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A little of this and that today.

Thanks for all the wishes for Don. He’s really sick and has been running a temperature off an on for two days. Lots of chest congestion, a headache, chills, sore throat: classic flu symptoms.  Don doesn’t cope with sickness very well, especially when there is a fever involved, so he has been calling me a lot. It’s so hard to be sick when you’re far away from home. And though I would love to be able to take care of him, I sure don’t want to be in the germ zone. My friends who are in the show with him have been bringing him chicken soup, chicken pot pies (from the Chicken Pie Shop, a long thriving restaurant in San Diego) and medicines. Bless them. One of the MFA students who is in the show with him even brought him a thermometer last night because Don was sure his temperature was alarmingly high. It was 101° – not fun, but not alarming. Poor guy. So keep that positive healing energy directed his way and thank you.


This Swedish Ginger Snap tin has been around here for several years. I don’t remember who gave it to me but I can almost taste those ginger snaps! It’s been used for all sorts of things in the past. Right now it is my Quilting Tin. After several days of needle packs, thread, rulers, marking pens and other necessities being scattered throughout the den, I decided enough was enough. Now, everything is safely tucked inside the tin at the end of the day.

One necessity for me when I hand quilt is a needle grabber. There are times when pulling the needle through the 3 layers of fabric and batting is difficult, especially when the needle is in the corner of a square where there are even more layers. Needle grabbers are small circular pieces of rubber that you hold around the needle to get some traction and an assist in pulling the needle all the way through.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find mine. (The craft closet needs a good cleaning, along with some re-organization.) Then I had a little light bulb moment.


I use this non-skid material for my drawer and shelf liners. I was pretty sure I had some leftover liner somewhere in the kitchen. After searching through several drawers, I found it. (This is also the kind of material used for rug backing.) I clipped a little square and now I have a needle grabber. It works perfectly. I’m sure someone else out there has already thought of something like this but I’m sharing it with you in case you find yourself in the same situation.

I get all sorts of spam in my email every day. I bet you do, too. I am constantly amazed at the efforts nefarious types go through to try to get my personal information. By far the most prevalent are the emails that tell me I have inherited a million pounds or rubles or dollars, or that I have won the lottery in some foreign country.  Then there are the emails that purport to be from my bank or from Paypal or some other site saying that my account has been compromised and if I just click this link and supply some necessary information, all will be well.

But lately I have been getting emails with the heading “Married but Lonely.” They are for a site that encourages a little extramarital fling. Ummm……no thank you. Though I miss my husband at the moment, I am true blue. But you get points for audacity, I’ll give you that.


I left my chair this morning to get some more coffee. Scout remained in her tunnel position. When I returned, I saw the opportunity to get the perfect shot of her ‘heart’ marking. It’s a true heart shape. Perfect for her because she’s all heart.

Happy Tuesday.


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  1. says

    Thanks for the tip on the needle grabber. I had no idea such a thing existed, or that I had the makings for one right in my own house!

  2. says

    I love Scout’s marking. I believe any animal born with a marking like that is extra special.

    I hate the spam I get too, is there anything we can do to report these people?? I get the same ones as you do, plus twice daily different fake names selling watches!! Do they think people are really that dumb to fall for this?? xo

    • Claudia says

      I guess they do. But unfortunately, there are those that DO fall for it.

      I agree with you. Scout has always seemed extra-special to us. Don calls her a Magic Dog. And he’s right.

  3. says

    I think Scout’s furry heart is even ‘actual size’. Hope Don feels better soon. Great needle grabber idea! I do have a horror story about that backing stuff. We put it on the bottom shelf of our cherry china cabinet (which is actually the top of the buffet) and after a couple of years we discovered that it had stuck to the wood! Even here in Canada where a warm summer isn’t really that warm. We had to refinish the buffet top. I guess I should have known better but it wasn’t in direct sun or anything. Strange indeed.

    Stay warm today!

  4. says

    Get well wishes to Don– the flu can be so miserable!! Great “grabber” idea! And I get terribly offensive spam emails intended for men (won’t go beyond that); they started showing up after I registered at an online store! I’m asuming they gave out my email address– dusgusting!

  5. Donnamae says

    Love this and that. It’s perfect for a day of hibernating….it’s so unbelievably cold here! Poor Don! At least he’s not totally alone. I get obnoxious spam too…guess I have to stop signing up for things! Enjoy your day and stay warm! 😉

    • Claudia says

      It’s really windy – I have no idea what the wind chill is but it has to be in the teens out there.

  6. says

    Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. My son had the flu right through the holidays-missed everything!
    Stay warm, it’s a perfect day to stay in. Just ran to Adams and for once the parking lot wasn’t full. Guess everyone is at home!

  7. says

    Ah, so sorry to hear about Don’s flu. He has lots of company, unfortunately. That heart on Scout is perfect for a Valentine’s day post. For hand-quilting, I sew my own tight-fitting thimbles out of leather, with the suede side inside, and the seam outside, and that acts as a gripper when I need it.

  8. says

    neat idea for the needle grabber! I was putting some buttons on my pillows last week and I used needle nosed pliers to pull it through all that pillow batting!!
    Funny you mentioned the nefarious email types… just before coming here to read this…I deleted 2 telling me I had inherited some money from a long lost middle eastern relative. I’m fair skinned and reddish hair–very Irish looking…we have not roots from that part of the country. The other was something to do with living it up with another woman…! really?! Crazy.

    As to Scout…she sports a Valentine Coat all year! love the photo of her. Pat

    • Claudia says

      I get at least 10 of those inherit money emails a day. Endless. And they are all from foreign countries.

