Ripple-y Satisfaction

Afghan? Throw? Blanket? What the heck is the correct name? I don’t know, but it’s finished.



This is the closest I will ever get to a chevron. As you know, I’m not a fan of the chevron craze. But for a ripple blanket/throw/afghan, I will make an exception. I’ve done one other ripple throw and it lives upstairs on our bed. That particular ripple design has a gentler curve:



This one has a more angular ripple and it skips two stitches, creating the charming little opening in the design. I have to say I really like this sort of scrappy look. I had a basic color scheme in mind, inspired by the red and tan in our den, but I added purples and greens and grays and creams as well. Each time I came to the end of a row, I made a spontaneous choice as to the next color and went with it. I also used various yarn weights and textures which can result in a wonky edge, which is why I crocheted a border around the whole thing.


It’s about 4 feet by 6 feet. Perfect for Don and I when we sit together on the sofa. Perfect to nap under. And for me, solo – I used it the other night as I watched “The Rifleman.” I love Lucas and Mark McCain. Ripples are addictive; I may have to start another one. How many ripples can one have? And now I’m reminded of that dreadful Ripple wine we drank in college. I prefer this ripple.

By the way, I used inexpensive yarns from Michael’s and Joanne’s. A crochet project of this size is a huge yarn-eater. The more expensive yarns would be cost prohibitive for this gal.

Drum roll. The obligatory photo of Scout with the throw:


The whole thing has left her in a state of exhaustion.

Yesterday was a big day for the kitchen floor. Not only did I spread the afghan/throw/blanket out on it so that I could get a photo, I moved the table and chairs out of the room so that I could pin baste my quilt:


Lots of ironing, lots of cursing, lots of moving around on my knees (not so fun at my age). But, surprisingly, it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would.


I have a quilt frame out in the shed that I’ve used for basting purposes in the past. I took a moment to venture out there and briefly considered using it again for this. But it’s really long, it’s in the back of the shed and it’s icy out there, so I went with the floor method. This is the perfect thing to do when Don is away. Keeping Ms. Scout out of the kitchen, however, was another story. There were a few sneaky attempts to walk on the quilt.

And I crocheted another obsession scarf for a customer. Where the heck did I get all this energy? You’ll notice I didn’t use it for cleaning closets, organizing drawers, sorting through paperwork and…shredding.

Can you blame me?

Happy Sunday.


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  1. says

    For some reason, when it is crocheted, I call it an afghan. A blanket is store bought and a throw is a smaller version of an afghan or a blanket. :) Both of your afghans are gorgeous! Love the colors! And the quilt is very pretty, too ! You have been busy and productive in a very good way! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. says

    I’m loving your quilt! I’ve only made a few quilted projects in my lifetime, but this year I’d like to get a quilt started. If you noticed, I said “started”. It’s getting the projects finished that I find difficult.

    • Claudia says

      I started this one in 2009 – as you can see, the quilt top sat around for a LONG time. The afghan, too, was started a couple of years ago and I only just finished it.

  3. says

    Can’t wait to see how you quilt your beautiful piece. I so love to quilt but what to do with them all? My mom was a crocheter and always did the chevron pattern (when it was in the first time around) I love how you made yours more curved in the lighter colored blanket. Beautiful work!

    • Claudia says

      That is EXACTLY why I don’t quilt so much anymore, Dawn. What to do with them all? I’ve done bed quilts and wall hangings and gifts. This will probably be my last quilt for a long while.

  4. says

    The ripple is gorgeous, of course looking even better with Scoutie in front of it. I ;love the colors and randomness of it. It is perfect and you know I am always in awe of your quilts, it is like a painting with fabric.
    Love you sister,

    • Claudia says

      Are you going to start your ripple throw, Mer? Wouldn’t it be nice to be crocheting together, watching Pride and Prejudice?


  5. says

    Wow– both projects are great!! The photo of Scout with your afghan is fab– colors are “her.” Ripple afghans predate “chevrons” anyway! My grandmother made TONS of them in the 60s and 70s and even 80s, I think. As a matter-of-fact, I just washed one the other day!

  6. says

    Haha! My first thought when I saw the word Ripple was “oh no she didn’t” I remember those days ~ except I was in high school (I was rowdy back then).

