The Day the Shredder Died


Yes, Scout is as shocked as you no doubt are.

It’s the shredder.

The sun came out for a portion of the day yesterday and the temperature soared to 50 degrees. After mailing a package and buying some groceries, I was ready to tackle the enormous job of shredding. (There are receipts in here from 2009. Need I say more?) I plugged it in, turned on the television and merrily shredded away.

Until the shredder died.

It doesn’t work anymore. This particular shredder has been around for many years and it finally gave up the ghost. Let me tell you, the sound of a shredder’s death rattle isn’t pretty. I think I got about ¾ of the way through my pile. And that was just the stuff in the basket. There’s a lot more to be dealt with around here.

Looks like I have to buy another shredder. Isn’t it enough that I hate shredding? Do I have to fork out money for another one?

Nevertheless, I did some shredding after months of avoiding it. So I’m going to give myself a pat or two on the back.


It was so nice yesterday that I had the front door open for a while. It made me happy. Most of the snow melted, Scout was able to move around the corral without contending with slippery ice. All was well. But of course winter has a bizarre sense of humor and we are due for 1 to 3 inches of a ‘wintry mix’ tomorrow. A wintry mix means snow mixed with rain. Which means it will be heavy. Which means I will be pissed off.

I received a little package in the mail from my friend Julie, who lives in Canada. She and a friend were out and about and they encountered a dollhouse/miniature shop. That was a lucky thing for me because she sent me these:


This adorable sewing machine that is not unlike my featherweight.


And this sweet piece of knitting. Be still my heart. Thank you so much, Julie. This reminds me that the craft room/office is the only room in the dollhouse that has not been started. Time to get going on it!

And finally, a new scarf is in the Etsy shop:


Oh so hard to photograph, but this color of silk/bamboo yarn is the most gorgeous peacock blue. It’s a true jewel tone and I’m crazy about it! The silk/bamboo combination is incredibly soft and silky to the touch. Update: Sold.

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. Sylvia says

    The new scarf is beautiful. I wanted to buy it, but it says the shipping is $28.50!! I know it’s a mistake, but I didn’t want to try to tell Paypal that.

  2. says

    Kudos on the shredding! Shredding is a dreaded job here too.
    the little sewing machine and knit patch are adorable…what a sweet friend you have.
    The scarf is lovely.

    have a great day! Pat

  3. says

    Ha ~ you say it soared to 50 degrees, and we’re complaining because it dipped to 50! You have the door open and we have the heater running and are bundled up to our noses. Perspective (**

    P.S. love the miniatures, and that someone so thoughtful bought them for you.

    • Claudia says

      They are really lovely. The thoughtfulness of my fellow bloggers continues to amaze me! Don said it’s been cold out there – he had to borrow a robe and a pea coat from the costume department. But if he was here, he’d think it was balmy! xoxo

  4. says

    I hate the sound of a shredder, dying or living. We still can burn here on damp days so I save it up for the men to get rid of in the burn barrel, a task they seem to love. Your blue scarf is so lovely and I know will feel luxurious around the neck of the person who bought it!

    • Claudia says

      We don’t have a burn barrel, darn it! So the shredder is the only way to go! Thanks for the scarf compliment, Dewena.

  5. says

    Yay for you for getting a bunch of shredding done. The shredder might not be dead though. It might just have overheated and turned itself off. Like mine does. Which is why I hate shredding so much. I can only do a little bit before it stops working. And then I have to come back in half an hour and do more. I just want to get it done and be outta there!
    Such cute little miniatures. You have very sweet friends.

    • Claudia says

      Unfortunately, it made a horrible grinding noise that gave me the willies. I think it is definitely dead. Sob.

  6. Suzan says

    So sorry to here about your shredder, it’s a great loss I know. You know I have a doll house out in my husbands barn. I think I will bring that baby in and make it a retirement project. there is a story behind the house but it can wait for a blog post.
    Tell Scout hi from Rusty, rusty is at home trying to keep the doxies in line.
    Ladybug Cottage

  7. says

    We have killed a couple of shredders here! It just can’t take our huge bundles of stuff from 10 years….we are more current now and hope this shredder lasts awhile. Love the scarf and of course it’s sold!

