The Tour: Egg Cups, Part Four

The wonderful thing about doing these annual egg cup posts is that I am forced (in a good way) to look at them again, do a little more research if necessary, and what do you know? I fall in love with them all over again. Let’s face it, it’s easy to take a collection for granted. You see it every day, you walk past it on your way to do something, you forget how amazing it actually is.

So I thank you for requesting this little Easter egg cup tour. Gosh darn it – I love these guys!

And on to more egg cups.

3-28 egg cups fig 6a

1.  Another bunny rabbit, this one scampering, in front of an egg cup. Marked: Japan.

2.  A rooster pulling a cart. It still has the original sticker on the cup (a good thing in collectible-land) that says, “Made in California. Rio Mondo Potteries. El Monte, CA.” I love the creamy and pink and brown color combination. I found it in a local shop.

3.  A chick emerging from an egg. This cup is vintage, from Bordallo Pinheiro, Portugal. This design is still being made and has been copied a lot!

3-28 egg cups fig 7

1.  A cute little white bunny rabbit carrying an orange egg cup. Unmarked.

2.  This gorgeous cup was a gift from a sweet reader of this blog, Teresa. It’s hand painted and has the initials LH and ’58 on the bottom. How can you not smile when you see the the joy on that duck’s face? As you can see, it’s quite tall and is simply wonderful.

3.  A lustreware duck egg cup. Marked: Made in Japan. A gift from my mom.

3-28 egg cups fig 8

1.  An egg cup that is part of a series called Walking Ware. Made in England by Carlton Ware. There are several whimsical designs in this series. Marked: Carlton Ware, England. © Lustre Pottery. 1973.

2. This egg cup, though like the first, is unmarked. I have a feeling it’s a copy of the much sought after Walking Ware line. Different color glaze, slightly larger.

3-28 egg cups fig 9

1.  A lustreware goose pulling an egg cup cart. This one is lovely, with soft colors and beautiful detail. Marked Made in Japan.

2.  Another egg cup from the Fanny Farmer line – this one made by Brush McCoy Pottery, which is the same McCoy Pottery that I collect. I found this one early on in my collecting and it’s in perfect shape. I really love it. I see a lot of these that are missing the red paint, so the rooster is simply yellow or pale yellow. I am fortunate to have found one with paint intact. You can see the words Fanny Farmer and Made in USA on the base. It’s quite heavy.

3.  A chick emerging from an egg. Lovely little flowers and grass painted on the base. Marked Japan. A gift from my mom. (She really liked to find egg cups and send them to me.)

I hope you’re enjoying this little series. I sure am.

Happy Saturday.



Egg Cups, Part Three

And the egg cups keep coming…

Yesterday I spent time online – both on eBay and Etsy – checking out egg cups. This can be a long, laborious process because there are lots and lots of them listed, which is probably why I don’t do it very often. There are indeed less and less vintage figurals, but I do  see them, so if you’re thinking of starting a collection, go for it. The great thing about egg cups is that they are very affordable and are usually priced between $5 – $10, depending on the age and rarity. Might I add that they take up very little space?

Oh, I almost forgot. I investigated freezing Mallomars and guess what? They can  be frozen. Guess where we’re going later today?

Here we go:

3-27 egg cups fig 3

1.  A mama duck and her babies. I love the colors used on this one. It’s particularly sweet.  Marked Made in Japan.

2.  A Scottie dog egg cup. I’ve seen this egg cup in a white glaze, but I really like the yellow glaze and the blue collar, so I lucked out when I discovered this one. eBay, I believe. Marked Made in Japan.

3.  A bunny in front of a blue egg cup. Slightly mischievous look in the eyes, don’t you think? Marked Made in Japan.

4.  Egg cup with Bunny peeking around the side. Looks like he’s hiding from someone! Marked Made in Japan.

3-27 egg cups fig 4

1.  One of my favorites. I’ve never seen it anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not out there. Two dogs holding up an egg cup. I love the dogs, of course, but I particularly love the detail at the top. The vertical lines and dots are very Art Deco in feeling. Unmarked.

2.  A cute little pig with an egg cup on her head. Adorable. Marked with the number 10 in a circle and Japan.

3.  A particular favorite and another win after a crazy bidding war on eBay. This one is so lovely. A duck and a rooster on either side of the egg cup which is sitting on green grass. The colors and glaze are beautifully done. Marked Made in Japan.

3-27 egg cups fig 5

These egg cups usually sit on the little shelves in the den and are some of my very favorites.

