And Now We Are Three Again


Don and Scout just after his arrival home. She had been sleeping and was groggy. It took her a while to realize that her dad was actually in the room with her.


Right after this moment in time, she gave him a big old kiss.

Then she started dancing around.

He’s home. More than 24 hours after he left San Diego, his bus pulled into our local station. Poor Don.

We still don’t have his suitcase. Oh yes, the saga continues. Since his connecting flight was canceled, he was assured his luggage would be on the next flight. 3 or 4 flights later – no luggage. Isn’t US Air merging with American Airlines? One can only hope that it will be for the better. Because, let me tell you, they’ve managed to screw up just about everything.

Now we go through the re-entry phase. The one where two married people who have been separated for 2 months and are used to their own particular routines have to adjust and move and get used to another human being sharing their space. Always happens. It takes a while.

Don was depressed by the gray, wintry and rainy day he came home to – quite a difference from San Diego. Here’s hoping for some sun to help brighten the gloomy landscape.

In the evening, the three of us nestled into our usual positions on the sofa and watched Skyfall. We love Daniel Craig as James Bond. The movie did not disappoint – great plot and beautifully filmed. And Javier Bardem – he’s such a good actor and such an interesting villain. He is amazing. As is one of my all-time favorite actresses, Judi Dench. I just found the second volume of her autobiography at our local library.

Since we have it for 48 hours via pay-per-view, we’re going to watch it again tonight. And Don is going to watch the movies I’ve already seen, the ones that were sent to us by the Screen Actors Guild, in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday.

Don got rave reviews for his performance as Doolittle in Pygmalion. He thinks it was one of the best things he’s ever done.  Everywhere he went, people who had seen him in the show came up to him to tell him how much they loved his performance. Even in the airport! I’m so proud of him.

I say this with all honesty. He is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. I first saw him onstage at the Globe when I had flown out to San Diego to interview for the teaching job I would eventually be hired for. He was performing in the play, Morning’s at Seven. I remember thinking what an interesting and wonderful actor he was. The next summer, after I’d been working there for the school year, he came to the Globe to play Malvolio in Twelfth Night. It was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. Brilliant, funny, touching. So I’d already seen him perform when I finally met him. I’m a sucker for talent. Then I found out he was not only talented, but funny and kind and compassionate and smart. I was a goner.


Okay. Change of subject. A while back, I promised some sort of Flannel Pajamas Party this year. I still want to do it. Do you? I was thinking March 4th, which is a Monday. It will be a one-time only party and each of you can link up with a post about your flannel pajamas. Or nightgown. Or even your favorite cotton pajamas if you live in a warmer climate. Tell us how much you love your PJs. Do you, like me, use any excuse you can to wear them? Have you ever thrown a coat over them to run an errand? Guilty as charged. Have you gardened in them? Guilty. Painted? Guilty. Had hot chocolate? Guilty. Do tell.

I vow to use a photo of me wearing my flannel pajamas. Will you?

What do you say? Let’s toast our flannel pajamas and the comfort and warmth they provide.

So put the date on your calendar. I’ll remind you of the party as we draw closer to March 4th.

Happy Wednesday.




  1. Sylvia says

    So happy that you three are reunited! I also loved reading your description of how you met him and his talent. Please keep us posted if he is in any shows in the NY area. (Fingers crossed!)

  2. says

    Dearest Claudia, So very glad Don is safely home and reunited with you and Scout! You were a real trooper while he was gone. I know what you mean about having to ‘readjust’–my husband taught school for two years in a different town and came home weekends. All week I was a ‘single mom’ with three teens in the house, and then he would come home on the weekends and want to assert his authority. By the time Sunday evening rolled around we were back in sync, only to have him leave on Monday morning at 4 am! It was a long two years. Have a wonderful week of catching up with each other! xxoo Martha

  3. Nola, Chili's Mom says

    Chili said to hurry over to MHC and check to see if Scout’s Dad came home. He wagged his tail happily when I showed him the photo of Don and Scout. The second photo is beautiful; it looks like she can’t quite believe her eyes. Unconditional love, ah, all is right with the world! Hugs to the three of you!

