Snowy Sunday

Greetings on a very cold Sunday morning. It’s currently 2° outside. Don’t worry. It will warm up to a toasty 36º later today.


We survived Nemo rather nicely. (And by the way, why are we naming storms now? Does everything have to have a name?) On Friday, during the beginnings of the storm, I shoveled a couple of times, thinking that there would be less to deal with on Saturday. Friday evening, around 9:30, I shoveled a path for Scout one more time and I remember thinking that maybe the snow was winding down.

Saturday morning I woke up to at least 8 more inches of snow on top of what was already on the ground. Shoveling a long path for Scout without the benefit of any morning coffee is not my preferred way of starting the day.


I looked at the end of the driveway and saw that the plow had been by – creating a 2 foot high pile of wet snow that I knew was Trouble with a capital T. When I heard my neighbor firing up his snow blower around 8:30 am, I called over there and asked if he could snow blow that area of the driveway, that I could do everything else. Of course, his daugher said. I went outside and tackled the paths and top of the driveway. I dug the car out. I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. Then, along came my neighbor and his sweet daughter (who has helped take care of our dogs in the past) and darned if they didn’t snow blow (is that a verb?) the whole driveway. I cannot tell you how thrilled and grateful I was. I hugged them both and thanked them profusely. And I smiled.


The shoveling that I did, and there was a lot of it, was exhausting. I simply can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to dig out the driveway and that pile of plowed snow. Or how hard it would have been on my back. As it is, I’m sore today. So thanks and gratitude for good neighbors is the order of the day.

I live in the Hudson Valley of New York. We got a lot of snow but our neighbors to the north and east, especially those in Connecticut and Massachusetts and the rest of New England, really got walloped. This was one huge storm. Our power stayed on. We were safe and warm. I know many others were less fortunate and they are in my thoughts.

Some more views of the snow:






Scout loves it, of course.

I cannot watch the Weather Channel during a snow storm anymore. It gives me a headache. “Just bring it down a notch or two” I scream at the television. They are simply too hyped up. I found myself watching my local channel, where the weather is reported in a sane, calm manner.

And I stayed sane and calm.

Don sure is getting out of a lot of shoveling. He comes home a week from tomorrow. He’s in for a shock.

I will try to get around to the links from yesterday’s party, but I’m pretty wiped out. It may take a while or it may not happen for this week. But only this week.

Forgot to add: Dad has been moved to the Rehab facility that is near the hospital (also houses the nursing home my mom is in.) On Friday, he told my sister and me that he was going home – this alarmed us as we didn’t think he was ready to be on his own yet. Turns out the hospital was recommending rehab. I tracked him down at the hospital and spoke to a nurse who told me he had been having a ‘rather hard time’ and had refused to go to rehab. The doctor spoke to him. The social worker spoke to him. Both advised him that if he didn’t go into rehab he might end up right back in the hospital. And then the nurse said, very sweetly, ‘He’s calmed down now and has agreed to go. He was threatening to sue the hospital. Would you like to speak to him?’ Ummm. Yes.  Whereupon I firmly told Dad that rehab was the best thing for him and that he was to do what the doctor ordered. Oy.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Linking to Elaine’s Sunny Simple Sundays.


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  1. says

    I’m so glad you’re okay and did not lose power. Thank goodness for a nice neighbor! Your snow pictures are beautiful and maybe now you can just enjoy looking out at it without having to shovel any new snow. Just showed pics to my husband who was impressed that you shovel snow!

    Stay safe!

  2. says

    Beautiful pictures – but I bet it gets old fast!! It’s amazing how a white blanket can change the appearence of EVERYTHING and your normal routine of life. I feel sorry for the pets and elderly people!!
    But It is lovely!!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Thankfully we didn’t lose power either. Quite a shock to go from no snow to 21″ overnight. The snow was actually higher than the snow blower. But it is a beautiful sunny, cold (1degree) morning. That sky is just so perfectly blue and not a cloud in sight. So it’s going to be a good day….happy Sunday everyone!