    I love this version of a chevron design ~ it turned out great. You have good taste Claudia. (**

    • Claudia says

      Thank you, Susy. Did you indulge in Boone’s Farm Apple Wine, as well? Those are the two wines I remember from those days.

  7. says

    Your quilt is beautiful!! So many colors.
    Were the peices scraps? And the shape of each piece must have taken you forever to put together!
    Lovely job!! Know you’re glad to come to the end of it and be able to use it!

    • Claudia says

      Some were scraps, but I actually bought most of the fabrics with this quit in mind. Thanks for the compliments, Suzan!

  8. Patti says

    I am so impressed Claudia! I was just looking at a ripple afghan and wondering if I could do it…I have made several large granny afghans over the years but have not attempted this yet. This year I am stepping out of the box and trying to learn more techniques and become a better crocheter. I ve made lots of scarves and I am working on a half granny shawl. I am thinking about starting a hat. I had plans to do it over New Years but something else came up. You do sound extra ambitious and full of energy which I can only feel these days if I have some caffeinated coffee! Anyways, your ripple is beautiful and so is your quilt! ~Hugs, Patti

    • Claudia says

      You can do it, Patti! Ripples are pretty easy and the pattern becomes rhythmic after a while. I’ve never done a hat – a cowl, but not a hat!

  9. says

    Your ripple blanket looks fantastic! I love the brown and red. Where does your energy come from? Well, I always get very busy when my husband is away … Have a great week. Regula

    • Claudia says

      Well, I’m sort of house-bound and like you, I seem to work more efficiently and accomplish more when Don is away!

  10. says

    Oh girlfriend, everything is gorgeous! Just look at all that color in your quilt…… I’m working on a new “quilt” look duvet cover made of vintage feed sacks for my new bed. I’ll be posting about it in the next few months, as I’ve got quite a plate full of activities going on right now. I’m so glad you’re keeping busy.


  11. Brenda Johnson says

    So many beautiful projects! Isn’t is a wonderful feeling when you complete larger projects like the afghan? Your quilt top makes me happy just to look at all of the wonderful colors. It will be a stunner when you finish it. My husband used to travel quite a bit for work and I found I was more “productive” when he was away. I guess it was my way of coping with missing him! Don will be home before you know it and look at what he will return to. :-) Happy Stitches to you, Brenda

    • Claudia says

      Yes, it is a great feeling, Brenda. I started that afghan a long time ago and I’ve finally finished it. Same with the quilt, which was started in 2009. Time to finish it, as well! I am MUCH more productive when Don is away!

  12. says

    The cleaning can wait. Closets, drawers and paperwork will still be there… but the quilt needs your attention NOW! I can’t wait to see the completed project!

    • Claudia says

      It’s based on a Kaffe Fassett design, Debra, that I just fell in love with. I can’t wait to see it on our bed. It just might inspire me to paint all the mismatched furniture in there!

  13. GinaE says

    Great job on the ripple blanket and quilt! They are so pretty. Of course, you worked Scout in to an exhausted state! Always happens with my two dogs after they watch me work….it wears them out. Laughed out loud at
    “lots of ironing , lots of cursing….”.

  14. says

    It is a blessing you are so creative & can do these things – the ‘scut work’ can wait!!! Especially favor the ‘gentler ripple’, the named uses for such a wonderful creation, AND Scout ‘testing it out to see if it’s comfortable enough’ 😉

  15. says

    Here I sat just reading along and admiring all of your talent, and then you made me laugh aloud with your shredding reference. Love you, Claudia.♥

  16. Julie says

    Claudia – your afghan is gorgeous! Such a lot of work. I used to love to crochet but the arthritis in my hands stops me now. I’m so jealous. Good creative use of your day (much better than cleaning closets). J

    • Claudia says

      I think I have a touch of arthritis in my wrist (I broke it onstage in grad school) and sometimes, I just have to work with lots of breaks. Could you crochet a little at a time? Or is it still too painful?

