Potpourri Thursday



It’s been busy out there on my front lawn. Lots of activity. And, no, those aren’t my tracks. One thing I love about the snow in the winter is that I can see the evidence of the animals that live with us here on the property. Mostly deer, I suspect, but also bunny rabbits and other mysterious critters. I have a feeling they might have been munching on my boxwood – that seems to be the direction in which those tracks are headed.

It is very cold here. Very cold. I need to hack at some of the ice on the driveway but I haven’t as of yet. My neighbor did a great job of snow blowing the driveway so I could get home on Sunday night. Thanks, Fred! What a relief it was to be able to drive up, park the car and make my way up to the house (relatively) easily.


Someone didn’t do well with boarding. I think that the techs at the animal hospital thought she was doing okay because she was relatively still and wasn’t barking much. But when I got her home on Monday morning, she was extremely agitated and nervous and it took several hours to calm her down. She wasn’t herself. And I noticed a large area of red skin on her elbow where she had been chewing – something she has started to do when she is anxious. I know my girl and she was very upset. I quickly came to the conclusion that, at the age of 14 and after years of never being boarded, she just can’t handle it. She lost her brother this year. She was very sick twice. Her dad is away. It’s too much for her. So I will take her with me next week. Gulp. We’ll be staying in an apartment building. She’ll have to do her business on walks in the park. I’ve arranged for an apprentice to sit with her during the time I have to be at Tech/Dress and 1st Preview – so that she has some company and doesn’t bark out of anxiety.

It will be an adventure.


Last night, I started weaving in all the ends of yarn in the afghan. I think I’ll crochet some sort of edging and then it will be finished. I’m awaiting a delivery of quilt batting and backing fabric. Once that arrives, I’ll baste the 3 layers together and my next project will officially be the hand quilting of our bed quilt. I need something to work on in the evenings with Don away.

As I wove in yarn ends last night, I watched Platinum Blonde on TCM. Have you ever seen that movie? It stars Jean Harlow, Loretta Young, and Robert Williams. Who is Robert Williams, you say? That’s what Don and I said the first time we watched this wonderful film directed by Frank Capra. This guy was one of the best film actors I’ve ever seen. Simply one of the best. I was stunned the first time I saw him. Naturally, I wondered why I had never heard of him. The tragedy is that this was his first starring role in a film and everyone involved with it knew he would become a star. He steals the film from everyone else on the screen. This was going to be his big break. The powers-that-be were grooming him for stardom. Three days after the film opened, at the age of 37, his appendix ruptured and he died of peritonitis.

Heartbreaking. And Jean Harlow would be dead 6 years later from renal failure. Such talent, both of them, and gone so young. I find this sort of loss haunting. Such untimely deaths with so much potential unrealized. If you can ever watch Platinum Blonde, do. Williams was brilliant. What a tragic loss. Thank goodness this brilliant performance is preserved on film. At least he has that. And we have that.


I’ve been playing around with my new tripod. That was the present from Don that I opened via Skype on Christmas morning.  This one is pretty fancy and I look forward to more tripod adventures. I used it to take that photo of Scout.

I haven’t taken down my Christmas decorations yet, mostly because I have to go out to the shed to get the boxes. Did I mention it was cold, icy and slippery? I may do it today.

We’ll see.

Happy Thursday.



  1. Lori says

    Scout looks so sad in your photo :( I’m glad she gets to go with you next time. Have a wonderful day!

  2. says

    Happy New Year, Claudia!

    I don’t know if it’s your fabulous new camera or your honed skills as a photographer, but the way I see it, Scout seems as if she is lazily lounging and indulging amid a white wonderland of newly fallen snow that has just softly covered trees, bricks and couches galore!

    Thanks for that little bio on Robert Williams. I had never heard of him, either. Will definitely look into this talent.

    Happy Thursday to you, too!