    • Claudia says

      The only time Scout doesn’t look like she is a white dog is when it snows. Then she looks a little yellowy-white.

  4. says

    You’re right, Claudia. That’s a whoppin’ huge bunch of snow. I don’t get the “storm name” thing either. sigh The Weather Channel folks make their money being alarmists. They practically have seizures when a hurricane is headed our way. Better to look out the window for a little more sanity.
    Hope you get a break now. (Although Scout appears to really dig that snow!) Spring is just around the corner.

    • Claudia says

      They sure are alarmists, Donna. Unless there’s a tornado coming and I need to be told to take cover, I can probably figure things out on my own!

  5. says

    Scout sure looks happy! I was thinking about you this morning when they were giving the snow totals, so glad your neighbors helped you!

  6. says

    Morning, Glad you were safe and sound with that nasty snow storm……..Lovely pictures of all the snow……..Beautiful furry face, love dogs……….Keep Cozy, Francine.

  7. Tana says

    I was worried about you. I thought you may have lost power. That’s always terrible. Very nice story about your neighbors clearing your driveway for you. Glad the storm is over. I can’t listen to the weather reports when a big storm is coming, rain or snow, or if it is going to get really hot. They make me feel like we may not get through it alive. I get anxious in extreme weather anyway and the last thing I need to hear is their manic assessment of the situation. I need just the facts. Glad Scout liked it.

  8. says

    As I understand it, it was The Weather Channel that started naming winter storms to raise awareness (hype) and to give them an identity to make them easier to refer to down the road. Apparently The National Weather Service isn’t amused about it. I noticed our local stations didn’t adopt the name and are calling it The Blizzard of 2013.

    While it’s not the most snow we ever had, it’s most snow I’ve seen in such a short period of time, basically 28 inches overnight. And now we have rain coming so I’ll need to get up on the roof to shovel. Thankfully never lost power so it’s nothing more than an inconvenience. I find it kind of fun really.

    • Claudia says

      Figures. No wonder no one else is calling it Nemo. I think I may name the Weather Channel the Hype Channel. I saw the photos of your home with all the snow, Steve. Wow! Presumably, by this time you’ve been on the roof, but if not, stay safe! And I’m glad to hear you’re over the flu – my husband had it and it’s nasty!

  9. LuvWheaties says

    Scout looks so beautiful out in the snow. And happy too! I cannot imagine the amount of shoveling you did, and am thankful that you have such kind neighbors to help you out at a time like this. I am sure you are so relieved that your dad is agreeing to his treatment plan. I hope that he will gain strength every day he is in rehab, so that you will not have to worry so.

    • Claudia says

      Dad can be a real handful – that’s a huge understatement, by the way. But I understand. He wanted to go home to his cats and was disappointed that he’d misunderstood what ‘discharge’ meant.

  10. says

    I was thinking of you during the storm and hoping it wouldn’t hit you too bad, although you did get several more inches than we did here in Central New Jersey. Stay warm, and best wishes for a nice week!

    • Claudia says

      You too, Jeanmarie. Tomorrow – ice and rain. Yuck. But after that, the week looks pretty good!

  11. says

    Glad to hear you survived Nemo – and yes, naming every weather occasion is becoming ridiculous. Surely the storm of 2013 would suffice and then everyone can recall when it happened! Your neighbors were great – I’m sure you reciprocate in some way, and just being a good neighbor to them is always the best way.

    Love the pics – we’ve only sunshine and 55 here, boo hoo!!!!! I’m hoping for at least a dusting before Spring arrives because I love to view my garden birds , and structures, in a snowy landscape.

    Love knowing Don will be back very soon, it’s been so (too) long. Hope your Dad settles andi improves in the rehab facility Claudia.
    Take care – don’t shovel too much.
    Hugs – Mary

    • Claudia says

      Mary, it’s good to have you back from your various travels. I have to catch up on your blog and see your always wonderful photos of your adventures.

