A Potpourri on Monday


The past week or so has brought the usual adventures and misadventures.

• One morning found me filling up the glass coffee carafe with water, then dropping it on the wood floor where it shattered in a zillion pieces. Not a good thing for a girl who needs her coffee in the morning. I figured out how to insert a bowl where the carafe should be and catch the coffee. (Where there’s a will there’s a way.) Once that bowl was full, I had to insert another. And another. Then I poured it all into a thermos. The sad thing was that I had to do this for two days as I was snowed in and couldn’t get to the store to buy a new coffeemaker. Must have coffee. Peets French Roast.


• Right before I was to leave to get Don at the bus station (after 2 months apart) I was trying to wipe Scout’s dirty paws, as she had just come in from outside. Scout does not like me wiping her paws and she is very impatient. By the time I’m working on the third or fourth paw, she manages to elude my grasp and I have to chase after her as she trails water or mud all over the kitchen. This time, I happened to be near one of the kitchen chairs and as she squirmed out of my grasp, my head went down, meeting the chair. Result? Stinging pain and a gash in my forehead. As you can imagine, I was not looking my best for the reunion.

New nickname for Scout: Bronco Scout. She bucks her way out of my grasp like we’re at a rodeo.


• Now that my husband’s back home, I’m being treated to far tastier dinners than I managed to put together in his absence. Don’s the cook in this house. I’m the baker. Cooking bores me. Thankfully, it doesn’t bore Don and he’s been whipping up all sorts of appetizing meals. Heaven.

He even made a special dinner to commemorate my Five Years of Blogging! How’s that for a good guy?


• I’ve also been treated to the sound of my husband’s voice and his new guitar.  For those of you who missed it, Don’s childhood friend Rob, who lives in San Diego, is a wonderful musician who has his own recording studio. The two of them just might have recorded a CD of Don’s music while Don was in town. Rob has lots of guitars and he lent this one to Don to use during his stay. It worked so well for Don’s voice and the kind of songs he writes that Rob gave it to him. Rob is one of the most generous guys I know.

Don is over the moon and loves this guitar. It’s a Martin. Named Maggie. (Have you noticed that we tend to name things around here?) Now we have two Martins in the cottage. The other one doesn’t have a name. Get going, Don!

• I have a couple of blogs to recommend to you.

First up: Heart Handmade UK. Claire, who I believe lives in Ireland, gathers the most gorgeous design posts from the web – most of them in beautiful pastel hues.  She manages to find blogs and sites that are absolutely beautiful. When I first discovered her, I was so enthralled that I went back through most of her archives. She’s on my blog roll now and I look forward to her daily posts. And she has a sense of humor. Always a good thing.

Next: This blog is written by my friend Lynn. When I first moved out east, I worked part-time for a Veterinarian. Lynn was also working part-time at the same animal hospital as she pursued a post-graduate degree. She is a great girl; funny, kind, compassionate and talented. Fast forward a few years: I no longer work there because the commute was too long when we moved to the cottage and Lynn no longer works there because she got married, moved to a farm in Virginia and had a little boy. We are friends on Facebook and I was thrilled when I discovered Lynn has a blog! It’s called Kid and Goat. Lynn’s personality shines through on her blog, with pictures of life on the farm and of her house and her darling little boy. And wait until you see her goat, Sarah. Sigh. Stop by and visit her.


• Don’t forget our Flannel Pajama Party next Monday! We’re going to share our pajamas, adventures in our pajamas, thoughts on pajamas…be there or be square.


And finally:

The winner of the Obsession Scarf Giveaway is Debbie Hibbert! Debbie, I sent you an email last night. Pick one of these colors for your scarf and I will merrily crochet one for you. Thanks to everyone who left such lovely and kind comments on that post. They warmed my heart.

Happy Monday.