  4. says

    Glad he’s home safely…..hope the suitcase follows SOON! I hate lost luggage and always worry about that happening, especially on those expedition trips. What on earth would I do if everything was lost and the ship had to leave and I had no clothes – my worst nightmare when traveling!

    Enjoy your reunion……….and I enjoyed the story you shared. I would love to see Don in a play some day.

    Hugs – Mary

    • Claudia says

      Just found out the suitcase finally arrived! So he’s on his way to get the oil changed in our car (Yay – I don’t have to take the car!) and pick up his suitcase at the airport.

  5. Janie F. says

    So glad your family has been reunited at last. Hope you all enjoy getting used to each other again.

  6. rizzi says


  7. says

    I know you’re thrilled Don is home, Scout, too! That second picture is precious! I imagine it must be a transition having to share space again, especially the bathroom! lol!

    The party sounds like fun. I don’t have any flannels but I do share a special affinity with all of my PJ’s and have done some of the craziest things while in them!

    Sorry Don had all the travel woes, I hope he get’s his luggage. And most of all, treasure your time together.


  8. says

    So happy Don got home and I see by an earlier comment his luggage has arrived also. Love the photos of him and Scout! Oh I know that ‘dance’ of getting use to being home together again. I too love the story of how you admired Don’s acting before meeting him. You are a special couple. Wishing you a sunny day to relax and get comfy together. I’ve got some movies to watch before Sunday’s academy awards also!

  9. says

    Happy Don is home and all is well again, well except for the lost suitcase which I hope will soon reappear! Scout looks like she’s in heaven. Is her toe all healed now?
    Thank you for the story of how you met. It’s always interesting to me to hear “real life” love stories. They’re so much better than the ones in books or movies!

    • Claudia says

      Suitcase has appeared, Betsy. Thank goodness! Scout’s toe still bleeds occasionally – when she walks on icy snow for example. I’m now covering it with a sock every time she goes outside. Should be okay in a few days.

  10. says

    So glad he is home. What about his guitar. Love the picture of Scout looking at him in wonder…….like is it really you. Enjoy. It won’t take long to get used to him being home. The next snow he can shovel.

  11. says

    Welcome home, Don! I love the picture of Scout getting ready to give him a kiss. Geez, I hope his luggage shows up. That’s really a pain in the butt. Gotta love the airlines (said sarcastically). Alright, I’ll mark pajama day on my calendar. Mine aren’t flannel – and aren’t even technically pajamas. They consist of either yoga pants or pajama pants, and a t-shirt. I hope that counts!

    • Claudia says

      Luggage finally showed up, Melanie. He’s on his way to pick it up now.
      Yes, yoga pants and pajama pants count!

  12. says

    Welcome home!!! I absolutely ADORE that second photo and yes I said “Awwww” outloud LOL!..I also love how you speak of the man you love.. Your love for him can actually be felt through your words.. Simply beautiful… I can’t wait for the PJ party! :)

    • Claudia says

      Yippee! A PJ Party!
      As for Don, I didn’t meet him until I was in my forties and I am thankful for him every day. I’m a lucky girl!

  13. Francine L. says

    Claudia – I am so glad Don made it safely back home!! I can see the look in Scout’s eyes that she is happy to have him home too!! I see his luggage followed safely behind him and that is a good feeling!!! Enjoy your time together again!! Francine

  14. says

    I love this post. The look in her eyes says it all. Welcome home.
    I am still in my warm flannel PJs now….yes I walked the dogs, and even ran to the store while still in my PJs. (sad but true)
    I am looking forward to the pajama party.