  12. says

    Oh Claudia! I wouldn’t be much help with the shoveling with my bad back but I wish I could give you a hug! I guess I am terribly pessimistic, I was so afraid you were going to say that your neighbors didn’t even do the bottom of the driveway and then – you said they did the entire driveway YIPPIE! I want to kiss them too for you! Hurray for kind caring people and good neighbors.
    They aren’t kidding when they say it rains, it pours! I’m so very sorry about your daddy – my father was very difficult during his hospital stays. The very first one, he agreed to go to the rehab facility but after only 24 hours he called a friend and hatched an escape plot with him, to get him out of there. Thankfully we talked him down from that but he said horrible awful ugly things to me because of it. I know he was afraid but it was so very painful for me too.
    Thinking of you! So glad to hear Don comes home soon!
    Sally xo
    Love the photo of Scout in the snow! Gorgeous photos every one!

    • Claudia says

      I know how it is to have a difficult time with a parent. My dad, though I love him very much, has always been high maintenance and was an alcoholic (is an alcoholic – that never goes away), as well. When he is stressed, I’m afraid his claws come out and he often says hurtful things. It isn’t easy dealing with him. As the nurse in the nursing home said, “Your dad can be ornery.” Oh yes.

      • says

        Oh gosh, I could go on forever on this topic! My father was certainly a problem drinker, if not an alcoholic, he had all the traits as they say in Alanon. He was demanding, manipulative, a major crabby pants, a player, an absentee parent leaving it all to my mom, etc., but also one of the most generous people, so charismatic and dashing. We were not close at all and getting along was even more complicated after my mom passed away. He had always chosen the world over his family, so being there for him as his health failed was mighty difficult. As my auntie told me, he was the most self centered person she had ever met in her life. To find the balance between being loving and taking care of oneself can be such a challenge.
        Thinking of you!

    • Claudia says

      Me too. Hopefully, he will be able to go home soon and he can settle in again with his beloved cats.

  13. Donnamae says

    So glad you are okay…sore, but okay! You are so fortunate to have such caring neighbors…I really think storms bring out the best in people. Naming storms….utterly ridiculous! Weather channel? I totally agree…they seem to get us all hyped up, and for what purpose? We can do that part all by ourselves! Your Dad will hopefully settle in…rehab will serve him well. Scout does look oh, so happy! 😉

  14. says

    Love the pics of the snow but I know it’s hard to shovel all that lovely whiteness! Thank goodness for good neighbors! Scout does look happy out there! I know you will be so glad to get Don home! I’m relieved your Dad is going to rehab, it is so hard dealing with aging parents and they don’t like being away from their homes at all! Keeping all of you in my prayers! Stay warm and rest!

  15. says

    I was really surprised to see your blog come up on my blogroll this morning, Claudia. I usually get it by email. Strange.

    Hurray for good neighbors. The plows are great for the roads but not the driveways. That snow is usually rock hard. While you were toiling it looks like Scout was having a good ol time! Is she part Huskie? (sp?)

    I’m so glad to hear that Don will be home soon. What an incredibly long separation. You really have done well on your own, my friend. Take care of yourself today. Have you ever soaked in epsom salts? It really helps. And two Advil.


    • Claudia says

      No, Scout is pure Border Collie. She just loves, loves the snow. Riley loved it, too.

      As I wrote you, I’m happy it came up on your blogroll. That means that the 4 hours I spent on Friday night trying to fix my feed worked!

  16. rizzi says


  17. says

    It’ll be so nice when spring comes…I’m so sick of this snow, too. At least I have Brian and Tim around to help me shovel though. I know you’ll be more than glad to have Don back home. Good thing you have some nice neighbors. Scout looks very happy out in the snow!

    • Claudia says

      The irony would be if Don gets home next Monday and there is no significant snow for the rest of the winter.

