitting and crocheting, no sewing remnants strewn about, maybe not even piles of books! Then you think: How can they live like this? Right now I have water color projects everywhere (it’s my new passion) and of course yarn I just bought waiting for me to pick up the needles and start a cowl project! I look around at the clutter and it’s home, and the comfort that we know. I know you and Scout will be so happy when Don gets home.

    • Claudia says

      Absolutely! There aren’t any books or projects in progress. I used to say I could tell a lot about a person if I saw books in their home – or if I didn’t see books. Same goes for creative endeavors! Yay for you! I’ve never tried water colors and I’m in awe of anyone who paints!

  13. says

    Marvelous to be surrounded by so much color and texture, the comfy seat, the adoring Scout. All snug and secure and yours.

    Lucia in CT

    • Claudia says

      It is enormously comforting. It’s rainy and foggy out – I bet it’s the same in CT – and I decided there is no reason to go out. I’ll make do with what I can find here in terms of dinner. Tomorrow is soon enough! You’re right, the color and texture make me happy!

  14. says

    Your clutter almost looks organized compared to mine! I blame it on small space, but I guess more space would probably just promote more clutter. But, I like me stuff!

    • Claudia says

      Me too, Betty! I like my stuff around. We have a small space, but I strongly suspect that I would fill up a larger space, too.

  15. says

    Creative clutter is the best clutter! Though, um…I’m a perfectionist and a neat-nik, so clutter makes me “nervous” and crazy. I have to have a place for everything. Just don’t look in my basement, lol. I’m working on it!

    • Claudia says

      I’ve eased up in that quarter in the past few years. I like things to be in order but I’m looser about the whole thing than I used to be!

  16. says

    Creative clutter.. can be nice when it’s not threatening to bury you alive! :-) I am working on digging out my “office” – and can only do it for spurts as I get overwhelmed. I am gearing up for my next spurt. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. says

    I LOVE a peek into real life! At least your “clutter” is organized and you know where everything is…that’s not clutter that’s living! xo Diana

  18. says

    Thanks, Claudia, for sharing your nest. You’re surrounded by so many things you love…What a cozy setting, my friend.
    I so appreciate the time you invest in your blog party each week. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in your kind comments.

  19. Patti says

    Now that I am older and my kids are grown and gone I have become a big procrastinator and clutter can mound up fast around here. My husband tolerates it so long and then says something or just moves it. I figure it will be there tomorrow….I will do it then. We are just on 2 different time tables. As for Robert Downey Jr…ever since I watched him in “Chaplin” I have been a big fan. I like all his movies and am so happy he has escaped his demons. Such a nice looking guy too! ~Hugs, Patti

  20. says

    Your clutter doesn’t look like the dirty kind, it just looks comfy and lived in. Robert Downey Jr is best in his Sherlock Holmes movies if you haven’t seen them – anything but boring. Cheers!

    • Claudia says

      Oh, I know. I said he’s NEVER boring! I’ve seen both of the Sherlock Homes movies. I’m a big fan.

  21. Suzan says

    Dear Scout,
    Glad to see you made it back home from your adventure. Adventures are fun but there is no place like home!
    sorry that your dad is going to be gone for so long. When my dad leaves(never for that long) I know he is off making money to buy dog cookies.
    Best Regards
    Ladybug Cottage
    Claudia I love your creative clutter. We had lunch at my sister-in-laws house yesterday. she does not do clutter of any kind. Her house seems a little sad. Of course she would never dream of having a dog either, musch less five. Everyone is different.

  22. says

    My husband has what we call the “Command Center” by his chair. Every conceivable thing that he might need is there. When our teen aged grandson visited…he said, “That’s how I want my chair to look .” His very neat mother said, “Not while you are living under my roof.” I tease Joe a lot bout his “chair” but find myself asking him for the scissors, a piece of paper etc. It’s very handy.

  23. says

    I’ve had my share of creative clutter lately. I’m honing my sewing skills…so I’ve had the ironing board out…the kitchen table cleared of pretties and filled with fabric…and have been sewing away on my ELNA. I’m not great at sewing…but what I made this weekend turned out pretty good for a first time. I’ll be showing it later in the week. I had fun!
    That’s what the creativity is all about though, right? Having fun, while sitting around the house.
    enjoy, Pat

  24. Kris says

    My stuff is never clutter! It is just “my stuff” But my husband’s I call a crap pile.
    xo Kris

  25. says

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday, Claudia. I think it’s my favorite day of the week to work on projects but in a “lazy” way, if you know what I mean? Aren’t those old Westerns wonderful? Like you, I really like Rifelman — the lessons in each program are always so wonderful. And I like to watch Mayberry, RFD when it’s on. Simpler times, and perfect on a simple Sunday. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

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