  8. says

    Love the color of that scarf..The little sewing machine is adorable..When I want to shred something, I don’t..I out it in the bottom of the used kitty litter bag..:)

  9. says

    Sorry, I had to chuckle about the shredder dying. I am sure it was a little over worked from your bundle. Not funny that you have to buy a new one. Wait til it snows and build a tiny cirle of rocks or bricks and burn the rest outside.
    Beautiful new scraf. Should make you feel good that they sell so quickly.
    Love the minature sewing machine and knitting… cute. What fun to get in the mail.
    We went fromt he 60’s to the 20’s in one day. Not sure if snow is in the forecast. I would guess so. Bundle up or stay in.

  10. Julie says

    Claudia – I’m so glad you like the miniatures. This store was chock full of gorgeous stuff. I wanted to buy everything! They had the sweetest dishes and pots and pans. If I had a dollhouse, I’d go crazy. I tried to keep you in mind instead of buying things I wanted ;). That’s my Christmas shopping problem too. j

  11. says

    I think that shredder was sending you a subliminal message. 😉 Indeed, give yourself a pat on the back for getting some of it done! I can bet you that my paper piles (piled in boxes in the basement…oh wait, we also have a laundry basket of paperwork going) rival yours. Shredding party, anyone?

    I can feel your pain on the wintry mix. We had that a few days ago…ice/snow mix. It was just a dusting of snow, but the ice has been horrible to deal with. I had to salt the porch, sidewalk, and some of the driveway yesterday.

    • Claudia says

      I hate the ice more than anything! It’s so dangerous and I also don’t like seeing Scoutie try to navigate on it.

  12. says

    Just a thought. If I jam mine up pretty good and clear it out sometimes it still won’t work for hours and then! Viola!
    When I read the manual one of these times it told me it will do that ( think it is safety thing built in?) so maybe try again later? just a thought… OR RIP LE SHREDDER <3

  13. says

    Too bad sbout the shredder, it sounds like it was a painful death! But hurray for your great wehter! We have been in the low 20’s and no sign of snow anywhere. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    How sweet of your blogger friends to gift you with that darling sewing machine snd the little crochet project thingie!! I could become very infctuated with a dollhouse of my own. A craft room sounds so neat!!

    Thanks for stopping the other day, your comment was so nice!


    • Claudia says

      I guarantee you would get hooked on a dollhouse, Jane! I have to pull away from mine for long periods of time because it costs money!!

  14. says

    Hello Claudia, a question from across the pond 😉 Why do you shred everything? And once you have shredded your paper, what do you do with it? I really don’t have a clue.

    • Claudia says

      Identity theft is a huge thing here, Josje. We shred anything that might have account numbers, or social security numbers or any sort of vital information. Anything we would consider private. After the paper is shredded we can put it out with the trash or, in my case, take it to our recycling center.

  15. says

    I hate shredding, too and the new shredders don’t seem to last long. I had my windows open this past weekend, and now it is freezing. Winter is definitely a fickle mistress.

    • Claudia says

      I know. It’s cold again today. The sun has come out a bit, which is nice. But it’s a tease since tomorrow it’s doing to snow.

  16. says

    I highly recommend getting a shredder that can handle staples/more sheets when you buy one – it takes far less time to shred and makes your life so much easier. The miniature knitting needles and sewing machine are adorable!

    • Claudia says

      I’m cheap though. I’ll probably buy the one that has the best deal. The one I had (that died) could handle staples. But it’s very old in shredder years.

  17. Donnamae says

    My sympathies for the loss of your shredder…unfortunately it is a necessity these days. I wish we could burn…it would be so much easier and quieter! That scarf you listed WAS a beautiful color…no wonder it went so fast! It’s cold here,,,but luckily no wintry mix…we escaped this time! :)

    • Claudia says

      We can burn but only at certain times of the year and I never do it because we have so many trees everywhere. I’m too afraid of sparks.