  18. says

    I am so grateful to my neighbors. They always shovel my walk way, and put salt, they’re killing my concrete but if it saves me a broken hip, leg, or arm I’m happy! This weather is made for kids and dogs!. The homeowners’ shovels the common areas and parking lot. I used to shovel all the time up until the past five winters. I just dig out my car now. More than enough for me. Glad your dad is on his way to getting better. Rehab is a good thing. xo

  19. says

    Oh my goodness, Claudia–that’s a ton of snow! Stay warm and safe! (Scout is just gorgeous, by the way–what a beautiful face!)

    I hope your coming week will be a better one–Hugs from Miami :-)

    • Claudia says

      Oh, Miami! You’re rubbing it in, aren’t you, Leisa? Florida sounds awfully good right about now.

  20. says

    I thought and prayed for you and Scout all day yesterday!! Glad you didn’t get the blunt force of the storm, but looks like you still got an awful lot. Scout seems to be enjoying it. Can you teach her to shovel? LOL

    Good to hear update on your dad and Don’s return next week. I know you will be so glad to have him home. Keeping your folks on my prayer list.

    Stay warm and safe.


  21. Linda says

    Wow, what great neighbors!! I think they deserve one of your Christmas coffeecakes for all that work!!! We spent 7 hours digging out our driveway, mailbox, fire hydrant………..on and on.

  22. says

    I was worried about you with the storm knowing Don was away. So glad you made it through without losing power (I heard 600,000 across various States did). Yes, you have very good neighbors!

  23. says

    I’m glad to hear that you got help from the neighbors! It sounds like you are making it through this storm in a valiant manner. Thanks for the photos.. that’s the most snow I’ll see this winter.. :-) We dealt with 4 parents going through those things and it’s not easy. Hang in there.

    • Claudia says

      On one level, shoveling is exhausting. But on another level, it’s rather invigorating – and good exercise.

  24. Annette Tracy says

    Thanks for the pictures. Looking at the snow on the chairs really puts it in perspective. I just couldn’t live in snow country again. You are my hero, and all others that live in it! I’m so glad Don is coming home soon. He needs to be able to share some of your winter with you! After spending the wonderful January and February weather we’ve had out here he’s liable to be requesting a move out west! I’m glad your dad finally agreed to rehab. And I know it makes it hard on you and Meredith not being close to him. Special thoughts coming your way for his well being.

    • Claudia says

      Actually, Meredith lives a mile away from my parents, which is great. But it also means she has the everyday responsibility for them. And that can be tough.

  25. says

    Yay! I can see you again on my blog sidebar.

    Scout looks so cute and fluffy out there in the snow. We got about the same here although it will al melt tomorrow but then we are getting freezing temperatures again on Tuesday.

    Love you oak leaf doorknocker.

    Have a lovely day I am off to snuggle up and knit.

    • Claudia says

      We’re supposed to get icy precipitation during the night which will turn to rain later in the morning. Promises to be messy. Glad I’m back on the sidebar. I spent about 4 hours Friday night trying to fix my feed. I think I did it!

  26. says

    What a nice neighbor! The 4 of us went out around 10am (after a bit of coffee) and shoveled for about an hour and a half. The sun was shining, no wind, so it was ok. I’ve had to shovel many times by myself-it took forever and was back breaking work. Oh, isn’t it great when that big plow comes through and pushes feet of snow back in your driveway!!!!

    • Claudia says

      It’s no fun shoveling by yourself, that’s for sure. I couldn’t believe how much snow was at the foot of the driveway. It was truly shocking! Hope all of you are having a relaxing day today after yesterday’s shoveling!

  27. Regena Fickes says

    So glad you made it through. Do you ever wonder how we survived without excited weather “professionals” in past years? One of our local stations has a “meteorologist” who almost jumps up and down to let you know what is happening, going to happen or what could happen. So tiring.
    Scout looks so pleased. She obviously loves the snow.
    Pleased to hear Don will be returnng shortly.
    Bless your Dad’s heart. Praying he does well. Someimes we must be firm and no nonesense, but it can be necessary..
    Take care of yourself.