1.  I absolutely adore this one. A pig, napkin around his neck, ready to dine on an egg. Made for Tiffany by Elizabethan Staffordshire in England. Look at that face!

2.  The egg cup that has the greatest monetary value in my collection. There was a whole set of these egg cups made in the late thirties for Walt Disney Enterprises. They are very hard to find nowadays. My friend Nels, who has an unbelievable collection of egg cups, told me yesterday that a few years back, in the beginning days of eBay, the entire set of seven dwarfs and Snow White might sell for up to $2000. Nowadays, they usually go for $80 – $100 each. Nels also told me that these cups were giveaways in Canada to coincide with the release of the Disney movie – whether they were giveaways here, as well, I don’t know.

Anyway, I found Doc several years ago on eBay and I think I got him for about $50. I would absolutely love to amass the entire set. Maybe I will one day! Marked ©1937, W. D. Ent. Made in Japan.

3.  A little boy dressed as a cowboy. I love this guy. That face with the rosy cheeks is so sweetly painted. A reader once suggested that this one might actually be an English character instead of a little boy, so I checked my reference book (which is sort of the egg cup bible, if there is one) and it’s definitely a little boy with a cowboy hat. The same description is also to be found on other reference sites. (I love researching this stuff.) Marked Japan.

I lost him for a year or so, but didn’t know it. After an unfortunate incident where I hit my head on the shelves in my bedroom – the same incident that resulted in the broken Holt Howard rooster egg cup – this little guy rolled under our bed. But I didn’t know it at the time. A year later, I realized he was missing and began to search for him. It wasn’t until several days later that I thought to check under the bed, where he was found patiently waiting for me to put him back on the shelf.

Everything has a story.

Happy Friday.



Egg Cups, Part Two (and Mallomars)

Mallomars, our favorite cookie, are seasonal. They’re available only from September through March. In the days when there were no refrigerated trucks, the chocolate would melt, so shipping stopped in March. And for some reason, even though that is no longer an issue, the company continues that tradition.

Mallomars, by the way, are chocolate covered marshmallow cookies, with a little crust on the bottom. They are heavenly.

The other day we were in our local grocery store and, to our dismay, the space normally occupied by Mallomars was empty. We were quickly jolted into the realization that it was March. Oh no! Not deterred by this bit of news, we went on a reconnaissance mission yesterday and found some.

3-26 mallomar search

Don grabbed two boxes off the shelf. I quickly urged him to get four.

3-26 mallmar search 2

Here, he scans the immediate area, looking for any nefarious interlopers.

By the way, they were on sale.

On to egg cups:

3-26 egg cups fig wooden

Wooden egg cups, from left to right:

1.  Don and Scout bought this for me for my birthday. I’ve tried to track down some information on this one and am still searching. It’s marked Made in Japan and we think it’s from the forties. Edited to add: I just saw one like this on eBay – in its original packaging. Made for Woolworth’s (40s -50s) and it came with an egg warmer that was a white felt sailor cap! Wish I had the cap.

2.  A lovely single egg cup with a wood base and porcelain top. A gift from my mom. Stamped on bottom: Japan.

3.  A set of two wooden egg cups – a gift from Sandra, a dear reader of this blog. She found them at an estate sale. The eggs are salt and pepper shakers. Adorable.

3-26 egg cups fig 1

1.  A bunny rabbit egg cup. This one is a special love of mine because it reminds me of Scout. The look in the eyes, the big pink ears, the adorableness.

2.  My very first egg cup. In fact, this egg cup is the one that inspired me to start collecting. It was a gift from my godparents when I was a little girl. Made for the Fannie Farmer chocolate company, this is one in a series of seasonal egg cups that were sold, usually with chocolates, at Easter time. Uh….we won’t say how old this one is. But it’s definitely vintage! And priceless.

3.  Two chicks on a seesaw. Marked Made in Japan.

4.  A rabbit standing outside his little house, complete with window and door. He’s smoking a pipe. Lustreware. Unmarked.

3-26 egg cups fig 2

1.  A dog. Marked Made in Japan. Porcelain. (At any minute, I expect this guy to pull out a cigar to smoke.)

2.  A little girl in a bunny costume holding a polka dotted egg cup. Unmarked. Absolutely adorable.

3.  A bunny peeking around an egg cup house with window. This window motif shows up in a lot of figural egg cups. Made in Japan.

4.  One of my favorites. Two rabbits holding up an egg cup. Made in Japan. I distinctly remember sneaking out of our bedroom to bid on this one in the middle of the night.

Remember this one from yesterday?

