Foggy Friday

8-27 foggy morning

Cooler nights and a foggy morning; signs that Autumn is just around the corner. There’s something wonderfully mysterious and cocoon-like about a foggy morning, don’t you think?

It’s starting to burn off as the sun takes over.

Re-entry time. After five days in Florida, two days on the road, and over 1200 miles added to the odometer, I was at sixes and sevens yesterday. Tired. Happy to be home. Worried about Scout. I decided to do  something, so I mowed part of the front lawn and pulled some weeds.

I spoke to Little Z last night when he called us to say “I pooped in the potty!” and “I’m taking a bath!” We made the appropriate cheering noises and told him how proud we were of him. When I was visiting, I was right there on the scene when another successful potty session occurred. Nothing makes me happier than to hear him say “I did  it!” when he uses his walker, or walks with his canes, or navigates the potty, or masters something or other. He is a joyful fighter and is fiercely intelligent. He is a hero.

I miss him so much it hurts.

8-27 car

The silver fox that made a 1200+ mile journey. Smooth as silk, very comfortable, and such a blessing for us.

I have a list of things to do today. One of them is to rinse off all the seashells gathered on our morning walk at the beach. I’m thinking this newest group of seashells would look nice in a glass container on our den bookshelves.

What else? I just finished The Tourist  by Olen Steinhauer and am ready to start The English Spy  by Daniel Silva. The Tourist was simply superb, by the way. Steinhauer is a master of the spy novel. He joins Graham Greene and John LeCarré as one of the best at writing that kind of secretive, maze-like plot. If you’re at all interested in that kind of thriller, I highly recommend his books. Happily, he’s written even more books that I have yet to read. Huzzah!

Happy Friday.


Home Again

8-26 morning glory 1

I’m home.

A day earlier than I had originally planned.

I got on the road about 8 am yesterday, crossed over into North Carolina, and by the time late afternoon rolled around, I knew I was close enough to keep going. It seemed foolish to spend more money on a motel if I could get home that day – even if it was late in the evening. I called Don and told him I was going to go for it and I rolled in around 9 pm.

Thoughts about the trip: Driving through the greater Washington DC area is a nightmare. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without my trusty GPS and even with it’s help, I can’t tell you how many times I had to cross 3 lanes of traffic in order to exit at the very last minute. And sometimes the directions given by the GPS were unclear, so I had to take a chance and hope I was right. Somehow, I managed to get through that crazy spider web of roads and too many people driving too many cars.

Once you drive north of DC you start to hit toll roads. Most of the states had modest tolls, but Maryland? A state I was in and out of very quickly? $12. Come on, Maryland, that’s just plain ridiculous.

The car drove beautifully and I like it a whole bunch. I either listened to CDs or the radio. I’m not a book on tape sort of person because I like the narrator’s voice to be in my imagination. I want to set the pace, if you know what I mean. Meredith sent one along with me, just in case, but I went for the music and NPR instead.

Happy to be home. Scout is having a hard time of it – she’s falling a lot. So I’m glad I’m here to help with my girl.

8-26 zinnia

I’ll write more about Little Z on another day. He’s my hero, that boy. I miss him so much it hurts.

Grateful to be home safely. Grateful to my dad for his generous gift. Grateful to my sister and her family for a great visit. Grateful to Don for holding down the fort while I was gone.

Happy Thursday.


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Postcard From The Road

Greetings from somewhere in South Carolina. My goal was to reach North Carolina, but I was just too tired when dinner time rolled around, so I stopped for the night.

Maybe I was tired because I mistakenly drank decaf yesterday at my sister’s house! I couldn’t believe how tired I was when I was driving yesterday – in fact, I told my brother-in-law that I was really ‘foggy’ when I was getting ready to leave. The same thing had happened the day before. When I called them last night to tell them where I was, my brother-in-law informed me that I’d been drinking decaf. (They have a Keurig and I put the wrong pods in there!)

No wonder!

My last day in Florida was an emotional one.

8-25 hospital id

We ended up here. Little Z was not feeling well when he woke up on Monday. He was crying and vomiting. As the morning went on, Meredith grew more and more concerned. Little Z has a shunt and his symptoms were the same ones that can happen with a shunt malfunction. She took him to his doctor. Meanwhile, I was preparing to visit my dad. Then I got a message that she was taking him to the hospital, as recommended by the doctor. I heard the panic in her voice, so I got the address of the hospital and put it in the GPS and followed her there.

By the time I arrived, he’d been given something for his nausea and he was perking up.

8-25 sick boy in hospital

Here he is on my lap.

After a few hours, he had some tests and was given the all clear.

Then I drove back and headed to my dad’s place to spend some time with him and say goodbye.

Very emotional – it was hard to leave him.

8-25 max

And hard to leave this boy.

I miss being near my family and when I get a taste of it, like I did on this trip, I realize just how friggin’ hard it is being so far from them. My sister, my BIL, my nephews, my dad….I miss them so much.

And Little Z? I fear I’m addicted to that little boy.

By the way, my sister is the most incredible mom. I stand in awe of her.

Okay. Have to get ready to get on the road.

More later.

Happy Wednesday.




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Postcard from Florida

8-24 beach

Meredith and I took a lovely walk on the beach yesterday. We gathered seashells and soaked up the sea air.

Lovely, lovely.

Today I’ll be visiting my dad one more time and getting all the info together that I need for the trip home. I leave tomorrow morning. Three days later, I should be home.

It’s been short, but wonderful. My middle nephew is home so I’ve been able to spend some time with him, as well as Little Z. My dad is doing fairly well for his age, but the stories I could tell! He can be very difficult, even on the best of days. But that has always been the case. Nevertheless, he’s a good guy who has a big heart – and he’s my dad. Meredith and I have spent a lot of time together and that’s a precious gift, to be sure. I love my family.

I may or may not post from the road. There won’t be a whole lot to say other than I drove, and drove, and drove some more.

Photo credit: Meredith. I forgot to take my iPhone to the beach!

Happy Monday.