    Poppy xo

  3. says

    Poor Scout. Yes I can imagine it was hard on the poor dog. We stopped boarding our little dog as she was a wreck. We pay some friend on the kids to stay and care for the animals. Of course you are in the country and not as easy. Once I watched the neighbors dog and when I went to let him out for the day he had torn up the couch. The whole couch. He had never done anything like that. I had to call the folks and let them know what they would be coming home to. It is always an issue when you have pets and travel.

    • Claudia says

      It was just too much for her – I felt badly about the whole thing. At least we know now.

  4. jane in Tx says

    I am so glad Scout is going with you! Best thing for you both.
    So much snow!!!! Looks as though you need to stay in and drink lots of hot chocolate. Poor Scout having to go out in that. Could you put down something for her? Does she have something for her feet? They must get really, really cold.

    • Claudia says

      They do get cold, but she is over her initial fascination with the snow and she gets back in the house as soon as possible.

  5. says

    Poor Scout! I think boarding them when they are older is so hard on them and she has had a hard year anyway. I’m glad you are taking her with you next time. I’ve not seen that movie but will look for it. I love TCM!

    hugs, Linda

  6. says

    I haven’t seen that movie in years. I’ll have to watch for it. It is so sad when someone with so much talent goes so early. I thought about you this morning. I saw that Patti Page had died and I always thought of her singing Mocking Bird Hill. I’m glad you are taking Scout with you this time. I think she has just had too much stress.

    • Claudia says

      Oh, I lknow, so sad to hear she had died. She lived in Encinitas which is just north of San Diego. Loved Mocking Bird Hill.

  7. says

    My decorations are still up as well. I am finially getting in the mood to take them down. I don’t have to go out in the cold either.
    That is a great picture of Scout. I have had so many friends have terrible experiences lately with board ing their dogs. When I last uggested for you not to board him, it was because my friend found her dog in a terrible state…..and he died. Another firend’s dog ended up dying after being boarded. Don’t know why this is happening. Maybe we have them so spoiled that they just can’t handle it. Seriously and not in a bad way. We love on them all the time and they must really fear being eft behind. Glad you are taking him with you this time.
    Nice tripod,……sweet gift.

    • Claudia says

      That was why never boarded her before – because she was a rescue and we didn’t want her thinking we were leaving her behind. And she’s had too much to cope with this year, poor thing.

  8. says

    This is so sad about Scout. I think she was really rattled, but son’t blame yourself, what choice did you have? I hope it works out taking her with you next time.

    The movie sounds very good…you know your stuff!! I wasn’t able to catch one single Christmas movie this year. Just never the right time. I did get a good bit of reading before bed though and just started a new mystery series.

    Enjoy that tripod…what a neat gift! Tell us how you like it.


    • Claudia says

      What mystery series did you start, Jane? I’m always on the look out for a good mystery.

  9. Donnamae says

    Oh, poor Scout…glad you have made other arrangements for her. You know, that’s a LOT of footprints in your yard! You sure you didn’t have a football team in there? Afghan is so pretty…pure colors….anxious to see it done! 😉

  10. tracy says

    Poor little Scout…..it must be terribly hard to leave her. I wish dogs spoke English so we could explain why we have to leave sometimes. And that we Will return.

  11. Francine says

    Hi Claudia! Bless your kind neighbor for snowblowing your driveway – it sure makes light work out of a hard job. Sorry to hear Scout did not take to being boarded. We boarded our dog this summer and he was hoarse from barking and couldnt bark anymore when we picked him up! Dogs are such creatures of habit and don’t take to change well. They sure miss us when we are not there. Hope she does better traveling with you next time. I also have a camera just like yours – I am still learning how to use it, but it sure takes great pictures! Enjoy your new tripod. Have a good day!! Francine

    • Claudia says

      I’m still learning, too, Francine. I haven’t even cracked open the manual yet! Scout was hoarse, too.

