Time for an Adventure


Ah, demanding Scout. Do you think she’s ready for our little adventure? I keep calling it an adventure because I’m hoping she will think this little trip to Hartford is a neat idea. One never knows, of course. She’s 14 and set in her ways. I’m 60 and set in mine. Sounds like a recipe for the butting of two heads. We often do that, my little girl and I. She digs her heels in and demands. I do my best to hold firm.  That look you see above? That’s her demanding look, her I-mean-business look. Oh, little girl, let’s try to remain positive and have some fun – it’s just for a few days.

This post will be short as I’m going to have to start getting everything packed up. I’ll leave you with this pretty sunset. I took the picture through the window on my kitchen door.


Happy Wednesday.



  1. Safe and comfy journey to you two gals…………..hope all goes well Claudia.
    I’m off today too – flying south this evening – Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Antarctica!
    Will be in touch when I return early Feb. Don’t give up on me – sorry won’t be able to do Favorite Thing for a while.
    Take care – hugs Mary

    P.S. You didn’t reply regarding me sending along The Paris Wife. If you want it let me know later and I’ll send when I return.

  2. Have fun!

  3. Good luck with the traveling companion~ :-)

  4. I think you two will have a great time together. PLEASE be SAFE! -Judy_

  5. Sending good thoughts that even an old dog likes new tricks…of a little trip with Mom!

  6. Beautiful photo! Enjoy your adventure and tell Scout it will be fine. Praying for you guys!

    hugs, Linda

  7. As long as she is with her Mom she will be okay, think of all the new smells there are for her to smell. On with the Adventure!

  8. Sending positive thoughts your way!


  9. You both will be fine, because you are together! ;)

  10. Hope it all goes well. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Have faith in her. <3

  11. Dear Scout,
    Go with an open mind, you may discover it is fun traveling with mom. I traveled all the way to Washington State with Mom and Dad and had a great time. Just go with the flow.
    Yours Rusty
    Ladybug Cottage

  12. OH, it will be an adventure of one kind or another lol…hope it’s a fun one!

  13. Have fun and safe travel!

  14. Scout will be okay as long as you are near I think! Be very careful driving and have a good “adventure”.


  15. Oh Claudia,

    i got a chuckle out of this story! I love your positive outlook and decision to look at your trip as an adventure. She’ll be much happier with you I’m sure. Have a safe trip and wonderful adventure.

    xxoo Sandy

  16. Scout looks like she’s saying, “You’re taking me where?” Safe travels.

  17. mary jane brown says:

    Oh how I know the LOOKS that our dogs can give. Molly HATES the eye drops I have to give to her everyday. As soon as I open the cabinet door I get the ” no way mom” look!! Scout is so darn cute!! I took Molly on a 3 day Christmas trip. What a hoot!!! She was soooo aggravated with me! So I got the LOOK for 3 days straight! She came home and slept for 3 days. What would we do without our girls? OR maybe I should refer to Molly as an impatient, stuck in her ways old lady!!

    Please be careful driving Claudia!! Please take lots of pictures of Scouts expressions!! They are priceless!!

    Mary Jane

  18. I hope that everything is going good for the two of you :)

  19. Hi Claudia, Hope by now you and Scout are all cozy and settled in and that Scout is calm and happy to be with you.

  20. Caseymini says:

    Scout, take care of Claudia! Claudia take care of Scout! Everything will be fine. Drive carefully!

  21. Sweet Claudia, I do hope that everything goes just as smooth as silk for both of you!!!! Just knowing she’s WITH you should be a wonderful thing ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  22. Have a safe and happy trip !!!

  23. I have been wondering. Glad that things are going well. It doesn’t surprise me that she was waiting like she was. If she barks during the day she won’t bother alot of people if they are gone for the day.
    I know someone that takes a blow up swim raft with her on trips. If the bed isn’t comfortable she uses this on top of the bed. Not the air matresses but the kind you float on in the pool. I thought that was a good idea.
    Time for your little family to all be back in the cottage.

  24. Claudia, my dog makes those eyes! I remember when my daughter was young and said “don’t you wish Callie could talk?” NOOOOO! hahaha She says enough with the eyes!

  25. I’ve been reading your posts in order, Claudia, trying to catch up since I was away, so I’m not sure how Scout’s “adventure” turned out but I hope it was a success. That photo is beautiful, by the way…. I love winter sunsets and the way they limn bare trees against the sky.

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