Scoutie Takes On Hartford


Oh my. A park. Full of smells and sights and other dogs and lots of people.

Sensory overload.

My girl has done very well so far. Scout is hyper on a normal day. Guess what she’s like here in Hartford? She’s not sure why we’re here or what she’s supposed to do but she’s handling it like a pro. This apartment building has elevators! She’s never been in one before. There’s lots of traffic and noise outside! There’s the park! There’s Nathalie, who came and stayed with her last night when I had to be at rehearsal! And Chelsea, who will sit with her tonight!


Lots of adjustments, of course. Food and water in a different place. Sleeping next to my bed instead of downstairs on the sofa back at the house.

She may be doing better than me. It’s really dry here in this apartment and I can’t get the windows open. I woke up in a miserable, congested state. And, though I didn’t think it was possible, this bed is harder than ours. So, on one hand, there’s Scout, overwhelmed but excited by this adventure, and then there’s me – blowing my nose, hobbling around with a sore back and hip, longing for my little cottage.


The sofa is covered with an old sheet as Scout sheds a lot of cat-like hair, a towel is handy for muddy feet (there’s a warming trend going on and snow is melting,) there’s lots of water available for a girl who pants a lot when she’s excited. And she’s excited.

Let’s she how she does when I have to leave her alone for an hour or so this afternoon. She’s pretty tired, so I’m hoping she sleeps. I left her in the room alone for a bit last night when I went downstairs to wait for Nathalie. When I came back she was planted right in the hallway facing the door, waiting for my return. And she wasn’t barking.

Cross your fingers.

Happy Thursday.




  1. says

    I was hoping you would check in Claudia, so good to hear all is well with you and Scout. Fingers and all appendages crossed for later today when Scout is on her own.

    Happy day to you!

    • Claudia says

      We just got back from our second walk of the morning and I’m hoping she’s just plain tired out!

  2. Deb says

    Scout put a smile on my face this morning. She does look so happy and excited! Hope she does well today!

  3. Rita says

    It is good to see Scoutie getting along so well. Oh how I relate to dry air and a sore back when in a strange home. I don’t want to bother you while you are busy but I have a question to ask that can be answered later. Do you have tips for if my daughter if she begins an Etsy shop? Is there a book you referred to or any help you could offer. Thank you so much! Rita

    • Claudia says

      Etsy itself has lots of tutorials and there is an Etsy blog with all sorts of advice. I also bought Etsy for Dummies (I think that’s the title) – one of those yellow and black covered guides for those who are unfamiliar with something technical. It was very helpful. xo

  4. Patricia says

    I’m so glad Scout is with you and happy. When you were decided on taking her on the last trip or boarding her, I held my peace and opinion (which was TAKE HER!) since everyone else was advising on boarding. So I’m glad she’s with you!
    Hope you can get a humidifier or something to help with the dry air!
    Thanks for letting us know how it’s going.

    • Claudia says

      Well, you never know. Since she’d just been in the hospital and since everyone there is so kind, I thought she might be safer. But now I know. This will probably never come up again anyway. Don and I both gone at the same time is a rare thing, indeed. Thank goodness, this job is in driving distance from my home so that I could bring her. My car might not be able to take a longer trip! At least until we figure out the coolant mystery.

  5. Suzan says

    Dear Scout,
    You are doing great. new places are an adjustment but the smells are great. Enjoy your day, I am at home keeping an eye on the doxies.
    Best regards
    Ladybug Cottage

    • Claudia says

      Dear Rusty,
      Thank you. Please keep an eye on those doxies. I’m keeping an eye on all the strange dogs in the park. Some of them bark at me. My mom told me that she was proud of me because I haven’t barked at any of them.
      I’m tired. Real tired.

  6. says

    She seems to do very well. Bravo. I’ve heard that it is unbearable for a dog to be left at an unknown place with unknown people. Taking her with you is far better than letting her at the kennel, I’m sure. :-)

  7. Patti says

    It’s nice she can keep you company and you can tell she likes to know where you are at all times! Sweet. ~Hugs, Patti

  8. Francine says

    Sounds like Scout is adjusting well to her new surroundings. Just that she can rely on you for walks, company, and kind words is a comfort to her, I’m sure!! Hope you have a better night tonight, Claudia. When you think about it, there’s no place like home!! Have a great rest of the day!!! Francine

  9. Donnamae says

    Fingers crossed! She does look happy….sorry about your back. But, in the scheme of things, I think it might be more important for Scout to be happy…course, I’m not the one hobbling around with a sore back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Claudia says

      You’re right, my back will recover but I need my girl to feel happy and safe. That’s the most important thing.

  10. says

    It sounds like you two are making memories:) What a trooper Scout is. My package came in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it! I blogged about it yesterday:)

    • Claudia says

      I left her alone for 3 hours. She might have barked while I was away, but she wasn’t barking as I came down the hall. That’s a good sign!

  11. says

    I’m so glad to hear Scout is adjusting so well. My dogs are terrible barkers, we’d definitely be thrown out on he street after a half hour!

    Hope some time away from the room eases your troubles.


  12. says

    She is doing great! When we take our Cairn Terrier to a hotel at the coast, when we leave him so we can go to the restaurant next door he howls when we leave.. naughty boy. Have fun at rehearsal! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. says

    So far-so good- at least for her! I hope she does okay today while you are gone…and I am glad she wasn’t barking when you went out before- xo Diana

  14. says

    YEAH Scoutie! I have a doxie, so I had visions of a little puppy “fit” but it sounds like she was an angel! (she could teach my guy a thing or two!) so glad she is with you!
    Hope your back and hip feel better-glad the hot shower helped…advil and a hot bath or shower is always my cure for EVERYTHING!

  15. tracy says

    Good Girl Scout! wait…so she’s a girl-scout ~ earning her city badge ๐Ÿ˜‰ Though I’m guessing originally she was the To Kill A Mocking Bird Scout:) Have fun!

  16. says

    So glad Scout is doing well. Been thinking about you two all day. Know you will both be glad to get back home. When does Don come home?


  17. says

    Glad to hear she’s handling her adventure so well! It isn’t easy traveling with your animals, or having to leave them behind. My brother is getting married out of state this summer and I’ve been a total basket case just thinking about having to leave my 3 dogs and elderly cat behind for a few days.

  18. says

    As they say, old dogs can learn new tricks. Good for Scout and good for you too Claudia. I’ve just been catching up with blogland and caught your post title. We have always travelled with our pets, and I find it’s always nice to have a touch of home and some friendly faces waiting in the hotel or rental. I hope your adventure continues nicely and that you two girls have a grand time. Ann

  19. says

    Glad to hear that Scout is doing good. Too bad you have a hard bed and dry air in the place. Hope you don’t lose too much sleep and have an aching back during the whole trip. At least one of you is doing well. Here’s to a better day ahead.

  20. says

    What a good girl! So glad she did so well and I hope it continued and she was fine with the adventure. (I know what you mean about windows and dry air. It’s terrible to wake up congested that way. And ‘new’ beds always give me a back ache. I hope yours isn’t too terrible.)

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