3-25 egg cups double

The egg cup that is second from the end on the right – the brown transferware cup marked Mason’s Vista? As I looked at this photo yesterday I was struck by how lopsided it appeared, something I’d never noticed before.

Today I was looking in my egg cup reference book and saw this (in reference to Masons):

Many of their older cups may seem slightly lopsided, thus the old saying “If it rocks, it’s Masons.”

Aha! That explains it! I wasn’t seeing things.

I find this particular collecting passion of mine to be endlessly fascinating!

More tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.



Scout, The River, Geese & Egg Cups 2015, Part One.

I woke up early this morning. Calculating when Scout will need to be let outside has become a part of the fabric of our days. We keep a chart on the chalkboard, right by the kitchen door. I knew that I had to get out of bed by 6 am at the latest and when I woke at 5:30, I hoped I could go back to sleep for a half an hour. But you know how it goes. Thoughts start to intrude. Will I wake up? Should I go downstairs now? Has an accident occurred? And pretty soon it’s almost 6. So I got up. She was on her perch on the sofa, awake, watching me as I came down the stairs.

Just in time.

She’s such a good girl. Most of the time, the three of us somehow manage to make things run smoothly and Scoutie can rest easy. Sometimes we miss the mark. But it’s a guilt-free zone here at the cottage. We love our girl.

We took a walk the other day, down the road to the river.

3-25 Canada geese

Those are Canada Geese. There are hundreds of them on the river this time of year. All the way down to that bend and up and down the river beyond the range of my iPhone camera. The sheer number of them is astounding. Such beautiful creatures.

It’s time for egg cups!

There are all sorts of egg cups. When I started collecting about fourteen years ago, I was drawn to figural egg cups because of their charming and whimsical designs. They are the bulk of my collection. But I have others, as well. Figural egg cups are getting harder and harder to find. Fourteen years ago, there seemed to be a lot to choose from, especially on eBay. I could be found on our computer, day and night, sneaking in a bid or two. It was a lot of fun, this new collecting obsession of mine. It still is, but finding the sort of detailed figural egg cup I love is much more difficult these days. I’m picky and I like vintage. Newish egg cups aren’t as well made or as inventive. There are exceptions, but not many. So I’m branching out and extending my collection to include other shapes and types of egg cups.

In terms of a basic egg cup, there are two kinds: double and single. A single egg cup has one cup, usually the perfect size to hold a hard-boiled egg – or a soft-boiled egg – right in its shell. The double egg cup has that same sized cup and another larger cup used to eat a soft-boiled egg.

Almost all my figural egg cups are single egg cups, but I will highlight them separately. Here are my basic single egg cups:

3-25 egg cups single

From left to right:

1. One of the very first egg cups I purchased – a lovely lustreware egg cup made in Japan. I love the blue green band on the rim.

2. Don brought this egg cup home to me from Prague. That’s the skyline of Prague, and the word Praha (Prague).

3. Unmarked. A more recent find. It’s very heavy, which makes me think it might be ironstone. The scene depicted is Asian, not sure if it’s Japan or China. I think it’s quite old. I found it last summer in Chautauqua.

4. Another egg cup, this time square in shape, from Prague. Thanks Don!

5. A Delft egg cup from Holland, marked with the number 28. It was a gift from my mom. When Mom heard I was collecting egg cups, she would look for them wherever she went. I have several from her.

3-25 egg cups double

Double egg cups:

1. One of my earliest acquisitions. I call it the Rooster Egg Cup. Marked: Holt Howard 1961. Japan. This egg cup was in pristine condition until I dropped it one day. I wanted to scream. But instead, I glued it back together.

2. Another early acquisition – a basic green and white double egg cup. Unmarked. It probably was part of a set of dinnerware.

3. A red transferware double egg cup. It’s unmarked, but it’s made by Johnson Bros. I love that pattern.

4. Brown transferware double egg cup, made in England. Marked Mason’s Vista. One of my favorites.

5. Flow blue double egg cup. Vintage. (Well I guess most of the egg cups are vintage!) Unmarked.

More tomorrow. If you have any questions, fire away! I love talking about my egg cups. We’ll start on the figural cups tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday.


Around the House

Around the house – as seen yesterday afternoon:

3-24 bakelite

McCoy and Bakelite

3-24 listening


3-24 Scout 1

Scout kicks up a rug

3-24 pretty china

Stacks of china

3-24 from judy

A heart from Judy

3-24 roseville


3-24 my nephew

My adorable nephew, Little Z

3-24 vintage linen

Vintage linen

3-24 flowers

Pretty flowers

3-24 mer and me

Meredith and me (with cow)

The winner of a copy of Hush Hush  by Laura Lippman is Barb H. Barb, I’m sending you a email. Congratulations!