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  1. says

    Wow you had some week!.. So sorry about the fall but I have to be honest and tell you I was LOL’ing when you were describing the incident with Scout because we have seven dogs and I can not tell you how many times I’ve had to chase one of them for something they didn’t want me to do and I ended up getting the worst end of it.. I even broke a toe once.. (long story)…So glad Don is home and you’re eating better.. My husband also loves to cook and he’s very good at it..They say some of the best chefs in the world are men and I tend to agree! Going to check out the blogs you highlighted.. Have a wonderful Monday! :)

  2. Donnamae says

    Wow! No coffee? Horrors! I sincerely mean that…! You are lucky you didn’t knock yourself out when Scout knocked you over! Kind of funny, tho…sorry. I’m sure Don was just happy to see you, and didn’t even notice. I am glad that your chef is back…and now he can serenade you, whilst dinner is simmering! 😉

  3. says

    Claudia you really did have a crazy week! Glad you are OK and with Don home to feed you, even better. Love that guitar and would love it if a CD was available!!! congrats to the scarf winner, I can tell her she will love it since I love mine sooooo much! Hope this week starts off better for you!
    hugs, Linda

  4. says

    Sorry about your head! OUCH! So glad Don is home to take care of you and cook. Must be nice to have a man who likes to cook. John is good at providing food while I am down but he goes out – doesn’t cook. That’s ok tho. Your adventure with Scout made me smile. Bella does the same thing. They have this thing about their feet being touched at all.

    Have a great day!!


    • Claudia says

      She’ll put up with the front 2 paws but when I start on the back paws….watch out! Have a wonderful day, Judy.

  5. says

    Ow, I hope your head is feeling better! That guitar is mighty fine 😉 My hubby hasn’t named his guitars, at least, not that I know of! Maybe he secretly coos to them when I’m not around :)

    I’m glad you are enjoying your family time again!

  6. says

    Ouch! Sorry about your head. And good save on that coffee! I started this week off swell…lost my keys and found them in the kitchen garbage. I love that Don was given that beautiful guitar. I hope he does have a CD made, that would be incredibly exciting. And I love a man that can cook. I would never cook myself meals if I were alone, that’s a happy break.

    Hope this week is better!


  7. says

    I couldn’t do without my morning coffee either! Good for you for improvising when you didn’t have the carafe. Do you have a Goodwill store nearby? They always have lone carafes for just a couple of dollars. How cool that Don can serenade you. :-) Yikes on the gash in your forehead! And I’m running over to the blogs you mentioned right now…hope you have a good evening.

  8. says

    Ha ha this is why I visit all of the time. I would have captured my coffee somehow too and I would have smacked my head against a chair as well, I am sure. The MUD here is horrible now that the snow’s melted and I have two dogs tracking it in and out.

    MY DOG once banged his head ( the bone above his eye ) into my lip one morning. AND I had a black and blue mark there that looked as if I had an abusive husband at home or something. How convenient that this all occurred when visitors from our corporate division were due in. I am sure they did not believe the dog story, lol….

  9. says

    What a great post (despite the snags along the way)!


    (And thank you for the birthday wishes for Harleigh! I passed it on to her and she sends her thanks; it never ceases to amaze her that through my blog, she has people out there in the world who know her!)

  10. Judy Ainsworth says

    Great Post Claudia, I just Love your Blog, and if you weren’t true to yourself, your Blog in all probability wouldn’t be the Blog we all LOVE so well? You have a great personality and understanding of the “Language.” Sometimes I feel like we are friends! You are the giver and I am the taker! ha ha. Please just keep up the wonderful work.Your still my first click EVERY morning. -Judy A-

  11. Nola, Chili's Mom says

    Maybe you can coax Don and Martin into posting a song on utube that we can enjoy! I love guitar solos.
    I love your solution to the broken carafe. I goofs have my java first thing in the morning. If my karate was broken, I think I’d hang my head down under the spout and catch the coffee in my mouth!

  12. says

    Gosh I dislike mornings like that, Claudia, where everything that can go wrong DOES. But it’s so nice that you are ‘three’ again at your cottage. That’s such a lovely guitar, and such a wonderful souvenir of his trip and their friendship. Thank you for posting those two blog sites… I look forward to visiting them.

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