  17. says

    Your blanket/throw/afghan…whatever you want to call it – is gorgeous! You are so talented. I’m sure that was much more fun and productive than shredding. 😮 We could have a shredding party…I have a TON of paperwork that needs to be weeded out, too. Come on over with your paperwork (you can bring Scout too – she can meet my cats, lol) and I’ll put on some tea. :-)

    • Claudia says

      Now, that is the perfect solution! If I could have some tea and conversation with a good friend while shredding, it just might get done! xo

  18. says

    Claudia I love the colors in this afghan and it looks so warm and cozy!! Your quilt is going to gorgeous when done. I get these spurts of energy and who wants to waste it on shredding?? Hugs, Linda

  19. says

    Made me laugh remebering the time my 2 Aunts got into a heated discussion about how to say Afghan.
    Afghan, Afagan…they kept going back and silly but brings a giggle to my heart.
    Love all the colors you used. My MIL makes them still at 88 and love the fact she too makes them extra large.

    • Claudia says

      What a funny conversation that must have been, Ann! Who won?

      I think I may have to make another one – after I finish the quilt, of course.

  20. tracy says

    Gorgeous, Beautiful quilt!! I love the color and print combinations. If I was considering doing the all white decorating, this would definitely turn me;-)

  21. says

    LOVE The afghan ! It looks so pretty and warm and cuddly -cozy.

    The colors in your quilt top are really gorgeous….so vibrant. I know that you posted a pic of it awhile ago but this one really brings the colors to life!

    I think you could have used less tape if you’d LET Scout lay on it though. She could have held a corner in place for you, ha ha

  22. says

    Love the afghan – but the quilt top is fantastic. Are you going to hand quilt it? Is this the one for the inheritance? Ha.

    You did do the afghan for Scout, didn’t you? She looks like she has already taken over ownership, When I get in the floor to cut out stuff, Bella thinks I’m playing with her and lays right in the middle of what I am working on. So, that’s when she and John go for a walk.


    • Claudia says

      Yes, I’m going to hand quilt it, Judy. Simple – though – a diagonal grid. Hmmm. It MIGHT be for the inheritance!
      Scout assumes I do everything for her!

  23. says

    Closets, shredding, all that boring stuff can wait. It will be there.
    When the creative bug hits…you have to succumb to the call.
    That is your most creative moment!!
    Love the blanket and the quilt. Thanks for sharing

  24. says

    First of all, I am REALLY glad you did not use all of your excess energy on cleaning out closets and drawers because I would be feeling very guilty right now. I am trying to improve my crochet skills this year. I once crocheted a ripple afghan and the ripples got off count somewhere and the whole thing looked like I had been tipsy while crocheting. It was a gift for my grandmother who happily used it anyway. I inherited it when she passed away and it still makes me cringe. Now about that quilt. Isn’t it a great feeling when you reach the point where you can pin and baste the layers together? Scout is such a good girl and looks so cozy in her pic. Have a great Sunday!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    • Claudia says

      Yes! Putting all the layers together helps me to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  25. Kelly says

    It is just lovely! And perfectly made with love. That is a nice gift that God has given you. I have tried to crochet a few times and stitch tension is too wishy washy. Enjoy!

  26. says

    Shred, schmed! Love what you accomplished! Gorgeous quilt top and I love the ripple afghan/throw. I think I’m going to do a ripple for Macy’s room. I’m on the same budget and am going to watch for a sale. After I pick colours the fun will begin. Have a cozy day! :)

  27. says

    Wow and Wow, Claudia! (Oh, and Bow Wow, Scout, for staying off the quilt! That’s one reason I won’t have cats in the house, because they WON’T stay off anything made of fibre, and I don’t need cat hairs all over my quilts.)
    In the quilt world, we like to say, “two hundred years from now, will anyone remember you didn’t shred or organize in January, 2013? But your quilt may well endure to show what you did.”
    – Gail Hunt

    • Claudia says

      Scout’s hair is much like a cats, Gail. You’re right – no one will remember that I didn’t shred!

  28. Bec says

    These are great colors and placement in the afghan. So different than the first one you did.
    And your quilt is very colorful, really lovely. I am getting ready to get back into miniatures with
    some vintage fabric. I dismantled a very old unworkable quilt top. I have another quilt top that
    is unworkable that I am willing to share. Both are very dark colors; brown, dk blue, some red and
    dk green, etc. Happy creative New Year to you and all.