  9. Kris says

    Sorry to hear your husband has been so sick. I am just getting over that nasty bug!
    Love the pic of of pupper!!!

  10. says

    Poor Don, I am still trying to get rid of my hacking cough and flu….my ribs hurt so much that it’s hard to breathe….so nice of others to find comforts for him! I often wondered if chicken pot pit helps like the soup does…..might have to try both, lol.
    I was here a few days ago and yesterday, guess in my deliriousness I forgot to comment……sigh….
    I have a bedspread and blankets on my bed but I do keep a duvet on the end to use in case I am having a “flare up” and I need to rest……I think I have bought three or four covers trying to find one that fits right which is the reason I am not overly fond of them. I so so so love Scout’s heart!!!! I had to show the Dutchman so he could see it too!!!

    • Claudia says

      You’re so sweet, Mags. I hope you’re feeling better – this bug is a nasty one. I’m fascinated by everyone’s preferences as to blankets and duvets and sheets.

  11. Francine says

    Claudia – sending get well wishes for your husband. Hope today finds him feeling better. It is great that friends and fellow workers are checking in on him. That Chicken Pot Pie shop sounds yummy on a cold day like this!! That’s a great idea for a needle grabber and easy on the fingers too!!! Have a great day! Francine

    • Claudia says

      I haven’t spoken with him yet today – there’s a 3 hour time difference. But I hope he’s sleeping and recovering!

  12. says

    I really feel for Don. It’s horrible enough being sick, but being that sick away from home? Ugh.
    I hardly get any spam emails now that I’ve switched to gmail. Used to get a ton with AOL. And I still keep a yahoo account to sign up for certain things, and I get a lot of spam with that account, too.
    Love Scout’s heart marking – and her wispy fur paws. :-)

  13. says

    I have the perfect cat match for Scout…. :)

    I don’t know if your husband likes it, but Hot and Sour Soup from the nearby Chinese restaurant is a wonderful help…if not cure…for what ails him.

    • Claudia says

      Oh, that’s a great idea! He does love hot and sour soup. I’ll have to let him know about that.

  14. says

    Sending good healing thoughts to Don, nothing worse then being sick and not at home. Your clever idea should be on Pinterest…I never thought of that….now I will get myself a little piece since I am sewing a few things.

    Spam…sigh…of course anyway they can.

    Stay warm.


  15. says

    That is the most precious picture of Scout and her “heart”. Bella has a perfect black circle on her rear end. When we take her for a walk, someone is always commenting on her perfect circle! But, I love the heart.

    Hope Don gets to feeling better real soon. Bless his heart!


  16. says

    Oh dear.. poor hubby to be so ill and not have his wife there, but it sounds like his cast mates are a very caring bunch. Who is acting in his place? Sweet that Scout has a heart marking.. my cat has a black mark on her face, but it looks like someone threw a blob of tar at her.. lol. I put shots of my 2 furkids on my blog today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    • Claudia says

      They didn’t have an understudy on Sunday – can you believe that? So two shows had to be cancelled. He thinks he can go on tonight, still not absolutely sure yet, and the theater is getting a backup plan in place in case he can’t.

  17. Patti says

    Sorry Don is sick…that’s miserable to be away from home and feeling sick. Hope he feels better soon. I remember how sore my finger used to get pulling out the needles. I think I used my leather thimble to pull it out but I like your idea for the shelf liner! Sometimes the best ideas come in a pinch. ~Hugs, Patti

  18. says

    I am just getting around to playing catch up with everyone. I am so sorry that Don is sick…and sick away from home…but you are right- at least you are out of the gem zone. How wonderful that he has friends to take care of him there.
    What a great idea for a needle grabber…it works and I love the tin it is resting on. Ginger cookies are my all time favorites although I don’t eat them anymore-
    I LOVE the heat. How perfect-how very perfect- xo Diana

  19. says

    Poor Don… I feel so, so bad for him. Do you think he will just head home when he feels better or stay for the run of the play? Tell him it’s FRIGID back here. Not a welcome environment to return to, that’s for sure.

    I love the photo of Scout sleeping. She looks beautiful with that rug as a backdrop. Perfect coloring. And yes, a perfect heart for a perfect dog :)

    Stay warm, Claudia! And although our fireplace does work,we don’t have fires in it. We used to, but haven’t in years…


  20. says

    Scout is very special, I can see that, and here she is a Valentine’s baby too. I picture her as being very calm and soulful. It would be hard not to love on her. But then again, she also looks very dignified so maybe she doesn’t like to be gushed over. Just lightly stroke that heart shape for me and tell her I admire her.

    • Claudia says

      She can be calm and soulful. She can also be hyper and very puppy-like – she pounces, she spins, she’s very playful at times.

  21. says

    Beautiful Scout! Love her markings! Poor Don, hope he’s better soon. It sucks being sick but being sick when you’re away from the comforts of home is really hard. It’s so sweet that he calls. I’m sure your voice is comforting to him. Glad to hear that friends are taking good care of him. Love your gingerbread tin. Hmmmmm….suddenly I’m craving Ginger snaps, oh the power of suggestion!

    Happy quilting!

  22. says

    This is such a pretty tin, Claudia. I use my “KNIT YOUR BIT” tin from the Red Cross to hold my bibs and bobs for knitting. (Large needles, crochet hooks to pull through ‘tails’, knitting needle gauge, double pointed needles, etc.) By the way, the ‘tradition’ in our family is to place a small piece of american cheese on ginger snaps…. it may sound strange but it’s delicious! I hope your husband is on antibiotics since he’s running a fever.

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