  18. Annette Tracy says

    Can you or some friends recommend what type of shredder to get? I have heard the cross cut ones are good. I haven’t bought one yet and know I need to. Oh, and maybe a price range for good or bad, or stay way from this kind. The sewing machine is so cute, and the knitting is just adorable. Sorta makes my eyes cross to even look at those little needles, oh so sweet. I’m just glad I don’t have to use them that small!

    • Claudia says

      I’ve seen the cross cut shredders. I think they are more expensive. The one I had was made by Fellowes and the littler one I bought today is also by Fellowes. But that’s really all I know!

  19. says

    How nice of your friend to send you some miniatures! A craft room for your dollhouse sounds fun! I have a room where I could have some crafty things, up on the 3rd floor in the turret – there is a wicker table and chairs there. I do have a spinning wheel and knitting basket in the parlour by the fire. :-) Fun stuff! OH.. I just received my own little tiny box of Shiny Brite xmas ornaments of gold. Thanks for the link! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. says

    Claudia, I thought I had heard the sound of you shredding away. I’m so sorry your shredder died. But, your success must have felt good.

    • Claudia says

      If you heard the sound, then no doubt you heard the terrible sound it made as it was dying…..

  21. Francine says

    Claudia – I love Scout supervising the shreadding..!! Darn – just when you’re ready to do the dreaded task, the shredder goes.. I will be doing some shredding here shortly and keeping my fingers crossed it holds up… Love your sweet miniatures – what a lovely gift! Francine

    • Claudia says

      I know. I was trying to get a photo of it and she walked right into the frame. She knows what she’s doing!

  22. Terri says

    Shredders are a testy lot. Mine will collect shredded paper beside and above the rolls of shredding teeth. I have to get needle nose pliers and clear the paper out periodically. It starts doing this when I let its bin get too full.

    Shredders will also overheat an die–literally. Let it cool off a while then try again. The instructions on mine say it shouldn’t run over 15 minutes at a time.

  23. Lesley says

    Hi there,I know this is a bit cheeky, but I live in the Uk and try as I might I can’t find a scarf pattern anywhere near as lovely as the one you use. As I’m disabled (MS) I spend a lot of time confined to my day bed, and stitching, crochet and knitting keep me sane lol. I would love to make these scarves for family members. That way, I wouldn’t feel as though my ‘stay at home’ days are wasted. (I think my family is getting fed up with receiving my crazy quilt offerings. lol) and quite frankly I’m running out of ideas! Blessings Lesley UK

  24. says

    I hate shredding too, with a passion. I wonder why that is, one ought to feel productive but I just feel annoyed teehee.

    love love love your mini sewing machine and now will be on the hunt for one, so cute!

    Have you ever made a crocheted heart garland? I would love one for valentines day.

    Happy week to you and Scout! xo

  25. says

    Oh dear, I’m sorry about the shredder, Claudia. It’s terrible when you have to replace an item you don’t particularly enjoy using to begin with. I hope you can find a sturdy one that doesn’t cost that much. What lovely little items for your doll house. So adorable. And the color of that scarf is lovely. You do such beautiful work.

  26. Renée says

    I have given up on shredders…they jam, they are slow and inefficient, they are noisy, and they break much too easily. Several years ago I returned to my old method of disposal,,,,learned from my very practical mother….I burn it. When we’ve lived in houses with fireplaces, I have burned them in the fireplace; in houses without, I have used the w3ebber grill or now I use our chiminea. There is something very peaceful about sitting in front of the fire, feeding in sheet after sheet…so much more restful than grinding it! I have memories of my mother, sitting quietly in front of her fireplace (she didn’t sit still often) burning the bank statements – she always kept 7 years worth. And the added benefit, besides the peaceful and restful aspect? It’s free :-)

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