  29. Paula says

    I had a dream last night that you came to Juneau to work with our professional theater company (Perseverance Theatre) and I baby sat Scout while you worked!

    Beautiful afghan, by the way!

  30. Suz says

    OH MY Claudia, I LOVE LOVE your quilt! I have a Christmas one I really need to lay out on the floor too..this just may be the insperation I needed to get up and off the puter and get ‘er done… Thanks for the push in the right direction. Love Suz

  31. says

    I love your throw. Perfect for these cold winter nights and I am so impressed with all of your energy. I am getting down on the floor now, while I can because I know it will be a very long time after I have my second knee replacement next week before I will be able to get back up again. at least I wont have to get down and look under the bed. :)

    • Claudia says

      I will be thinking of you as you go through knee replacement surgery, Laura. I know once you’ve recovered you will be racing around like a kid!

  32. says have brought back a lovely memory for me. My grandmother made me a quilt like that for my baby dolls. It was harvest gold and brown. She also made one for my cousin for his dog. Mine is packed away in my cedar trunk since we are traveling right now in the 5th wheel. Sweet memories! :) Thanks–Happy New Year!

    • Claudia says

      Thank you, Donna! I love those colors, too. As I said in an earlier comment – maybe it will inspire me to do something with our bedroom….which is a bit more than a bit mismatched at the moment. xoxo

  33. pam mikel says

    i love, love, love the afghans, most especially the pastels in the ripple one. any chance one would be in the shop or are they priceless? the quilt is just fabulous! i love the “squares” or whatever you call them. the color coordination beyond compare. stting here with my “obsession” scarf around my neck…with my favorite beige comfy pjs. we’re “airing bronchitis out of the house.”

    • Claudia says

      Oh Pam, much as I would like to, they take too long to crochet and use so much yarn that the price would have to be very, very high.

      Love to think of you with your obsession scarf on in pjs I hope everyone feels better real soon!

  34. says

    Oh- I LOVE your “blankie”…my word of choice. I thought I was the only person in all of blogland that is not crazy about the chevron pattern. It does nothing for me.
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love it because the pieces look like they were acquired over time and space. They remind me of the quilts my gramma used to make. I hope you had a wonderful, peaceful Sunday- Blessings- xo Diana

    • Claudia says

      No, I am with you on chevrons, Diana. I don’t get the fascination with them. And I’m sort of tired of seeing them on so many blogs. Have a great day, my friend.

  35. Francine says

    Claudia – I just love your ripple blanket – the colors are beautiful. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous – I can’t wait to see it finished. It will be beautiful on your bed and be the inspiration you need for a bedroom project!!! Have a wonderful rest of the day!!! Francine

  36. says

    Hello, Claudia

    The afghan looks fantastic, just the thing to curl up under for a nap! I love the quilt as well the way the sun streams in to highlight its colours. So pretty! I officially feel like a slug; time to move!


  37. says

    Wow, you are being very industrious.. and it’s so much better to create an heirloom than clean a closet. :-) I fried chicken in my new pan last night.. I learned that next time I need to turn the heat down lower.. but it turned out great. You should find an iron pan.. you’d love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    • Claudia says

      I used to have an iron pan and I don’t know what happened to it. I’ll have to get a new one.

  38. says

    In my neck of the woods, we would call it an afghan. And it is very beautiful!

    We are in the midst of restoring a vintage dollhouse. May I add your wonderful website, full of inspiration, to my blogroll …..

  39. Odette says

    My husband’s family called it a “counterpin” (that’s probably a mispronunciation and misspelling). This Mississippi girl had never heard of such. All of your handwork is beautiful!

  40. says

    Your pieces are just gorgeous, Claudia! I have felt crafty too lately and get so much enjoyment from it! Have you made dishcloths?

  41. says

    What a beautiful afghan, Clauda. I love the choice of colors. And despite what you say about being so random, when you spread it out that way it looks as though your pattern of yarn color was purposeful. I’m sure it must have a lovely weight to it for napping and getting cozy. Wishing you the best of luck as you move on to the quilt, next. It’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to see it finished and backed.


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