  12. says

    Oh- Your poor baby- I am glad you got someone to “sit” while you are working. It breaks your heart, doesn’t it , to know that she was lonely and upset.
    It is cold and icy here too and I should be de-Chistmasing because all of my boxes are inside- I am just feeling lazy today-
    I think I saw that film years ago and I will have to watch it again and look for the star. What a shame- xo Diana

    • Claudia says

      It did break my heart, Diana, and I felt guilty that I’d done that to her. But I was hopeful she would be okay. At least we know now – no more boarding.

  13. Julie says

    Poor Scout. I’m glad her Mommy is home.

    I haven’t got your little package in the mail yet. It’s really cold here too and I’ve been pretty lazy so far this year but I have errands to run tomorrow. J

    • Claudia says

      I hate the cold, Julie! But I did brave it to run some errands today and I took the Christmas decorations down and stored them in the shed. Yikes, it was cold!

  14. rizzi says


    • Claudia says

      I’m so careful around here because of the ice, Rizzi. Don wants me to always carry my cell phone with me in case something happens. I keep forgetting to! Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  15. GinaE says

    I’m sorry Miss Scout didn’t do well boarding. Poor baby! How sweet of Don to get the tripod. Can I ask what kind it is and about how much it cost? It looks like a very good size. Great to have that neighbor that cleared your drive

    • Claudia says

      It’s made by Vanguard and it’s called the Espod. That’s all I know – since it was a gift, I don’t know what the price was.

  16. says

    Thanks goodness for great neighbors! Sorry to hear that Miss Scout didn’t do too well, but glad to hear of your solution.

    Happy New Year!


  17. says

    Mollie is almost 5..never been boarded..I know she wouldn’t handle it..I have some one come to the house..They seem to do better at home…Lucky to have someone who will come stay with her..

  18. Linden Townhouse says

    How kind of your neighbor to clear your driveway. We only boarded our dear Westie once (She is gone now. We loved her for 15 years.) When we took her the first time, she was so excited. She thought it was going to be so fun with all those other dogs. But she ended up being miserable. We knew it and never took her there again. It really breaks your heart. It looks like you have some great winter projects for those cold, winter evenings!

  19. says

    So you’re going to sew a backing and batting onto the afghan? That’s brilliant. I never thought of doing that with a crocheted blanket.

  20. says

    Welcome home and Happy New Year Claudia! Poor Scout. I’m glad you’re taking her with you next time. It’s very stressful for dogs to be boarded. Thank god we have our neighbors (our dogs second home) when we are away. You’re going to love having a tripod especially when you begin photographing the moon at night (I know you will). It’s very cold here in Michigan too. I love all the creatures that roam the back fields at my place but hope the coyote, that’s been hanging around for 3 days, goes away soon. People in my area have small dogs and everyone is being very cautious. I’ll have to see if I can find the movie because I love great acting. Tragic story about that young actor but as you said, his work is preserved on film.

  21. Shanna says

    Looks like the animals in your yard are playing Fox and Geese…remember that game from way back when?

  22. says

    My neighbor keeps trying to convince my mom to put boats on her dog but our dog hates them. Do you put a sweater on your dog when you walk her in the winter.

  23. says

    Hi Claudia,
    Just stopping by for a minute. I’m on my sons computer and am hurridly visiting some of my favorite blogs.
    I wish I had brought some crochet or needlework with me to while away the time as we wait for our little grandbaby to make his debut. Your afghan is beautiful and I am tempted to make a trip out to buy some yarn and a hook.
    Have a good weekend, my friend. I’ll be posting the good news, hopefully, soon.
    Carolynn xx

  24. says

    It’s so lovely to greet the new year with projects, Claudia. I have several started myself (socks, a hat, and a pillow cover) and along with my reading it will keep me happy and busy for awhile! Your afghan is so lovely and will make a cozy addition to your cottage. I’m looking forward to seeing your quilt when it’s finished.

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