New post up at Just Let Me Finish This Page.

Happy Tuesday.


A Bird in the Bedroom

Spring, as you know, is taking its sweet time hitting these parts. There’s still snow on the ground, though less and less each day. The birds that overwinter here are in evidence and I swear I’ve heard a little song here and there. But I’ve yet to see a robin or any of the other birds who start to appear around this time of year.

So when I saw the sweetest bird pillow in the Etsy shop of my dear friend, Judy Clark, I had to get it.

It arrived on Saturday. Judy, being Judy, included some Easter goodies, as well.

3-23 judy's pillow

Isn’t it beautiful? As Don said when he saw it: “Flowers and birds. That fits in here.” (I do realize that I have to keep a tight rein on all things flowery. There’s a lot of it around the cottage.)

I walked around the house trying to figure out where it should go. The bedroom won out.

3-23 judy's pillow 3

I’m not one to shy away from pattern. As long as the patterns have a color in common, I go for it. I love color. I love pattern. I love eclectic.

I am still in love with our newish bed. It’s heavenly.

But I digress. The pillow looks just right on the bed. It needed to be with the two larger pillows. They work together.

3-23 judy's pillow 2

Judy, I hope you like it there. Your work is beautiful, as always. Thank you.

In case you’re interested, the quilt at the foot of the bed was made by yours truly. Most, but not all, of the fabric is from the Kaffe Fassett line, as was the pattern, which is based on the classic snowball block. This quilt was on our other bed, which had a full sized mattress. Since the new bed is a California King, this quilt is used for naps and it also travels with me when I’m on the road.

The gold coverlet is from Garnet Hill. No, I will not be making a California King sized quilt.

I got the pillow on the left from Home Goods.

The one on the right has a cover made out of vintage fabric.

The dust ruffle is from Overstock.

I’m off to start taking photos of egg cups.

Happy Monday.




What Would You Choose?

3-22 bookshelves

My gaze often lands on these bookshelves.

I love books. I read them in various ways: through the library, via a used bookstore, on my Kindle, through advanced review copies, and in their brand spanking new form via a bookstore. I have hundreds of books (I’m afraid to count them. I might be horrified. Or not.) The bookshelves upstairs in the bedroom are crammed full. They’re the deepish Expedit shelves from IKEA, which allows me to place books two deep on the shelves.

Anyway, back to the bookshelves. It occurs to me that, even though I am being very selective about the books I place on our den shelves, I will run out of room before long.

Then what will I do?

Side note: Did you know I’ve reviewed over 90 books  on this blog and the book blog? I have to say I’m impressed!

I donate a lot of books to our local library. They, in turn, sell them to raise money. I never take them to a used bookstore, though I loved used bookstores, only because I feel better about donating to the good cause that is our local library.

But, gosh darn it, most of the books I acquire I want to keep. They are the map of my reading journey. They tell a story about what I’ve read, the reading phases I’ve gone through, the worlds I have visited in my imagination. Some are old friends that I revisit like clockwork. Some are reference books that also require revisiting. All of them are beautiful.

A book is a beautiful thing.

If I had a dream I would like to come true, it would be to have enough space here at the cottage for bookshelves in every room – preferably built-in bookshelves. Alas, we are limited as to wall space here simply because we have so many windows.

But wouldn’t that be scrumptious? Bookshelves in every room?

Let’s play a game. Let’s say that I was ordered to furnish a small home with only two things I love to collect. Only two collections.

I could have a bed, a sofa and a chair or two. Some lamps. The basic necessities. And some device that would let me play music.

Two collections? I would choose my books and my pottery.

That would be enough. (We’re not counting living beings here, of course. Don and Scout are a given.)

If you had to play the same game, what would you choose?

Happy Sunday.



Tell Me I’m Dreaming

3-21 friggin snow

Did you think I accidentally reposted our Christmas photo?

Oh, silly you. You would be mistaken. I took this just yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it, but I thought it was worth sharing on this second day of spring.

If I was inclined to despair, this could definitely send me over the edge. But I’m not. So, though I am not necessarily a happy camper, I do know that it will melt rather quickly.

Perhaps I could get an extension cord and plug in my blow dryer to help it along?

Even Scout looked disgusted. We’ve been promising her that the big corral will be open for business very soon and this isn’t helping.