  15. says

    Glad the three are back together again. Soon the adjustment dance will become a well coreographed waltz! Happy Days. Ann

  16. says

    Oh Claudia,

    I’m still laughing from reading the last part of your post about the pajama party. I’m guilty of all those things. Funny, hubby was downstairs watching Skyfall last night and I came down for the ending. Now I’ll have to watch it because hubby says it’s good! Sorry to hear about the flight and luggage fiasco. Has Don sung for any movies? I found a Utube video and thought it might be Don singing? I hope more acting jobs come Don’s way. It would be nice to get something a bit closer to home. I’m sure you two will settle into your routines in the next few days.

    • Claudia says

      He sang in a movie that he was in with Renee Zellwegger. He sings a Bob Dylan song “I believe in you.” And yes, it’s on YouTube.

  17. says

    Aww what a sweet photo of the two of them!! It is hard – you get sort of used to being on your own and then even though you’re happy, it takes a bit of adjusting. My husband will be leaving for Montreal next month for a few weeks.

  18. says

    How wonderful that your family is back together again, Claudia! (And I know what you mean about re-entry….) And what a terrible ordeal getting home! I hate journeys like that. It generally takes several days to get over it. I’m glad you’re resting and relaxing together. (I love Daniel Craig, too, and think he’s a marvelous Bond…. a lot of intelligence and not many gadgets. And who doesn’t adore Dame Judith. What a national treasure she is.) Sign me up for flannel nightgown party. I don’t have any photos but I have plenty of tales to share! Take care.

    • Claudia says

      You can take a photo of the pajamas themselves if you’d prefer not taking one of yourself wearing pjs.

  19. Regena Fickes says

    Welcome home, Don. The look on Scout’s face is priceless (in the 2nd pic). I know even the bad weather will seem better now that all are home and safe.

  20. says

    So happy to see that Don is home safe and sound. Hopefully the luggage will catch up. So nice for you to have your family together again.

  21. says

    So happy for you that you are all home again under the same roof! The picture of Don getting a kiss from Scout is priceless!

  22. says

    Glad he made it back safely!

    LOL No flannel here…Claudia my bed is up against the steam heat radiator next to the window. I have the window cracked a good inch or two unless we have a howling wind or temps below zero. Thin blanket and sheet. Meno made me a hotter person the last few years. Tee shirt over pj pants / that’s it and no I won’t post that ha ha !

  23. jane in tx says

    The photos of your loves warms my heart. Soooo glad Don arrived (finally) home safely. Enjoy!!!!!

  24. says

    Good Morning Claudia, I am so pleased to hear that you are a family again. I understand about the transition from living alone to then becoming a couple again. George travelled a lot due to his work and so I set up my own routine when he was away, sometimes three to four months at a time. Then when he returned home my routine changed and we had to adjust to living together again. It takes a little time doesn’t it, but not very long.
    Congratulations to Don for having such wonderful reviews….you both must feel so very proud.
    Judy Dench is a fabulous actress isn’t she. Have you every seen her interviewed? She seems so lovely, there is a mischievous, twinkle in her eye when interviewed.
    I hope Don get’s used to the grey days. We are the opposite, as it is so grey in England just now, but we are going to India this week and it will be lovely to see the sunshine.
    Best Wishes

  25. Patti says

    So glad Don got home ok! I figure since I am alittle behind he should have his luggage by the time you read this. Love Scouts face looking at him! Priceless! WE watched SkyFall a few nights ago too and loved it too! Javier Bardem is really good in it and I love almost everything Judy Dench does. Hope “reentry” is going well! ~Hugs, Patti

  26. says

    So happy for you all that you’re back together again :)

    I will have to skip the pyjama party I’m afraid – my mother has her breast cancer op that day – but I love the idea 😀

  27. Debbie Taylor says

    Oh I wish I was at Mockingbird Hill cottage with the three of you! Oh Don I miss being on stage with you and laughing in the wings with you! and Claudia…please prepare my room in the dollhouse…I wear blue flannel pajamas with pink elephants…and I transplanted a geranium today while I was wearing them in the California freezing 60 degree weather…brrrrr…love you all so much!xxxxxxxxxx

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