  28. says

    WOW! You got whipped, sugar. We got about an inch but that was 3 days ago. Just about all of our snow is gone now and I’m glad. Hubs snow-blows it all onto the sides of the driveway and it stays there longer. Just glad it’s melting. I’m through with snow after January. Waiting for spring now.

  29. Francine L. says

    Hi Claudia!! Our yard is looking a lot like yours!!! I’m in So. Dutchess Co. and we got about 18 inches. It was tough shoveling but we got it done!! The power stayed on, so I cant complain.. I get nervous too watching the Weather Channel. I know they are trying to stress the seriousness of the weather, but they are a little too good at it.. I have to turn it off after a while. Glad to hear your dad is on the mend and agreed to rehab where a little more recovery can happen before they send him home. Bet you’ll be happy to see Don next wk and especially if Feb is going to be a snowy one..!! Have a nice rest of the day.. Francine L.

  30. Betsy says

    It’s good to have great neighbors. We’ve used our snowblower many times o dig others out and they reciprocate for us. Glad you’re doing well and enjoying the adventure. “At least Scout seems to be enjoying it!”

  31. says

    Worried about you doing so much shoveling. So many saying how wet this snow is. So glad your neighbors helped. Also so glad that your heat and power stayed on. The snow is beautiful. I will be so glad when Don gets home.

  32. Donna Krobock says

    Hi Claudia, So glad that we each survived the storm. We got over two feet here in MA and I lost power Friday night about 8:30 pm. When the dogs and I woke this morning, it was a delightful 42 degrees inside the house. The dogs had sweaters on inside to help keep warm. I spent hours outside today shovelling out. I looked at the plowed in area at the end of the drive that appeared to be about 4’x4′ and wanted to cy. As I was shovelling, I told myself that I would do up to the plowed in area and then save that for the end. A nice name going by with a plow must have taken pity on me, as he backtracked and said this one is on the house and made short order of that pile. I need to track down who he was so I can send him a thank you! As an added bonus, the nest door neighbor came by and snowblowed off the sidewalk and front walk! I’ll definately be baking some cranberry/orange bread for him and his wife!! The dogs and I are now safely ensconsed at one of my brother’s home, where we’ll probably be until Wed. or Thurs. until we get power back in Plymouth. The coast definately took at beating in this storm! My poor husband is calling from Germany worrying about us and feeling helpless as there is nothing he can do to help. He and I are just happy that the dogs and I have somewhere warm to be. I can only imagine how cold my house will be tomorrow morning. Shut off the water and drained the lines and now hope that the roof holds up under the freezing rain that is coming tomorrow. Character building moments, eh??

  33. jeri says

    Growing up, we lived on a busy road, and the snowplow ALWAYS came by about :30 after we had just finished the driveway. Without fail. I can remember the pain of shoveling, even as a teenager, so please don’t get too macho about the snow removal. It’s supposed to warm up and even rain. Just sayin’.

  34. says

    BRRR! I just can’t imagine it being 2-degrees. Yikes! I don’t know how you manage. I would never survive in such conditions. I’m too much a Southern girl.

  35. says

    Hello Claudia,
    You have been on my mind over these past few days. I have envisioned you trudging through the snow shoveling away. I’m so glad you had the kindness of good neighbors extended your way. The snow is beautiful….awe inspiring…and, so very inconvenient. Your Don is going to owe you big time when he gets home. It will be his turn to shovel.
    I am happy you didn’t lose power and that your Scout kept you such good company.
    Stay warm and be careful on the roads.
    Carolynn xoxo

  36. says

    I’m glad you survived the snow and didn’t lose power, Claudia. I hope your back is on the mend. Good neighbors are such a treasure! I hope the rehab will do your dad some good so he will be able to be home soon.

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