The snow didn’t start until early afternoon, so Don decided we needed some donuts. Not just any donuts, but donuts from a tiny little local shop located in the same complex as our antique shop. It’s called Dohnut and boy oh boy, has it spoiled me. I told Don I will never again eat any other kind of donut. These are made fresh every day and they are incredible. Crisp, light, amazing.

3-21 dohnuts

Do I need them? No. In fact, I’m hoping that working outside and in the garden – at some point in what seems like the distant future – will help me shed a few pounds. But we needed comfort food and Don is usually the instigator when it comes to comfort food. In cases like this one, I am his enabler.

Don ate all three of his. I saved one of those chocolate covered donuts for today. Yummy.

So the question is: Do we shovel or do we wait for it to melt? I’m voting for option number 2.

I ended up cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, and reading yesterday. No quilting. But that just might happen today.

Happy Saturday.


There Are Times I Just Can’t Come Up With a Post Title

3-20 deer watching Scout

A deer looking at Scout (who’s in her mini corral.) Right after this, Scout became aware of the deer. They engaged in a stare-off. (This was shot through my kitchen door, so there’s some reflection bouncing off the deer and the tree.)

What a beautiful animal.

I was going to say that there’s much less snow on the ground – and there is – but on this first day of Spring we are supposed to get 3- 6 inches of snow. I’m calling this The Last Hurrah. My only comfort is in the fact that snow doesn’t stay on the ground for very long come March. The ground is warmer, the angle of the sun is higher. And the temp tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-forties. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a bit daunting, wouldn’t you say?

Don, the saintly man to whom I am married, came along with me yesterday as I searched for jeans that fit my no longer angular and now curvy body. He helped me find various styles in my size and patiently waited for me to try them on and discard them. Eventually, I found a style by Lee that fit well. Huzzah! And then I found the same style in black. So I bought two pairs. There was a sale at Kohl’s so I got them at a very good price. Huzzah again! Note: I want to write the plural of pair as pair because that’s the way I was taught. But I hardly see that anymore. What to do?

Then we stopped at Target to pick up a couple of items.

I rewarded Don (and me) by agreeing to a stop at Five Guys. He got his burger (yes, he does eat meat now and then) and we shared some fries. As we were heading home, Don saw that Dairy Queen was open for the season and somehow we ended up with two chocolate shakes.

How did that happen?

And how did I end up having Five Guys fries and a chocolate shake for lunch?

I’m not sure, but it was awfully tasty – and slightly wicked.

3-20 lamp

This is the lamp that I had on my sewing table. It’s been moved to the den because I need a stronger light here. It’s the Ranarp Lamp from IKEA and my plan is to get another for the studio but since I’m not working on anything up there, there’s no hurry.

Today might be a good day to do some hand quilting as the snow falls.

For the last time.

I insist on it.

Happy Friday.


Potpourri: Heat, Flowers, Cups, & Jeans

3-19 flowers 2

Don went to Trader Joe’s the other day, so I gave him orders to come back with flowers. I even took the time to show him photos of the specific flowers I wanted – alstromeria. He passed his test with flying colors.

Fresh flowers are very pricey around here. Our local supermarket will have a price of $12 – $15 per bunch. I just can’t pay that much money when I know that the price at Trader Joe’s for the same amount of flowers – actually, more  flowers – is $3.99. No can do. I got two bouquets for much less than the price of a supermarket bouquet. Pretty good deal!

Not long after I wrote yesterday’s post, our furnace guy came over and replaced our thermostat. He was pretty sure the power surge blew out the thermostat. The replacement, which he thinks might be better, is unfortunately not  digital, like the one we had. That means that I have to put on my glasses to read it and fiddle with the dial. Ah well. As soon as he put in the new thermostat, the heat started to come through our baseboards and all was well.

The driveway and parking area were very icy, so I salted everything so Don could get out of here and run some errands, one of which was this:

3-19 cups

Yep. We decided we had to get the other three cups and saucers. They needed to be together. I love this Susie Cooper pattern so much and after I learned more about it and her, I loved it even more. For now, they are living on this yet-to-be-filled-with-books shelf. I’m thinking some sort of tole tray would be pretty behind them. What do you think?

3-19 flowers 1

More flowers.

Today, I get to go through the depressing ritual of buying new jeans. Yuck. But since a largish hole has appeared quite near the crotch of my current jeans, methinks it’s time to replace them. After all, I mustn’t reveal too  much.

Don’t forget: today is the last day you can leave a comment in order to be entered in the giveaway of Hush Hush, Laura Lippman’s latest mystery. Click on this post.

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Happy Thursday.